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To Josef Masenik and Vania

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Mary takes her radio looking at the body in front of her, taking a deep breath she takes her radio and presses the PTT button of her radio

The people I am looking for, none of you know me at least I don't think you do, this call is not a happy one but I am making it because he would want you to know. Jason also known as Red and probably a wide variety of other names is dead. I am sorry for telling you in this way I don't have either of your frequencies,

Josef Masenik I don't know much about you but I was told his last words were he is sorry and that he failed, I don't know what that means to you, I don't know how close you were to him.

Vania I never met you formerly but Red spoke highly of you he held you in high regard I ... I just thought you should know.

I have his remains I am going to take him to the place he said he wanted to have his final resting place.

I am sorry, at least he is at peace now

and for his sisters I am sorry for your loss I have your private frequencies I will tell you where I am going to take him

She releases the PTT button and looks at the body infront of her 


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*Vania would hear the radio message come across the airways and push the ptt* 


“if you bury him there I’ll move the body myself, you have been warned” 


*Vania would put the radio down and start packing his belongings ready to make the trek back to the mainland*

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Steven looks at Vania trash his room and grab his gun after hearing the radio broadcast. He presses his PTT and speaks.

Marie. This is Shakes. I recommend not bringing Red to the place where you want to bury him

i overheard where Red wanted to be buried. Vania is already on the way back to the mainland.

I will suggest that you find another place unless you want a bad funeral and more blood shed.

Shakes lets go of his PTT and moves towards Vania's room to begin tidying it.

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Marie responds over the radio

"I remember red saying he wanted to be buried there. With the people he cared about. I have not buried red at the house he is somewhere else. I  was only trying to respect his wishes. There was a grave there with his name on it which was already there. But I will respect vanias wishes. No reason to disrespect the dead. "

Releases the radio button

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*shock answers in a angry voice*

” digging up a dead up....he cared more about this damn country than any of you! He died trying to help this country! All he talked about was the men who are buried there, he looked up to them and all this stuff about you guys having ‘ honour’........was he wrong? Was everything he said about you lot wrong? “

*he pauses* 

“ you got what you wanted....we buried him away from the house and the people he so wished to be next too....hope that makes YOU happy “ 

*he slams the radio down and takes a shot of vodka* “ for you red “ *he starts to cough as the  vodka burns his throat*

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*she sounds sad and broken, her pained voice echoes over the radio the sound of it resonating her physical agony as she trembles in the dark*
I can't believe he is gone... After everything he was and everything he do, His final act was taking care of a broken and mangled child... He did the honorable thing, the RIGHT thing! 
least anyone can do is have the honor to let him rest and leave the earth around him undisturbed, enough is enough. there has been too many wrongs committed, too many people made to pay for the sake of  personal vendetta... let him rest... leave him the dignity that he afforded me in his final days...
Byt na dve Veci: na nic a na hovno

*You hear her seething and crying in terrible suffering, the cold night only worsens the girl's afflictions. Hard winds blowing through the trees and the rattling of a tin roof as she struggles to hold down the PTT *  
You HAD your satisfaction, Now let people have their grief in peace!  
*** the click of a morphine pen can be heard and the sweet sigh of relief as the pen hits the floor... she releases the PTT in a stupor*** 



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Ace listens to the radio quietly his face under his mask white as a ghost but his soul white hot with rage.

Red did what he had to do to protect the people he cared about, the people he loved, and the people he called family which in my mind was very few. He was a fearless man with no more than all of our utmost respect. Let the man have his wishes, let his last words be honored in the way he honored us all. Do him that act of kindness.

Ace lets go of his PTT and looks into the fire he had made and grits his teeth. 


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*Kuba presses his PTT*

If one of Jasons friends could contact me personally, I'm sure one of you will have my frequency or maybe he left a copy of it laying around somewhere.

*Kuba releases his PTT*

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