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S1: Invalid Initiation/NVFL/Attempted RDM/OOC Hate in Lopatino - 09/07/2019 04:30

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Server and location: S1 Lopatino

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 09/07/2019 04:30

Your in game name: Roy Hutchinson

Names of allies involved: @Kez @Lorcan @Joe ( @MrSpetzer for the OOC hate in Discord)

Name of suspect/s: @Scout thomas

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: @Scout thomas was in one of our neighboring bases. We were standing inside of our base RPing, when he threw a flash bang over the wall and hit almost everyone in our camp with it. This was fueled I believe due to OOC hate towards me in particularly, because prior to the incident he came in to my stream and was spamming/trolling in which he was banned. He then created another Twitch account to troll me, which was then banned.

After the flash bang was thrown, we went over to the neighboring base and asked who threw it. We were informed it was @Scout thomas, which I then initiated on him to at least give him some RP in the situation. Throughout the entire situation, he showed NVFL and could've been executed a lot sooner. I gave him a demand to get out of town and never come back. He responded with us not owning the town. He was warned to stop mouthing off by most of us. He continued. @Lorcan then executed him.

As for OOC hate: this is fueled by a situation in Cherno when he was told to leave town on another character. He proceeded to come into my chat and type in all caps flaming Eagle, myself and others. This was quite a while ago. Here are all Twitch chat messages for @Scout thomas below. After the Cherno incident, I proceeded to give him a "pep talk" to try to get his mind right, he continued to flame and then unfollowed. He proceeded to do the same thing in @PhoenyxxRP's chat.



12:23scouttsilver: dayz?

12:24scouttsilver: its actually scoutsilver people kept calling me scott so i gave in

12:25scouttsilver: modded dayz?

12:26scouttsilver: oh i know roleplay

12:26scouttsilver: i play modded now

12:27scouttsilver: its been little while since i played vanilla

12:27scouttsilver: roleplaying as a country boy?

12:27scouttsilver: boys*

12:28scouttsilver: you in the server too? Stoney_

12:29scouttsilver: i remember there was a server where there was discord skype or teamspeak ventrilo allowed or you got banned

12:30scouttsilver: was not allowed*

12:31scouttsilver: XD

12:31scouttsilver: i think it was something red

12:31scouttsilver: red zone i think it was

12:34scouttsilver: whos the girl?

12:34scouttsilver: oh

12:35scouttsilver: okay who the fuck is with who

12:35scouttsilver: i`m not really confused

12:35scouttsilver: ok

12:35scouttsilver: i just needed clarification

12:36scouttsilver: how many people are there

12:36scouttsilver: and did she just ask what powdered milk was for?

12:37scouttsilver: i`m not trying to be rude but is she serious?

12:37scouttsilver: wait your dead?

12:38scouttsilver: oh

12:38scouttsilver: oh i see "dead"

12:38scouttsilver: like you were doing the 4 finger thing or winking

12:39scouttsilver: i see what you did there

12:39scouttsilver: good luck

12:40scouttsilver: is roleplaying like lying too?

12:40scouttsilver: like a double life?

12:41scouttsilver: i`ve roleplayed before but for a little bit like 2 days and then i thought it was a little complicated

12:41scouttsilver: sounds sus to me

12:42scouttsilver: wait hold ip

12:42scouttsilver: up*

12:43scouttsilver: i have a feeling of deja vu what the hell

12:44scouttsilver: why do i have feeling someone is going to die in like 40 minutes

12:47scouttsilver: big feel of deja vu

12:47scouttsilver: idk why

12:48scouttsilver: wtf i remember her putting on a respirator

12:48scouttsilver: i`m so confused and dazed

12:49scouttsilver: i remember them calling her a dog beater WTH

12:49scouttsilver: i`m so confused

12:49scouttsilver: no i do

12:49scouttsilver: i`m not lying

12:49scouttsilver: even tho it may sound like it but its true

12:50scouttsilver: i`m shaking for close it adds it up

12:50scouttsilver: because*

12:51scouttsilver: what is going on

12:51scouttsilver: with me remembering all of it

12:52scouttsilver: wtf i remember him taking the money

12:53scouttsilver: its all making sense now wth

12:54scouttsilver: i`m shaking so much its all to familiar

12:54scouttsilver: shes going to say something about her being terminator in a sec

12:56scouttsilver: there going to talk about it for another minute or two i swear

12:57scouttsilver: i told you

12:57scouttsilver: they're still talking about it

1:00scouttsilver: good

1:00scouttsilver: dang it i was wrong about that part

1:00scouttsilver: like a card from monopoly

1:02scouttsilver: i`m pretty sure he`s eavesdropping

1:10scouttsilver: minecraft roleplay

1:10scouttsilver: XD

1:12scouttsilver: what?

