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A criminal exposed [Open Broadcast]

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*The sound of footsteps pacing on metal can be heard as Vlad holds down his PTT. In a sombre tone he makes his broadcast*

"To the people of South Zagoria.
Many of you may recognise this voice, some for good times some for bad.
Today I speak to you as an ally no matter who or what you may be."

*He sighs briefly before continuing*

"Some of you may have heard of the drug Comfort. A powerful little pill that calls Chernarus home.
I am a distributor of said Comfort, I deal it to those who wish to purchase it.
I emphasise these words as I do not force people to consume it, that is bad for business.
However, I do know of a man who does force it into people."

*The pacing in the background stops and Vlad speaks more clearly into his radio*

"A man by the name of Red has worked alongside an unknown man and forced an innocent Chernarussian man and an innocent woman into consuming comfort. 
These people are good people, they help others and show good will.
The Chernarussian man even put his life on the line to free prisoners from the grips of Mr.Lemons on prison island.
Now, they are feeling the effects of a drug that should not have been put into their system. 

Not only that, the version of Comfort forced into these victims was of a substantial concentration, something I wouldn't wish upon unwilling souls."

*His voice grows more stern*

"Comfort is controlled in this region under my eyes. If it is being forced down the throats of those who need not take it, something is wrong.
You listening, could be next.
I am calling upon anyone armed and willing to find and bring me
Red, alive. Your payment will be extra if he is unharmed. 
If you care about your life and the lives of those around you, you won't want Comfort in the hands of a man who forces it onto innocents."

*Vlad turns back to his private frequency.*

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*Upon hearing the broadcast Miguel raises his eyebrows and grabs his radio, pressing the PTT* 

"You want this foo Red alive yeah? I'll have you know esé that me and my people are experts when it comes to kidnapping and dealing with rival drug pushers believe me." 

*He can be heard lighting a cigarette* 

"You sure you up for being a drug dealer holmes? you deal drugs but u don't want them addicted? Mane i thought yous Russians was real gang bangers. No worries however, us hombres will fix it up for ya at an understandable price esé. You can count on us holmes. I think you should offer us how to make this comfort shit esé, shit sounds like some good shit ya feel me? I ain't never seen that drug back in Mehico before. 

*He smokes his cigarette* 

"We'll be in touch holmes...." 

*He releases the PTT*

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*She'd glance at her radio hearing the broadcast*

"I've met a few people by the name of Red. Can you tell me more about this person?

Affiliations, other nicknames."

*She'd release her PTT*

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-Red would listen to the radio waves as he usually does, three radios to his front, each on their different waves, sometimes he would change one of their frequencies to the next one the wind blowing in his face while overlooking the valley, he was calm, there were chessboard pieces moving forward, Red had made his move, he knew it was only a matter of time before Vlad put another one forward. Hours and hours passed until finally, there it was, the radio broadcast. Red listened intently and chuckled, "Curious fella this Vlad, seems like I win the bet old friend, told ya he would do this didn't I," He says to himself softly. Before grabbing the radio, contemplating if he would respond, many minutes pass before he finally clicks on the radio-

"Hi, yes, Criminal Red here!"

-He chuckles-

"Bishop to A5 I see Vlad, interesting move. I am guessing this is the first time it isn't easy to get your way."

-The chuckle comes over the radio again-

"You must excuse me this is all rather hilarious to me, this unknown man he speaks off forced a man by the name of Jona, probably one of the nicest people I have met and his wife Emily on comfort. This so happened because they travelled to Kirovograd, they were used as a means to an end to contact ya guessed it: Vlad, to distribute 2000 pills of superior comfort into the region. Now Vlad's comfort is a knockoff, he's running an inferior version. Been researching the history of the pill a little and the gangs who controlled it for a while now just a smidge. Now, why oh why am I telling you all this."

-He chuckles-

"It is because I went to Kirovograd to ask a question to the man that did all of this, I asked that Ex-Chedaki at risk of my life, mind you, why did you go through so much trouble, to contact Vlad."

-He chuckles again-

"Because of two things he did that, first of all, he wants to flood the entirety of South-Zagoria with comfort.

Second of all Mr Vlad here is supposed to attack the terrors in their back while raiders are preparing to migrate from Kirovograd to South-Zagoria."

-He chuckles-

"But sure I am the criminal Mr Vlad. I do have a question, how is Ivan, I quite dislike what I had to do to him. Ivan if you are listening buddy, you were alright, I liked you, it was just a shame you were trying to radio someone that could confirm my identity because he could, so I must admit I slightly panicked, let me buy you a beer when all of this is over alright? I would enjoy hearing about the log championship, it was interesting, and perhaps fight you mano to mano in a fair setting next time huh, what about it? Let's see who is the stronger one, huh?!"

-he gasps for air-

"Oh shit, Oh shit! I almost forgot! You proclaim me a criminal?! But you roll an innocent woman that just had brain surgery of a hill tied to a log Vlad what is wrong with you, have some honour!"

-he gasps again-

"Oh shit I almost forgot! Not to speak how you attacked Dr Shock to try and learn where I am, he is a psychiatrist Vlad! He is bound by a non-disclosure that you know of, VLAD! Only criminals have ever harmed that man!"

-The radio stays silent for a little while-

"My associate though... Who has helped me prepare this fight against you and your despicable people that deal comfort have told me they did not expect you to be so incapable of finding me; and so incapable that you employ the methods of a child to lure me out, we all overestimated your intelligence, Mr Vlad. It's been a quite the disappointment."

-Theres a pause-


-The radio waves go silent his voice would not return again-




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*Vlad pulls Ivan's radio that he uses to stop his teeth grinding at night, out of his mouth and responds*

"Now you all know what he sounds like.

Red also worked alongside the child shooter Arnost, abusive father to Liah. Maybe if you find that dirt you can find Red.

Bring Red to me, you will be paid. Dasvidaniya"

*Vlad slides the radio back into the sleeping Ivan's mouth*

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*Bela tears the radio off her vest and raises it to her lips.  She pauses a moment to gain her composure before she presses the PTT*

”This is Bela Kovar, your friendly neighborhood Chernarussian and sister of Arnost Kovar.  I know my brother, and he is not, I repeat, NOT a child abuser.  He has never been one and never will be one.  Of this I am one thousand percent certain.”

”Who you decide to believe . . . me, wife, mother, and former Girl Scout leader or Vlad, known psychopath and drug kingpin, man who almost killed my brother . . . is entirely up to you.  But, whatever your decision, you will have to live with your conscience.”

”If Vlad is lying and twisting words about my brother, what else is he lying about?  Ask yourself that question.”

”Vlad is all about misinformation and manipulation.  Don’t fall for his tricks.”

*Bela releases the PTT and reattaches the radio to her vest.  She then holds her hand out in front of her and watches it tremble*



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