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A new settlement for some rest.

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*The static clears up and someone start talking in a firm tone as if someone had asked him for something*


Hi to all those who are listening to this frequency. Here is Marco Viola who speaks, but you can call me Merk.

I am proud to inform you that with the help of my friend Pool, Rogovo is becoming a safer town, where you can find something to eat, some medicine, some comfort and any kind of help we will be able to provide.

I want to clarify that we do not talk about large stocks of food and medicines, it is certainly not a big deposit, so we are not afraid to tell you this news.

We are trying to equip the area of the market with some barricades and a watchtower,  where travelers looking for rest around the campfire can take turns to defend themselves from the infected. Although we will periodically try to keep the area clean.

We are not trying to create a fort and we do not want to be hostile towards anyone.

Feel free to enter the market building and take just what you need even if we are somewhere else. I REPEAT, no one will become rich by plundering our stocks, but everyone will be able to make their day better by passing through this place.

Any help or donation is welcome as anyone who wants to come here to trade or to share some rumors.


Merk, over and out


*as it had changed, the static returns to normal*



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*Jim grabs his radio in a hurry, hopeful to warn others*

Hey there bud, I'd be careful about talking about communities and safe havens as of now.

I'm not sure if you've heard or seen what's happened to Lopatino. Currently I'm advising anyone I can to stay out of the area that is Green Mountain, Zelenogorsk, Vybor, The Airfield, and of course Lopatino. Given that your up in that general area you might want to arm yourself to the teeth or be sure to have enough items to bribe your way out of trouble.

Word is that there are gangs roaming about over there that seem to want to prevent anyone from setting up such a place. They'll kill you or worse...

As a heads up you need to look out for these groups specifically ...

*The radio cuts out temporarily*

All fellow westerners and survivalists need to travel in groups or ....

*More static floods the frequency*

Do you have any idea what happened to the charity at Green Mountain and at Lopatino church?

You are NOT safe, under any and all circumstances please don't...

*The transmission ends*

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*It's been quite sometime since the message was broadcast. Trevor pushes the PTT regardless*

"Hello survivor, I was wondering how progress was coming on your project. An update perhaps?"

*Static returns as the PTT is released*

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