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Redwood Radio - Psychiatrist Dr. Shock (open frequency)

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*Jan boots up the broadcast console and starts to send out the podcast every hour*


*Jan shutsdown the broadcast console for now*

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*Otto finds a quiet corner of the compound, he sits down, pulls out a bottle of Vodka and tunes into the podcast*

(Hearing the voice his mind slowly drifts back. It was the doctor that helped him to live and feel again. He recalls that evening sitting by the fire in the woods, when he shared his story to a complete stranger. He didn't know why, maybe it was the gentle tone in his voice that made him open up. Or the overwhelming pain inside that he felt, carrying that burden inside him for so long. Either way, the walls crumbled down that night..........and he has never looked back. ) 

*Otto grabs his radio and transmits*

"Dr. Shock it's Otto, if your out there and listening.....Thank You !"

*The podcast ends*

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