1:12scouttsilver: jim carrey?

1:18scouttsilver: wait wasn`t one of them one of your best friends a minute ago?

1:18scouttsilver: dude its isnae

1:18scouttsilver: insane

1:18scouttsilver: *

1:18scouttsilver: wait whats in there?

1:19scouttsilver: oh damn you got a scar

1:19scouttsilver: do one of them have bipolar?

1:20scouttsilver: holy shit

1:21scouttsilver: this reminds me of a movie XD

1:22scouttsilver: this is a legit a movie

1:24scouttsilver: is someone recording all of this?

1:26scouttsilver: dang it so many buffers


1:42scouttsilver: hi riz

1:42scouttsilver: happy fourth?


8:53scouttsilver: aye rizzy boy

8:53scouttsilver: how are you?

8:54scouttsilver: i`m doing good

8:54scouttsilver: so hows Hutch doing?

8:54scouttsilver: idk where i`m at in the serv er

8:54scouttsilver: me and my friend haven`t figured it out

9:07scouttsilver: when is your birthday anyway?

9:08scouttsilver: my birthday is december

9:08scouttsilver: lmao

9:08scouttsilver: can you take a guess on how old i`m turning?

9:08scouttsilver: close

9:08scouttsilver: 15

9:09scouttsilver: fuck off @First_Lt_Audie_Murphy LMAO

9:09scouttsilver: i`m not turning 12

9:09scouttsilver: that fucking hurts

9:10scouttsilver: can you take a guess on what day my birthday is?

9:11scouttsilver: nope

9:13scouttsilver: ohhh no

9:13scouttsilver: but close

9:13scouttsilver: oooooh hotter

9:14scouttsilver: in the money

9:16scouttsilver: fuck i accidentally sent you somthing

9:17scouttsilver: was trying to send it to a friend and forgot you were the last person i talked to

9:18scouttsilver: but you welcome to watch it its pretty funny

9:18scouttsilver: HealthyDependableStarlingYee

9:22scouttsilver: so where is this at

9:22scouttsilver: i feel like i`ve been through there

9:22scouttsilver: oh yeah i`ve passed that without thinking

9:23scouttsilver: i`m cool a compound i wonder if anyone is on but never did just went by and it left

9:23scouttsilver: !lurk

10:20scouttsilver: knofe?

11:01scouttsilver: shemagh are good

11:01scouttsilver: shemaghs*

11:01scouttsilver: have you found any?

11:02scouttsilver: its pronounced schmog

11:02scouttsilver: its a arab thing

11:02scouttsilver: my favorite one is the is desert one

11:02scouttsilver: quick question have you met a guy named mr . warren?

11:03scouttsilver: $ guy

11:03scouttsilver: oh shit

11:03scouttsilver: then my friend is in trouble

11:03scouttsilver: do you know Emily @HaveuseenDragon ?

11:05scouttsilver: Haveuseendragon have you met Riley/Emily yet?

11:05scouttsilver: oh

11:05scouttsilver: well she`s with mr. warren


12:15scouttsilver: what i miss

12:17scouttsilver: is he dead?

12:18scouttsilver: how the hell did he die?

12:24scouttsilver: you guy gang raeping her?

12:25scouttsilver: is she the hoe?

12:26scouttsilver: 2 wongs don`t a right

12:26scouttsilver: lmsao

12:28scouttsilver: its so weird watching at both povs

12:32scouttsilver: who are you talking too?

5:25scouttsilver: RIZZZZZZZZY

5:25scouttsilver: haven`t been able to play

5:26scouttsilver: my buddy who i`m with is a shoe store owner and hasn`t been on lately

5:27scouttsilver: alright lets get you on it (thats the code word for fucking someone in british)

5:27scouttsilver: what frequency you on?

