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Nick Plasse

More Openess for Free speech in different topics

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So, just would like to say before I give my argument, that there is no salt here, just something I am very passionate about and would help this community if it was less restricted, that's all. Now, I never post on the forums, personally, I like to play the game, that's why I am a white name while being 2 and a half years in this community. Now, to the point. I believe that if something happens in this community, it should be someone's right to speak out about it, no matter who they are or what they think. I got warning points given to me because I was apart of the situation that was being reported, so just though that it would be good to ask the opposition of the report a question. Nothing personal, just a question. Because I use this speech to my advantage, I get a warning. I was not trying to hinder an investigation, was just trying to ask a question. Now, I know I could've PMed the guy, but I would like for others to see a response as well. It is better not to hide things from a community and to be open with the members. This happened twice by the same moderator and just believe that it is pointless to give points to someone when they are not being toxic and are just trying to give an opinion or feedback that may be worth while reading. All comments should be taken into consideration, and if someone was apart of a situation, then their POV should be automatically heard, not ignored and taken down. In law, all evidence is admissible until it isn't, and that's the way feedback should be taken care of. I hope that maybe this could maybe give some of the community leaders some ideas with more openness for all and open to any and all feedback on this post.Thank you guys and have fun with whatever you're doing. -NP

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You were not called into the report and were not involved in the direct situation where the was shot and killed. This is why you were not called into the report and warned for posting in the appeal. GMs and Admins are here to ask questions, like you were asking along with the others who were called into the report. If you feel that you are involved in the direct situation then you need to contact the GMs or Admins to let them know and they will look at the logs again to see if you are directly involved in the situation where the player was killed. Then you would have to post a POV and could ask your question. 

Now I see that you have posted an appeal. You can update your original post to the template then the GMs and Admins will continue to process the appeal.



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Report lawyer was a popular pastime many moons ago. I thought it was fun but I can understand why staff put an end to it. 

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