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Lore Focused Events - Only for Specific Groups?

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Hello all, mostly LMs.

As I have recently experienced, though not personally, it seems that LM based events and storylines are being offered to players. Awesome! Good work, LMs! Something you guys can fully control without the need of tools or having to wait for a GM to help you with.

Issue is, why isn't everyone told about this? I love the idea that people and groups can work with a LM to have a lovely Lore based RP experience (mostly done in OOC Voice D&D style) which can widely affect the server lore, and individual character storylines.

My main issue is, this isn't being offered to all members of the community, and in fact I would wager to guess not even 70% know they can ask a LM to go to Kivirograd and have a D&D styled LM experience to help further Lore of the server, or personal lore. It's a great idea, but it shouldn't be offered solely to specific groups, and I only learned of this after Staggs came to a group Discord apologizing that we weren't offered the same advantages as the other group who had experienced the Lore based experience with him.

As you know, many MANY members would gladly roll alts to engage or help with a LM/Lore storyline and would love to participate if they can have a specific role or interaction with the LMs. I know sometimes you guys feel we don't care about the Lore or whatever, but a lot of us do and a lot of us would love to be included in stuff that works directly alongside the LMs. After all, everyone wants to be a main character in a storyline, and this is sort of creating a power divide when you offer it to specific groups or people and not everyone. Suddenly other storylines aren't as important or interesting, dropped or forgotten because well, "I have a current LM/Lore storyline which is being handled by the LMs of the server". See what I mean?

My suggestion; make a thread or document this somewhere so people know they can actively participate or engage with you guys. Set about rules, or amount of requests or how ever you want to govern this. It's a new and exciting thing and I know that Roland has said before that "RP that doesn't happen on the server isn't canon/doesn't matter/doesn't and cannot affect other players, etc" but if the LMs are running this, then I assume it is all canon so it's completely fine!

If you did post about this somewhere, and I missed it I apologize but then it has been buried and needs more attention. Have a Mod+ Sticky it for you in the right forum.

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Hi there, since i have been dealing with this end of the lore and event wise let me explain the reasoning it has been working this way.

This entire storyline was something that has been building on a slow burn for a while. We are still writing out the lore for the Kirovograd situations and factions and have been drip feeding information and concepts to multiple groups and people. Just because you have not heard of it, does not mean it has not happened. This is why also i have been targeting streamers to "push" this information. @RedSky has been a great deal in helping this matter out for me. 

Lore volunteers: Originally like always i wanted to keep the characters and factions to be mainly staff members. Slowly drip feed you ideas and characters to try and bring lore to the server. But the issue was numbers. Couldnt get the numbers so from now on the original staff volunteer discord is active again. Those that wish to join and help out here is a: https://discord.gg/JmWaTY invite link. We literally just started this back up again 2 days ago. Haven't had time to properly get it rolling due to RL and work and sorry RL comes first to me.

DnD styled lore stories. Honestly? This was a random idea that Major and I discussed about last week and put into practice from there. It is nice to see the idea has been taken up and people want to see more of it. The plan is that we are going to be putting "public visit zones" for players to experience a DnD styled visit to certain locations. In the last 2 storylines they where to Kirovograd and along with that i am currently in the process making a lore document for people to have loremaster guided access to these regions, with the chance to learn new lore information but depending on the location...the risk for the player greatens.


People are being told, just the stories havent met yet 😉

Dnd styled games: Defo soon, once we get the first lore doc open you will have access to them. Anybody that wishes currently to do it though I can organise one for you.

Volunteers: You have a invite link...hit me up if you want to help.

Suggestion: Could you go into more detail? I am not a prime example of an organised person when it comes to folders, documents and arghhghghgh reminds me of RL work. 


Have I been targeting certain players?

Yes, because I know these people will push to get the lore foward. I have done a few random lore events here and there on the server but nothing was picked up upon...So I have been asking GM's and Admins to help me sneak up on certain players while IG to bring juicy lore IG. 

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Btw.....since major can't post....here is one of the trial one projects we tried prior to exactly what you suggested:


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