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The Isle Adventures

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DayZ 1 Close to Death


God i’m cold…and wet…to wet.
Mikael opens his eyes and notices his he is deep under wather.
Paniking slightly he strugles to the surface and looks around for a moment

”Where is the boat?” He asks him self before he sees the smached wreck against one of the pillars on a giant oil rig.

He shakes so badly from the cold he can barely move his arms as he starts to swim toward it and barely gets on to of one of the lower moring platforms before passing out again.
After a few hours he waiks up again feeling warm from a fire some one made close to him.

”Hello?”, he calls out but do not get an answer

He looks around for his gear but all of it is gone.

”Well, a small price to pay for my life”

He walks around and finds a way leading up. As he gets to the top of the oil rig he soon reilises that he got a long swim ahead of him if he cant find another boat.

”Damn…who parked this oil rig so far from the coast?” He mumbles to him self joakingly

He soon spots what seem to be a controll center of sorts and starts to walk there
Mikael slowly opens the door to the controll center and to his delight he spots a radio and quickly walks over to it.
After looking at the diffrent knobs and switches he tries to turn it on and to his surprise it lights up.

After about half an hour he finally got the right frequenzy tuned in and picks up the microfon.
"This is Mikael! Calling anyone in the Berezino police department. Can you hear me?"

Tupolev immediately hears the transmission and presses the PTT on his radio, a Chernorussian voice fills the transmission
“This is Lieutenant Pavlovich unfortunately Chedaki drove us out of Berezino and we went to Cherno only to have Mr Russo’s men attempt to eradicate us here leaving us crippled”

Mikaels voice comes thrue again and you might have to increase the voliuym ot hear him "I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope no one got hurt. Annyways I was asked to report back if I found the mystery isle everyone is talking about. Now the bad thing is I dont wana call out the cordinates over the radio and I wrecked my boat traveling here. Do you have a secure channel I can contact you on?"

Tupolev hears the transmission and presses the PTT on his radio "Affirmative, contact me over a secure channel and I will share your findings to the Captain personally and only him"

"Copy that! I will be with you shortly. over and out"

After figuring out the Longitude and latitude cordinates Miael sends them back with a warning of ruf seas if they plan to come here.

”So now I just need to get off this tub” Het hinks to him self as he searches the cabinets and boxes and finds some food and a FNX 45.

Mikael looks over the dark ocean and makes a quick estiment of the range and brases him self for the cold chock and jumps.
As he climbs up the rocks his entire bodey is shaking again and he quickly makes a small fire from some dry branches and bark and curls up around the small fire mostly to hide the light from it and gain as mouch heat as possible.

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Nice read so far, thanks for including me in the story!

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Anny time! There will be more

