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Don't Get Gun Lube in Your Radio's PTT

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*He puts down his radio with the PTT button stickily held down due to gun lube, whistling the "America the Beautiful", racking the charging handle of a M4A1 carbine with heavy resistance*

"Hmmm... Rough..."

*He sighs before continuing the whistling while punching a push pin on the rifle which ends in a click*

"Let's see here..."

*Whistling he flips half the rifle open exposing the trigger group full of carbon residue*

"Ugh... Customers wouldn't like this... Have to start off strong... Especially on grand opening..."

*Still whistling, he pulls the charging handle halfway back which leads to some metal clanging pulling out the bolt carrier group covered in a thick layer of carbon*

"Poor maintenance, poor performance..."

*Whistling, he proceed to spray the carbon covered bolt carrier group with a can of Rem Oil before wiping down the component along with the bolt face itself with a rag before spraying a coat of lube on it. He sets those two components aside and starts spraying inside the upper receiver with the Rem Oil can, before wiping it down with another rag which resulted in black carbon residue all over the once clean rag. He then spray a coat of gun lube*


*Back to whistling, he sprays the can of Rem Oil down on the trigger group and proceeds to wipe the face of the trigger hammer with a third rag*


*He slots the bolt carrier group with the bolt and bolt face attached back into the upper receiver, flipping the rifle back where both receivers are now aligned making a loud clank. He pushes the push pin back in place keeping both receivers together.*


*He racks the charging handle feeling a much smoother cycle. He pulls the trigger each time he racks the charging handle which results in a clean crispy click. He smiles...*

"Another firearm ready to be sold to those who's willing to kill an innocent, a bandit, women, children, friends, foe..."

*He sets the rifle next to the rest of the rifles he must perform maintenance on. He chuckles and talk to himself*

"But that isn't any of my business... Simply supply and demand that's all... I can't simply demand those to do something in particular good or bad... No... Just business..."

*He continues to whistle "America the Beautiful" for a quick moment before picking up the radio to contact a associate realizing the PTT has been held down...He thinks to himself and says*

"Hmm, for those that was listening in... Sorry for all the racket... Business will be open soon..."

*He unstucks the PTT button*


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*Dimitri hears the noise from his radio while he's trying to sleep, grunting slightly before taking the radio closer to his head and replies*

"Ahoj. Are you doing ok there? So many strange noises.... What do you mean by these words? Are you ok in your head?"

*Dimitri then puts aside his radio and tries to go back to sleep*

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*He presses down on the PTT with carbon covered hands*

"Ah yes, absolutely fine, thank you for asking. Sorry if I woke you up during the fine night. It seems like ever since I shot my radio, it has become more fragile... Quality my good man is what I strive to now pursue rather than quantity"

*He lets go of the PTT making sure it does not stick down this time*

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