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66.6 Post Apocalypse Paranormal Activity [Open Broadcast]

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The clock strikes 12 as you tune into 66.6 out of boredom of luck, you are responded with dead air. Just as youre tuning out you hear a badly converted audio playing the X files theme in the background. The sound of bottles spilling over, a few nicotine stained coughs and the sound of a microphone adjusting.

"Fena..is this working? Can you hear me?"

microphone taps

"Yes hello. Welcome to PAPAS, Post Apocalyptic Paranormal Activity Show. My name is Vasily -nice to meet your aquiantance. This will be a radio show where we discuss all the strange things we have seen throughout South Zagoria and in extension Chernarus. In these strange times when unknown viruses are causing strange things to people who knows what other unknown things have been released to the world. I decided to make this broadcast to discuss any strange sights that YOU have seen and make other people aware of this. For example, there are rumours of a strange witch living in the forests east of Myshkino. What about the strange drawing that suddenly appeared one day in the field? How is that possible? And of course, what is the purpose of the Alter?" 

Sounding out of breath, Vasily turns off the annoying X files music and takes another sip of his beer.

"I will break the show down into three segments, new rumours, sponsors segment then I will take calls to discuss ONLY paranormal activity theories or sightings. If you are interested in sponsoring or fanmail, please leave a letter in one of the many garbage cans marked with a red X that are dotted throughout the South Zagoria, I will usually respond within three to five working days. I only say this once. Do not try to shit in the bins or try to ambush me okay? I don't want to touch or smell any of that. And if you try and ambush me I will know, okay? Good good."

Another burp and microphone scuffing noises are heard in the background, along with the sound of an angry Chernarussian Babushka yelling.

"Anyway. Now I will be talking about rumours. I recently heard sightings of a hairy figure walking around the forrest east of Tisy. I call bullshit, it's clearly a hunter in a ghille suit or my ex wife. Next." Sounds of paper rifling "Hmm.. a swamp monster sighted in the black lake around midnight... Okay if you are going to write letters of these claims AT LEAST try to back it up with a picture. Do you know how often I investigate things and its either a stick up or another infected vermin caught in the mud? Amateurs!"

"Well, I need to re-read these notes I have taken down, perhaps a more thorough method of confirmation is needed. Very well, I will now be taking calls from anyone interested in sharing their paranormal experiences right after this break."

A clicking noise is heard followed by a badly recorded song: 



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