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DayZ 2 New Friends
Mikael slowly opens his eyes and notices he has been sleeping all night.
 The fire has gone out and been cold for several hours.
 Gunshots can be heard from the city in the Northeast so Mikael decides to go west out of the city.
The familiar sound of an infected growling from the close by lighthouse makes Mikael jump and he chuckles to himself as he realizes he jumped at the sound of an infected but the gunshot did not bother him.
 He turns slightly more to the south and continues along the coast about 400 maybe 500 meters ahead of him he can see a bridge leading out to what looks like a separate isle with some buildings on it and he decides to go there and look for food.
The bridge is full of broken-down cars and even a bus. As he approaches the bus and braces himself for what might be inside, he notices movement at the far end of the bridge and immediately hunkers down behind the bus.
 One person quickly makes it into two and soon he spots a third, killing an infected, all of them carrying Military-grade weapons
As they approach him, Mikael starts to move back and grabs his FNX as he starts to run.
 A low voice to low for someone with average hearing can be heard calling for him but he ignores it as he shoots two infected in his way and runs past them as they fall to the ground.
It doesn't take long until he can hear three different guns firing behind him, but not in his direction.
 Mikael stops and looks back and mumbles to himself ”What the hell am I doing?”
 As the gunshots ebb out he walks back and spots the people he just ran away from
 ”Hi, there! You guys okay? I heard gunshots”, He asks as he approaches them and soon notices one of them is a woman.
”Yes but no thanks to you. We almost got overrun after you shot those two infected back there as you ran away”, The man speaking speaks with a thick Cherno Russian accent.
”I’m sorry, I’m not going to lie but I did panic slightly when I did see the three of you, I usually don't just run away like that”, Mikael answers with a bit of guilt.
 Mikael still feels a bit uneasy with thees people especially the one holding his AKM even though it is in a none threatening way, his facial expression and the fact that he has not said a single word so far makes Mikael diverting all his attention toward him and is prepared for anything to happen.
”So are you heading to any place in particular? I don't think there is anything of interest in that direction you did run toward”, The Cherno Russian asks.
”Nah, matter fact I have not been on this isle for that long so apart from a city in that direction I do not know where anything is located”, Mikael answers as he still keeps an eye on the guy with the AKM.
After a minute or so in silence, the Cherno Russian starts to talk again
 ”Well we are heading off in that direction”, He says and points toward Stonington Harbor.
 ”Well if you don't mind, I gladly walk with you guys”, Mikael answers and looks back at the Cherno Russian guy.
 ”If you want to, that's fine by me but, I would like to know your name first”
 ”Wow where are my manners, I did not realize I had not even introduced my self. I’m Mikael”
 ”Nice to meet you, Mikael, I’m Jona, to my right Emily and my left Alex”
 ”Well, It is nice to meet all three of you”, Mikael answers as he holsters his FNX
The three of them start to walk and it doesn't take long until gunshots can be heard from the city.
 ”Sounds like someone is in trouble,” Mikael says with a solemn voice
 ”Yea lets be careful since it is getting dark”, Jona says wit a lowered voice.
 ”I can hear infected up ahead”, Miakel continues but him to with a lowered voice now.
 ”Yea I can see them”, Alex says as he hunkers down and starts to sneak.
 ”We should get indoors as soon as possible, I can barely see my hand in front of my face”, Mikael says as the four of them sneaks past the Infected.
”We need to find a secure area first, maybe we can get an overlook from somewhere around here”, Jona says.
 ”I did see a lighthouse somewhere around here on a high cliff last time I was here”, Mikael says and looks around in the darkness.
 ”That sounds like a good spot to see what's going on down there, can you guide us?”, Jona asks and looks around.
Mikael looks around and can see a small light between the trees and walks toward it and can see the outline of the oil rig
 ”Yes it should be in this direction”
 The four of them almost walk straight into the lighthouse as it appears out of the darkness.
 The four of them start to look down at the city harbor and soon spots a red light moving around down there.
”I see a light down there and it appears to move”, Emily says before Mikael has the chance
 After the light goes out the four of them start to walk down and after a long walk, they arrive at a house and decides to stay there until daybreak.
As the four of them walk indoors Mikael gets a feeling this might turn bad for him, he down knows why but the feeling subsides a bit when the three of them walk in ahead of him and allows him to run away.
 Mikael shakes away the lingering thoughts of dread and walks in and follows them up the stairs and into a room.
Mikael looks around in the room and out the window toward the house across the street.
 ”Something wrong?”, Emily asks.
 ”Nah just don't like all these windows”, Miakel answers as he sits down and looks as Jona as he lights a small gaslight.
”So Mikael, where you from?”, Jona asks
 ”I’m from Sweden, but a police officer in South Zagoria got me Chernogorsk citizen papers, So I guess I have dual citizenship now”, Mikael answers
 ”That's good to hear, but some groups will most light not give a damn”
 ”Yea I know what you're talking about”
”We have lights outside”, Alex announces
 All of them stand up and look out the window and shortly after Jona turns off the gas lamp.
 ”Should we head down there and see who they are?”, Emily asks
 ”Well, let's see what they are up to first”, Jona answers.
 ”it seems like they are just talking”, Mikael says after a short while
 ”Well let's head down there and see if we can get some new friends”, Jona says as he turns around and starts to walk.
Mikael follows a few steps behind Jona and after a short walk, they arrive at the statue.
 ”Dobredan”, Jona greets the people.
 At this point Mikael down hear much of what's said as he looks around, making sure this is not some sort of setup but after a while he gets increasingly tired and when it starts to rain and they decide to go in to an abandoned bar, Mikael says his goodbye and walks to a different house to rest.

