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A call to all Chernarussians.(Open Frequency)

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*Tupolev takes a seat and takes a look at the words he wrote down on the paper, in front of him there is a microphone connected to a transceiver, he quickly collects his thoughts and speaks into the microphone, a Chernarussian voice fills the airwaves*

"Hello, my name Poručík Tupolev Pavlovich i'm a representative from Odezva. This is a call to all surviving Chernarussian law enforcement, medical, military and citizens. We are regrouping and taking the fight back to the forces that plague this land. We are ensuring that all surviving Chernarussian citizens in our domain are provided with food, water, medical supplies, and aid of any kind. We must combine our efforts to eliminate this outbreak and the separatists that will make us a foreign puppet, our goal is giving the citizens of Chernarus their homes and sense of law and order back, and hopefully one day we can hand our responsibilities to our rightful government and we can stand down. But until then we patriotic Chernarussians have a responsibility to take care of our land and protect it from outside forces who seek to feast off the carcass of this land, we ask for all of you to not stand by but come and be of service to your country." 

* The airwaves fall silent, Tupolev relaxes himself in his chair and lights a cigarette and he awaits a response.* 

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