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Pirate Radio Late Night Broadcast (((audio only)))

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*the broadcast comes to life with a crackle and the voice of a young woman with a distinctive accent most might recognize as Chernarussian,* 


Dobra noḱ! I “Little K” - radio person for tonight.  I would like to talk about family In zombie apocalypse and why it matter.  To the people all over South Zagoria Young and Old, Good and bad there is always a driving force behind their personal struggle to live. 


We all rely on each other… When I say family, I not talking conventional family in sense... 

From the people we care about the most to the people we struggle to be beside Family is the word we tend to use.


We all from worst most vile and horrible Of Chernarus to most joyous of us are in one way or another tied to someone we feel compelled to be with. 


Iz human nature Ano?  


To share story, I Care about someone and tend to travel a lot In region. At times seems like it impossible and can lead to much physical and emotional agony. I consider person I love to be most important In life. Him and friends around me are to me family even if at times it can hurt like getting head slam in car door. 

I grew up, orphan… but since recent I have come to see that we all orphan In South Zagoria. Lost soul - Damned… Iz important to keep sense of family. 

In zombie apocalypse Family can be stranger on side of road, who help you after disaster moment when bad people kick living piss out of you an- leave you for dead… 


Family also companion who you fight along side and bleed with.  You might not always agree with person who you stuck in trench fill with mud with. But family look after each other…


Iz important! 


In Chernarus family only thing that keep you from Wolves, I not talking friendly dog animal that bite at ankle and try to hump leg. I talk about gang that roam around and torture innocent people. I talk, depraved, sick people who too in own sense also are family. 

Maybe most horrible sense… End of day, they still have to suffer through each other ano.


Family to me is something else, Family is the person you bleed for…
That ones you go back to at the end of the day, that person who you yourself would run across South Zagoria for!. 


To me Family are the ones who keep the angry hoard of roving dead off your back and make those endless nights seem tolerable. 


***the radio station turns to playing some nice tunes*** 

We are back for the next portion of radio show. I’ Little K, I often ask what family is to people,  Trust iz most common answer… so lets ask, Can you trust the person next to you? Can you?!
Is it out of care that you cling to those around you or a deep sense of fear that you yourself will no longer have importance? Can’t imagine what it would be like to be alone in these times. Can’t imagine… being the person who themself put their family in danger to the point where they wake up every day and see the bad shit you do then question…
Am I Next?!. 


Ano. I never have that perspective of being such heartless and emotionless person that all of south zagoria want me dead… 


DO you rely on people to keep you alive?... 


There will always be good people in South Zagoria, The loving, those with heart.
There WILL always be people on the edge of these increasingly cold nights in the darkness looking to their loved ones with care and dignity. There will always be groups out there that depend on one another for love, protection, warmth… In a few months time winter’s grip will come, Do you have someone to care about that will keep you warm? 


To Conclude, Family is the reason you get up in the morning, the reason you fight for what matters and the reason you keep on fighting… without family you may as well be on comfort… to everyone that I consider family Don’t forget  there IS good in the world. There are good people! I little K. Broadcasting to you across South Zagoria
Keep your family close. Signing off! 


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*Jan hears the broadcast when he wakes up and looks in the recording room. Someone had fiddled around with different knobs. He picks up his radio and presses the broadcast button*

"Wait..... is this signal coming from our tower? Daamm radio pirates...Always around when your asleep''

*Signal fades*

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