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S2- CL Deer isle 17 PM 21/09/19 Sewers in stonington

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Server and location: S2 - Sewers in stonington

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  17 PM 21/09/19

Your in game name: John Marshal 

Names of allies involved: @Lorcan

Name of suspect/s:  No clue

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/a

Detailed description of the events: We where taking some the extra stuff from the old WP base since we needed it for ours when a random guy logs in, none of us knew who he was but since he seemed to not be to worried about the base itself I didn't really worry to much about him, as I was working on what to take and leave I turn around to go talk to the guy once more as Lorcan was RPing with him  but before I could even start a conversation he logs right in front of us, we waited for 10 mins or more but he never returned.
I feel like he was to worried about his gear to even try to RP with us and logged on the spot to save his gear and nothing more as there was no animation for his dc.
Logs will show when as I put a timestamp in chat for reference.

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Connection logs:

17:03:45 | Player "Troye Mansfield" is connected
17:20:44 | Player "Troye Mansfield" has been disconnected

chat logs

17:21:09 | Chat("John Marshall": //timestamp

Calling in the following person for their full detailed POV and possible video evidence:

@PropaGandalf - Troye Mansfield:

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Seeing @PropaGandalf has been online since he has been called in. He will be tempbanned until he produces his full detailed POV and possible video evidence of the situation.

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As @PropaGandalf has not responded in 24 hours since being called in he will remain temporarily banned and is required to post an appeal with his POV.



Signed: @Fae, @Phoenix & @Peril

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