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Rogovo Charity Place

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*The frequency noises are reduced as soon as Merk presses the PTT button, and a voice begins to speak with the sounds of  hammer hits in the background*

- Hello everyone, here is Marco who speaks to you from Rogovo, specifically from the survivor assistance center in the middle of the town. We are glad t...

* CRAAAK - A sound of wood breaking and the subdued cries of man, probably swearing in some strange language, interrupt Merk's words*


*Pool mocks Merk's yells, mimicing him in the background*

- ... As I was trying to say we are proud to announce you the new services offered by the structure:

One, a small area has been fenced and closed to the public, to allow us to keep safe materials useful for the maintenance of the center, and some private objects. So, do not be frightened by the fortified structure, WE DON'T WANT TO BE IN ANY WAY AN HOSTILE FORCE TO ANY ONE OF YOU, but only help and comfort to anyone who needs it.

Two, the front of the market building was provided with a couple of chests (which we hope to multiply) where we will try to let you always find food and some other basic necessities. You can take or leave what you want. 

Three,  the rear garden is easily accessible, and is temporarily equipped with a generator (it is for the common good, it would be nice if it stayed where it is), a field light, chargers, other food and the necessary to create a camp where to have a little rest, there are small fences to avert the danger of the infected and make your rest safer, it is also possible to access the garden with cars.

Four, the survivors assistance center is now equipped with a vehicle, so do not hesitate to contact us if you need to be recovered, to move heavy materials or for any other needs where the use of a vehicle is necessary. For this last point, we reserve the right to deny the service during the radio agreements and at the time of the meeting with the interested parties in case the situation may seem dangerous for our health.

Let us remember that the center intends to provide any kind of possible support to each of the survivors out there, to try to combat the evil that has been brought by this ... situation. Many of the people out there tend to become hostile and this happens when they are left alone. We already have enough enemies screaming and biting. We hope that in our safe area you can establish relationships between you and others, knowledge and exchanges of favors. A place to meet and rest a little.  Anyone who wants to help is welcome, seekers, doctors, hunters or any other help is welcome. 

We are active as much as possible on the frequency 87.8.

*he stops talking for a moment and only the sound of the hammer is heard in the background*

And to anyone who is running the green mountain tower, I'd like to meet you.

Sorry for the length of the speech, but I wanted to be clear. Here Merk, stay safe. Over and out.

*And the sound of the frequency starts to croaks again as soon as Merk releases the PTT button*

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*Tupolev upon hearing transmission take his radio out of his vest and presses the PTT, a Chernarussian voice fills the transmission*

”Mr Marco, my name is Lieutenant Pavlovich I speak to you on behalf of Odezva. We are glad to see some people trying to provide assistance to the people of Chernarus, you and your organization are not like most foreigners who take advantage of the apocalypse. Instead you help this country rebuild itself to its former glory , we have visited the Green Mountain facility many times and have gotten to know Mr Hunter very well.... Now we would like to visit your facility and make sure everything is alright. Expect a delegation to your location within the week.

*Tupolev releases the PTT*


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***There is a chipper tone from a young Local sounding girl***  

Dobre dan, Is there anything that I may do to assist?. With winter coming good help is hard to come by, If you would like some extra food, basic items Iz not problem for me to give some basic needs as donation to help out ano?. I really like what you offer our country and think iz really beautiful that you take effort to help. If possible I like if you contact on private radio frequency 87.9 as I tend to move really often.

*She turns the radio off* 

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