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Profile MP3 hosting on discord

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Hey everyone,

If you have a gold rank on dayzrp.com you can add mp3 files to your profile.
There are a lot of ways you can add music to your profile (for example kiwi6)

My friend tried to upload a new song onto his profile and couldn't do it because of uploading issues on kiwi6 so we had to find another way.
Since discord also allows you to send mp3 files in servers or to friends it would store this file somewhere.

We tried it and it worked. Now I want to show you how I did it and how we got the link:

Step 1:

Upload a mp3 file in discord by clicking this button.

Step 2:

Go to discord in your browser, go to the channel you posted the link and click right mouse button on the link and click inspect. (sorry my browser is in dutch)


Step 3:

After you have done this it will popup a new panel and highlight where the link is.


Step 4:

From here you can copy the link (the one with the blue line underneath)

Step 5:

Now simply paste the link in the profile music box and save. Now you have some nice music on your profile



If you have any problems with uploading or finding your file comment on this guide and I will try and help you

I found this with the help of @Basko

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Kiwi6 wasn't working for me, so this is a great and simple solution to get a song on your profile.
Also the easy of this method is even superior to Kiwi6 (if it was still working). 

Thanks for helping me out @JobScholten and great looking guide for others aswell!

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This guide is spot on, thanks!

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Nothing Seem to show up for me when I right click the uploaded music on the Discord.. Is this by the app or the browser?

Edite: Yes that was the answer.. It to get the inspect options when right clicking you must do it by discord webbrowser and not the app..  Thanks It works now.. 

Edited by Timeremortem
Fixed it

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