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296.3 Freq - Callahan's Delivery

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*You stumple across a Frequency called 296.3, It sound like to be a Advertisement of a Local Delivery Buisness.*

Greetings Chernarus!, I am Tom Callahan.

I am pleased to inform you that Chernarus has their own FREE delivery service.

Now you may ask yourself, "Free? What idiot does that type of work for free?".

Well my Friend its no joke, Here at Callahans Delivery we Do buisness with ANYONE.

Regardless of you're a man or woman of great importance, Or just some common folk to make it through the day.

Even a Naughty lad like you!, We dont discriminate anyone buisness is buisness!.

We offer Services like.

Faction to Faction Delivery, Where you can send your allies some goods to make them stay your allies!.

We offer Wedding services too!, Ever felt like a wedding now seem more than a hassel than it did before?. Well We offer you to atleast cover the feast! anything you want we will TRY to bring you!.

We offer Medical, Food, Ammunition Supplies!.

We also offer such things as Transportation.

Ever felt like your weak knees about to give in?, Hope there was still taxis around?. Well you in luck friend We will transport you anywhere possible. Except for Dangerous areas meaning Radiation or Chemicals.

We also Offer Medical Evacuation, If you sick or injured hell even stranded. Call Upon Callahans Delivery service and we shall try to get to ya!.

Keep in mind our biggest transport can only hold up to Nine people, So we are sorry if you need more personal than that.

Also we offer Construction Packages, You tell us what you need and we will delivery your home in pieces!.

So if you ever need these good ol' Packages and Offers, Do not hesitate to call Tom Callahan

Tom Callahan can be Reached on 307.1

Disclaimer! Currently there is only one Worker on station at the moment, Please Refrain from making to big of demands. Also Refrain from expecting EVERYTHING to be there

This is a Free service and its one man currently, Supplying wont be easy or free of danger.

Anyway!, Thank ya for listening on 296.3 this is Tom Callahan signing off!.

Callahan's Delivery Service, We wont make your day perfect but we can always make it a little better.


*The Frequency seem to be Looping the message over and over again.

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