5:28scouttsilver: BURV LMAO

5:30scouttsilver: (girl said this not me) i like my girls like i like my shoes with my toes in them

5:44scouttsilver: hey riz

5:44scouttsilver: i fucked up

5:44scouttsilver: i`m now glitched

5:44scouttsilver: i can walk but i`m in the ladder climbing animation still

6:03scouttsilver: is that the fallout 4 menu music?

6:03scouttsilver: dude i`m too good

6:03scouttsilver: i know the music to well

6:08scouttsilver: those shots scared me so bad i nutted

6:09scouttsilver: thats not a joke either

6:29scouttsilver: wait magpie is there?

6:29scouttsilver: tell magpie his old friend scout said hi for me

6:29scouttsilver: he`s met my character

6:30scouttsilver: oh

6:34scouttsilver: what is the common frequency?

6:34scouttsilver: i mean like the one its already on when you spawn in

6:35scouttsilver: i forgot it

6:35scouttsilver: ah

6:40scouttsilver: i`m gonna be scanning the frequencies think you could say hi on one of them to start dialog?

6:41scouttsilver: it twas a joke

7:04scouttsilver: fuck

7:04scouttsilver: who are the females on the list?

7:05scouttsilver: wong is a girl?


8:41scouttsilver: Hello Riz

8:42scouttsilver: went there yesterday and got killed

8:52scouttsilver: hey hutch the people at the from were just harassing me

8:53scouttsilver: i was told by phoenix to come back tomorrow yesterday and i did and i was harassed by those guys who just walked up

8:58scouttsilver: that was me

8:59scouttsilver: i was just being nice

8:59scouttsilver: like what the actual fuck

8:59scouttsilver: i wasn`t hitting

8:59scouttsilver: on her

8:59scouttsilver: i gave a fucking compliment

9:00scouttsilver: like is that rude to do?

9:01scouttsilver: the guy with the fal called me a fgget

9:01scouttsilver: like i`m starting to cry

9:01scouttsilver: nobody has ever been that mean to me

9:01scouttsilver: well he`s a just a douche

9:01scouttsilver: and i was being nice

9:02scouttsilver: i`m not even 16

9:03scouttsilver: i`ll get fucking shot

9:03scouttsilver: well i`m just a kid to that guy

9:03scouttsilver: and i didn`t do anything to him

9:04scouttsilver: i cant do any other voices

9:04scouttsilver: how is a compliment hitting on someone?

9:04scouttsilver: or is it hitting on a girl

9:05scouttsilver: i was unaware of that

9:05scouttsilver: that. that was someone girl

9:06scouttsilver: should i just go back and say i`m sorry for giving a compliment?

9:07scouttsilver: i`m just a kid why go full douche mode?

9:19scouttsilver: i legit spent 3 days traveling to cherno just not even to get in because of a compliment

9:20scouttsilver: yeah

9:20scouttsilver: no sleep either

9:21scouttsilver: no i`m going to get shot

9:21scouttsilver: i don`t want to

9:22scouttsilver: i had heard of the compound by someone named jayden and we spent a long time trying to get there

9:23scouttsilver: and @ryaniathebest i cant i actually cant i`m not talented enough

9:23scouttsilver: i did but green balaclava saw through it

9:24scouttsilver: thats the guy who called me fggot

9:25scouttsilver: and i all i wanted to do was to have a place to help and donate stuff too

9:26scouttsilver: i spent 3 days i`ll never get back just to get there

9:38scouttsilver: when are guard changes?

9:39scouttsilver: when are the guard changes?

9:43scouttsilver: i was just waving from the railroad lmai

9:43scouttsilver: lmao*

9:49scouttsilver: i`m still just roaming around by the compound

9:53scouttsilver: i cant do shit because of the dickhead

9:54scouttsilver: Hunter was giving me some food and he said if you come back again i`m fucking shooting you retard

9:54scouttsilver: can someone talk some sense in that asshole

9:55scouttsilver: i cant stand black bandana cunt

9:55scouttsilver: he`s a real dickhead

9:57scouttsilver: can someone please talk some fucking sense into black bandana beanie fal guy like seriously

9:58scouttsilver: that guy

9:59scouttsilver: he`s the one that keeps threatening me

9:59scouttsilver: Thomas

10:00scouttsilver: that guy thinks he`s more superior because he has a bigger gun than me

10:00scouttsilver: that meta gaming isn`t it?

