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Multiple Execution rights... ok to use? Do you need to know why you get executed beforhand?

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I have seen more people get executed lately. Often even without being told why, just that "We have rights." 

A few question came with this.

1. Reasons for being executed:

1. 1. If you get executed and you have not given execution rights during this encounter: Should they have to tell you before executing you what you die for? Like the actual reason where they gained those rights from. [e.g. I am killing you because you killed/shot my uncle Peter in the stomach the other day] ?  

1. 2. Where right now it feels like you are lucky if the reason is even mentioned and if so its more vague like you shot at us the other day. If they can't remember specifics about what you did to them should they still have rights on you? 


2. Multiple executions/ execution stacks:

2. 1. Someone has killed your 6 brothers last month in the same firefight. Now I have this person in front of me and can decide to execute him for it. Do I tell him I execute you for killing my brother Johnny today. Catch him again after the execution another 5 times and keep to continue executing him for my other 5 brothers? Can you stack execution rights? Or once you have executed that person you are square with them as in restart and in one swipe all those execution rights are gone? 

2. 2. Now I execute him for killing my brother Johnny and not the other 5, but my sister Lisa doesn't know I executed him for Johnny already and we are just in a dynamic. Can she and my other 3 sisters now execute him too for Johnny on their own? or once he has been executed for killing Johnny he can't get executed by anyone for Johnny again? Does that mean I have to ask that person before executing them "Hey I am executing you for killing Johnny." //have you been killed for his death before?


3. Loss of Rp memory through execution:

3. 1. If an RP session consists of a lot of significant RP to forward the story line, and you get executed at the end but for something completely different then what the RP on that day was about? i.e. Considering the rules state you have to forget the RP leading up to your death and that RP didn't cause your death but you killing Johnny 3 month ago did.... and Lisa walked in while you got taken hostage at the end and blows your brains out executing you.. Do you have to forget everything that happened? Or just from when Lisa decided to drag out old Johnny's death or everything from that RP session with everyone there too or just from the moment Lisa showed up and decided to execute you for Johnny or just from the moment you were made aware you would die for killing Johnny?


Once again a lot of Questions and i know specifics and case by case makes a difference (probably?)  But yeah mainly wondering about 1. and 2. here.

The Rp seems to be seen as pointless unless you bring someone along that is allowed to execute the hostage at the end of the Rp or you even get to perma them. Which really starts to overshadow the Rp itself. Often it seems all people remember is if someone died at the end or not and how rude it was of them to not stay dead finally. Idk if these questions answered can help shift the focus a bit away from death to the actual RP during the situation. Thank you for reading.

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1.1 If you ask, they should tell you. Otherwise they are not required to tell you specifics.

1.2 No.

2.1 No, execution is done once, then the rights are "used up".

2.2 No, they cannot. The guy you're trying to execute should mention that he has already been executed by your ally.

3.1 If it's something important I don't see why you wouldn't want to keep it. The rule is in place just to prevent endless chain of kill rights happening.

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