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Dead Man’s Hand; A Farewell to Viktor

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* In the split second before his death, Viktor looks into the eyes of the boy he loved. No, the boy he loves. In that last second, images flood his mind. Viktor and Katarina embrace under the birch tree, before time warps and suddenly they are in bed together. The gasps and moans of his love, his heart made into an external being, turn to the cries of an infant. Viktor looks down into the eyes of Johan, his son, his legacy. Igor stands idle, silent, unknowing. There is a light, above them, that begins to burn so bright it burns Viktor's sight into blackness. For a moment, he thinks he is dead, before; in that dark, a long appendage reaches out to him. It pierces his chest, but there is no pain. There is a feeling of warmth emanating from the sharp hook-like rod; and he loves it. It loves him. This is his divine grace, he realizes. A piercing message of purity, cleansing light. It captures him, and his soul. He turns, and waves goodbye to Katarina, holding little Johan. Standing beside them is George, Chip, Avery, and countless others, all his friends and family. He wonders where his friends, comrades are, where James is, and the appendage seems to answer that it is not yet their time. At once, he realizes what has happened. Fear washes over his soul for but a moment, before his Divine Grace welcomes Viktor Nozokov into his light with open arms. *

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RIP Viktor. A real pain in Kyle's ass, but he loved him like a brother. Rest easy big man

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