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A Jingle starts playing over the radio

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A radio jingle comes over the radio 

A warm voice begins to talk –

Is it working?......... testing…… which button do I press again…. You can hear a second voice whispering in the background trying to give instructions out.

Welcome Listeners, Father David here. Ive been given a new opportunity by Redwood Radio and id like to speak to group leaders or individuals who want to make a statement to the country. Id like a frank and honest interview with you, which may ask some awkward or difficult questions but I would love to give you the opportunity to correct any misjudgements that may be circulating or hell (excuse my French), even reinforce the rumours if that’s what you want.

Im giving a platform to air your views on the state of the country, the outbreak and how you are coping with life.

Of course, I’ll be asking your views on faith and your religious opinion.

So if you are listening and want the opportunity to speak out to all of Chenarus, please send me a message on a private frequency.

Im also interested to speak to individuals who are just surviving. Id like to find out how you are coping and the struggles you are facing…..

Of one more thing, I’ll be carrying out the interviews unarmed so I would ask the same of yourself.  We don’t want anyone getting over excited and we want to get your podcast out there….

This is Father David, for Redwood Radio…. Signing out.


You hear faint voices talking about getting a cup of mint tea and a slice of pumkin pie before the transmission finally cuts off to static.

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