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Our people, our lands, our country.

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*Federov dawns his father's Chedaki beret and presses the PTT*

"Hello, this is an announcement from Andrian Federov, representative from the remnants of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star. We are announcing the complete and utter independence of the South Zagorian State from Chernarus, any political ties, affiliations or otherwise connections between South Zagoria and the Kozlov Regime, is and ought to be hereby dissolved. Over the next few days my brothers and I will make our presence very known to the inhabitants of this region. Any failure to fold in beneath our chain of command and governance will result in death. Make your decisions carefully bratya, we will not give second chances."

*Andrian hums the tune of the national anthem before releasing the PTT*


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*Ivan Bernarus hears the radio and presses the PTT button with happiness*


Very good hear this, Adrian. Does this mean Putin comes here? If Putin comes here give me call, my name is Ivan Bernarus, I am winner of 2000, 2002 and 2004 log competition in Sochi and I try meet Putin for some time. I can show him around region.

Anyway, good luck to you.

Slava Russia. Slava Bernarus.

*Ivan stops pressing the PTT button, drinks a bottle of vodka and goes back to gym*

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*Khabib picks up his radio and presses the PTT*

"I agree this message,

I reopen my gym in vybor come grapple and learn for be champion

You have defend yourself otherwise you get smashed, you must be standing up for something.

Chernarus be free again.

I will smash capitalist."

*Khabib releases his PTT*

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*Anatoly hears the radio transmission and responds to his brother*

"It is time for these lands to be free, 

Death to the Kozlov regime and may the red star shine over all the people of the region."

*Anatoly sets the radio down and lights his partyzanka cigarette*


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*A man with a country accent would come over the airwaves.*

"Do-breh-den brothers. I support your cause to separate from the corrupt government. I thought that the South would rise again in the good ole US OF A, but no, it has risen in this glorious place called Char Nur Ros."

*The broadcast would end.*

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Alexei quickly would press his PTT, an obviously excited voice coming through

"T...Tovarisches? They are back? They are coming to finally liberate this beautiful land from the nationalist tyrants!? Oh da! This is glorious news! Slava Chedaki, and God bless the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star!"

There was a small pause before Alexei began to play a russian patriotic song over the airwaves


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*Radek would grab his radio and press the button cheerfully responding.*

"Comrades it is good to hear from you again! Long have my fellow citizen's , comrades and brothers in arms waited for the legitamate goverment of this free nation to return , we are eager to fight and research for the free people of chernarus once more! Slava Chedaki! Slava Bolshoi!"

*Radek was humming the Chernarussian anthem after a short static.*

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*Arlow holds onto his radio after hearing a chain of messages, he presses the push to talk*

"I am pleased to see there is comrades that are working for the same cause in this country."

*Arlow takes a break and then presses the button once again*

"So I want to work with you in South Zagoria, I have a few comrades, waiting to help out the cause if you know what i mean Mr. Fedorov. Slava Chedaki!"

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