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Sea, Lakes and River [Open Frequency]

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*Dr. River sits in the hospital waiting area as he takes his radio to his hand. He then presses the PTT*

"Hello? This is Dr. River. Some of you may know me or remember me from before. I am looking for a friend of mine. His name is Jackson. If any of you have met or even heard of a man named Jackson, please get in touch. He has been missing for quite some time. Any information would be helpful."

*He takes a second before continuing* 

"Other than that, I am still in the area for any treatment or medical advice. So if you are injured or know someone who is hurt somewhere, just ask. I tend to switch frequencies a lot so I will always be listening."

*He releases the PTT*

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*Dimitri would listen to the message and push his PTT*

"Ahoj Dr. River. Are you ok? Where are you? What are you doing? Contact me on my frequency"

*he would release the PTT and slightly smile, looking around to see if anyone heard him*

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*Alkis rose his head from the couch he was resting on after tracking through the country side, hearing his radio quitely buzzing before pressing down the PTT*


"I don't believe you can regrow a fully missing cheek, not that anyone in this little dystopia."


*He shakes his head with a low sigh which would be loud enough to be heared*


"But I recieved a surgey not to long ago..."

"...One...Two months maybe..?"

"They had to fix my broken hand...let's say it was stuck between a rock and a hard place, shattered through out.


*He looked down at his hand, not really sure what to make its current look*


"They pulled wires or something through the bone, I am not a person with a lot of medical knowledge so...."

"I was supposed to get checked the week after...never happend. So if you'd like a challenge, here I am."


*With that he released the PTT, resting his head back down, listening to the biters walking outside*

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* Michael listens to the transmission coming through, as he rose a brow before he replied*

"By Jackson do you mean Jackson River? If so I know him, and could probably get in contact with him."

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12 hours ago, Hofer said:

- Snip - 

*After hearing the responses from the multiple people, Dr. River finds shelter in a near by store. He takes the radio from his bag and presses the PTT*

"Hello Dimitri. I am fine. My location is..."

*A brief pause. He remembers what was said to him about Mr. Dimitri before continuing.*

"... a little all over the place right now. I am very busy and travel a lot."

*He takes a minute to continue on the next topic at hand*

8 hours ago, Duquesne said:

- Snip - 

"Unfortunately not. His name is Jackson Lowe. But thank you for the information."

*He then takes another minute before continuing.*

11 hours ago, Alkis said:

- Surgical Snip -

"There are other ways to fix things like that, regarding your cheek. Regarding your hand, I can take a look at it but Orthopaedics is not my speciality therefore your best bet is to find one. As I said, I can take a look at it and see if it the Kirschner wire is working alright, but if it isn't you'll need to find an Orthopaedic. Luckily, I do know one. Not sure if he is still practicing but I can try reaching out to him if he is needed."

*He releases the PTT and he heads on his way back to the hospital*

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*Alex wakes up from a drunken slumber in his 'office', grabs his radio & presses the PTT button.*

"Hey doc. It's Alex, Dr. Ellis, that is. I haven't seen any Jacksons recently... At least I don't think I have."

*He simultaneously looks for his bottle of booze and finds an empty one which he throws away. Then he grunts and coughs.*

"Uh... I'm still in the region as well, if you or anyone of your patients need anything."

*He lets go of the PTT button and drops his radio on the floor.*

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*mary listens to the radio as she sits in a chair listening to the waves outside picks up her radio and presses the PTT button*

"Hi Dr River is good to here from you. Hopefully will see you soon if you want to chat you have my private frequency"

*releases the PTT button*

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