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I see I have alot of viewers here. feel free to make anny coments you whant and plz sugestions are more then welcome

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DayZ 3 Wolf pack and Runners

Mikael wakes up with a pull and can hear voices outside of the house he is in. His gun is still right next to him and the switch is on safe.

 He slowly stands up to make as little noise as possible and looks through the window and can see a man outside with a light blue armband.

 The man walks into the apartment next to him and Mikael sneaks out and waits for him to get out of the apartment. Shortly after he comes out, Mikael looks at him for a short time before starting to speak.

”Hi there”

 ”Hi! Is that you Mikael?”

 ”Yea, I’m Mikael”

 ” It's me Martin”

 Mikael strains his eyes as he looks at the man in front of him in the early morning light.

 ”Holy shit it is you! What are you doing here?”

 ”We came here with the Wolf pack”

 ”That means you know where they are? I lost them as we traveled here”

 ”Yea I do, let me confirm with Phoenyxx that I can show you where the base is and I can take you there”

Mikael waits a few minutes and after a while, the rest of the runners joins them and they start to walk to the base

 After about half an hour they reach what looks like an unfinished apartment complex.

 It’s almost like a maze due to all the building materials left behind but after a few more minutes they arrive at the manhole and descends into what looks like a school.

”Ok now I have seen everything…how the hell did an entire school sink underground? I wonder if it has something to do with the oil rigs outside the coast.”, Mikael asks

 ”I have no idea but it could be a valid explanation”, Martin says

After they unlocked the gate and continued further down Miakel realizes only one thing can have caused this to happen and wish he had a Geiger counter right now. Het hen calms himself down as he remembers the rest of the city was not in ruins after a nuclear blast.

”What are you thinking of”, Martin asks as they reach the small courtyard that supposes to be the ground level of the school, not the sub, sub-basement.

 ”Well oil is really deep underground, I doubt it could cause this so my next explanation would have been a nuclear blast but the city is untouched…So my last explanation would be an underground explosion of nuclear proportions but if that's the case…We would be glowing in the dark right now since an explosion like that needs to be of nuclear strength. So what the hell happened here?”

 ”Well I have no idea and as long as I’m not glowing in the dark I must say that Phoenyxx found a damn good base location”, Martin answers as he unlocks the second gate to the Wolf pack area

After a while, some more Wolf pack members wake up and Mikael can't help but smile as he hears Phoenyxx voice.

 He can feel the calm washing over him as he listens to her voice even though she is not talking directly to him. As so many times before he still wonders how she can have this effect on him even though she can be really strict and to the point and he thanks the gods that she is younger then him and have the possibility to live longer because truth to be told he would not know how he could keep his sanity if she would die before him and god forbid if someone caused her death.

Mikael walks over to hear and starts to talk

 ”Is there anything I can do around here?”

 ”Yes we need planks so we can keep building here, are you willing to go and look for some?”, she asks as she turns around

 ”Sure, any idea where I should start?”

 ”I seen a few piles around here so just look around and I’m sure you will find some shortly, I need a few more hours of sleep but I should be awake by the time you return”

 ”Sounds good, I'll head out right now”

Mikael heads out and as he leaves the school he grabs his MP7 that's slung over his lowered back and starts to walk in a circle pattern to start with but to his surprise, he does not find a single plank.

 He continues to the east and after a pretty long walk, he leaves the city and seems to enter some sort of suburbian area. The gunshots quiet down and for a while, he almost forgets it is the apocalypse and even starts to whistle on a pretty dol tune.

It’s more or less sheer luck that he spots a large pile of lumber close to some house, it seems like they were building a garage at the time and Mikael starts to saw the planks in shorter peases to fit them in his backpack.

As he walks back he can see something black lying on the ground in some sort of makeshift booth next to a shack point and to his surprise, it is a pare of Night vision goggles.

 He picks them up and continues to walk and after about an hour he reaches the base.

 He looks at Phoenyxx sleeping before he places the backpack next to her and goes to bed.

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In the 4th chapter I did meet allot of people both from The Wolf Pack and The Runners. This was just before the attack on our base so plz remind me who you are

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