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S2: Troll RP in Stonington - 23/09/2019 ~20:45 server time

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Server and location: S2 Stonington

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): ~20:45

Your in game name: Tobias Krieger

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: Don't know

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

Detailed description of the events: I was looting Stonington military compound when I came across a man I met earlier somewhere else in the city. He already came across as trolly the first time I saw him, speaking tentatively in ebonics but with no real accent, just saying "wagwan" pretty much every sentence. He also used the megaphone when I was not with him to scream things I couldn't comprehend. I left the compound and him and the other guy that you don't see in the video started using megaphones to communicate, when they were obviously right next to each other. The rest is pretty self explanatory as can be seen in the video. The video is short but that's all Shadowplay gave me after I pressed the shortcut to record after it happened. The trolling happens mostly after 3:15 but you can hear him repeatedly say "wagwan" in the beginning just like he did when I first met him.

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Connection Logs:


17:02:00 | Player "Liam Watkins" is connected
19:40:20 | Player "Liam Watkins" has been disconnected

18:56:38 | Player "Ted Watkins" is connected
19:40:24 | Player "Ted Watkins" has been disconnected

17:53:59 | Player "Tobias Krieger" is connected
20:39:23 | Player "Tobias Krieger" has been disconnected

Position Logs:


18:44:07 | Player "Liam Watkins" (pos=<6756.2, 1818.4, 28.8>) 

18:44:07 | Player "Ted Watkins" (pos=<6758.0, 1833.4, 28.8>) 

18:44:07 | Player "Tobias Krieger" (pos=<6862.4, 1825.7, 39.0>) 

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:

@OldSchool | Tobias Krieger | OP
@tedb1164 | Ted Watkins |
@Njays | Liam Watkins | 

Please note that the time posted for this incident is wrong @OldSchool, logs show the correct time.

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@Njays and @tedb1164 have been temporarily banned from our servers until they respond to this report.

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firstly i feel like we have not disrupted him if you read into our character profiles we both are from london and we are chavs so the term wagwan is something out characters use as a greating we both are brothers in game and recognised eachother and then continued to roleplay with eachother and me using the megaphone to talk to my in game brother was so he could hear where i was as we both didnt know the area too well. further more i found a red hood thing and put it on if u look at my character in game hence why i got called a fagoot by my brother we did not intend to ruin his game play expirence as we didnt know how loud the megaphones acttually are 

Edited by tedb1164

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This is my reply,

I repeated 'Wagwan' because he didn't reply at the start of the encounter and i thought maybe my mic was having issues, like it had been having throughout the day.
As you can see by the character write up, the character is from London and Wagwan and nonce are common terms used in conversation to keep life light-hearted with a bit on banter and between friends in my culture (given that i live near London). Furthermore, the term 'tell them wagwan' is used by English people as a way of saying you're going to find out who they are/introduce yourself - which i then realised it was my friend who i had looked for. 
I personally believed this role play was between me and Ted, although we used the megaphones to listen out where each other were to find each other in the building I was personally not aware of how loud they were and how far the voip travelled by using them and with this information i would probably not use them (i presumed the difference would be almost like talking/shouting in ARMA 3 terms if thats any way of explaining how i thought it would work.
Whilst i recognise we affected this persons immersion it was unintentional, it was more not knowing the volume of the megaphones. But the terms wagwan and how i speak (with the accent) is how i constantly speak on the server as it is a sort of London accent commonly used among youths. 

Can I also say, i have 29 warning points due to amnesty after failing whitelist two years ago and other problems, so i would not act in a way i believed would have affected my chances of playing on DayZRP because i was simply following my character profile of being mouthy and rude as well as a chav from london.

Edited by Njays

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The staff team examining this report have come to the conclusion that both @tedb1164 and @Njays will be punished for BadRP as seen in the evidence provided.

The roleplay provided in the video evidence is not up to the standards we want to see on our servers. We understand that your characters are 'chavs', but the behaviour displayed with the abuse of megaphones is very immature. We believe you are not taking the roleplay on our servers seriously enough, as we expect a high standard of roleplay at all times from our community members.

In future, be mindful of other players in your vicinity and use radios instead of megaphones to communicate with your friends.


@Njays | BadRP | 5 day ban, 10 warning points, resulting in permanent removal from the community.
@tedb1164 BadRP | 5 day ban, 10 warning points

SIGNED: @Fae, @Phoenix & @Hofer

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