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Torn journal of the SwampThing

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The night plays with me I can hear the growls from Wolves they sound angry or  hungry i will need to find shelter  once i rest i will end the hunt , i hope i prevail if not i hope my friends live long lives.

All containers are dangerous now, I find my self disinfecting everything, sleep does not come easy , the world still gives new dangers at every turn, and some of the people are beyond saving.

I met a man in the police station in Elektrozavodsk he hid well, all though he was nervous my self and mates ment no harm, we lost mrs. peace to Cholera, this strain of Cholera is the worst i ever saw it kills so fast i warn everyone to carry meds on them your life insist upon it. 

the bears tore into the base and looters have taken everything the trade group collected, not knowing we are kind folks they could have asked us for things in help we love to provide but now i find my self scared to face people again the urge to turn to the wild enlists to my head, i have friends i don't want to lose but even in a broken world i am finding death comes for us all, But at what cost do we stay alive is it fair to take whats not your just to live or should we interact and trade to return this beautiful land to its glory !

no i head into the air field near kabanino watching the cherns and others wage war upon each other i am sad with disgust that they believe this is what the world hear has come to. i will continue my live and my story as long as i draw breath.

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