10:14scouttsilver: whats the pricks name with the fal

10:15scouttsilver: why

10:15scouttsilver: he`s GOING TO FUCKING SHOOT ME

10:16scouttsilver: I CANT DO ANYTHING

10:16scouttsilver: THAT GUYS A ASSHOLE

10:16scouttsilver: WHY I DONT WANT TO DIE FFS

10:17scouttsilver: what the fuck is his name

10:17scouttsilver: no the actor

10:18scouttsilver: THE ACTOR

10:18scouttsilver: NO HIS USERNAME FFS


10:19scouttsilver: like i was minding my own business

10:20scouttsilver: I HAVEN`T DRAWN A GUN OR ANYTHING


10:20scouttsilver: NO I WONT


10:22scouttsilver: i`m actually getting really mad

10:22scouttsilver: i`ve done nothing wrong


10:23scouttsilver: and no i said you`ll be hearing from my lawyers

10:23scouttsilver: i just wanted to make some friends

10:24scouttsilver: no


10:25scouttsilver: i just want to know what his deal is

10:26scouttsilver: i`m done

10:28scouttsilver: i already left the server because i`m actually done

10:29scouttsilver: like look i was being nice IS BEING NICE A FUCKING CRIME?

10:29scouttsilver: LIKE WAT

10:29scouttsilver: WHAT*



10:34scouttsilver: Eagle or whoever the fuck he is a piece of shit

10:36scouttsilver: even if you do mrPrick is still going to shoot me

10:36scouttsilver: and plus that girl told me to comeback tomorrow yesterday

10:36scouttsilver: and i did

10:36scouttsilver: and i got told to fuck off

10:37scouttsilver: i don`t feel like wasting MORE TIME GETTING BACK THERE FROM THE PRICK KILLING ME AGAIN

10:38scouttsilver: i didn`t mean to say again

10:38scouttsilver: i`m just so pissed off right now

10:38scouttsilver: i`m just going to get shot by the prick anytime of day

10:38scouttsilver: or night

10:41scouttsilver: whats fucked up is i was told to come back

10:43scouttsilver: Phoenix or the other girl told me to comebacj

10:43scouttsilver: back*

11:27scouttsilver: i think it would be better off if my character was FUCKING DEAD






11:30scouttsilver: AND I THOUGHT YOU WERE NICE


11:31scouttsilver: LIKE FFS


11:31scouttsilver: HIH

11:31scouttsilver: HUH?

11:32scouttsilver: I`M NOT GOOD WITH THE FUCKING MAP

11:32scouttsilver: OKAY

11:32scouttsilver: I`M FUCKING TRYING OKAY


11:33scouttsilver: I`M TRYING MY BEST ALRIGHT



11:36scouttsilver: I`M NOT GOOD AT RP I KNOW BUT I`M TRYING

11:39scouttsilver: !followage


12:02scouttsilver: to we making a group no pants

12:02scouttsilver: at church

12:03scouttsilver: ok

12:31scouttsilver: GET COLLATED

12:31scouttsilver: HOW DOES LEAD TASTE?

12:32scouttsilver: hows it taste?

12:32scouttsilver: COLLATED

12:48scouttsilver: BYE

12:48scouttsilver: eat lead


1:23scouttsilver: hey riz i found a very racist group in the server

1:23scouttsilver: its ruso and the kid

1:59scouttsilver: i know who didi t

1:59scouttsilver: it

1:59scouttsilver: the 403

2:00scouttsilver: i know the people at castle

2:52scouttsilver: hey riz it was fun playing the death match server with you

2:53scouttsilver: i got a 10 player killstreak with a winnie

2:53scouttsilver: i spawned in khelm

2:54scouttsilver: when i was in electro

2:54scouttsilver: such bullshit

2:55scouttsilver: oh and riz your boys at cherno killed me

2:55scouttsilver: invalidly

2:56scouttsilver: but there your friends so i didn`t make a report

2:56scouttsilver: i never drew my gun

2:57scouttsilver: but its what ever

3:57scouttsilver: am i still banned from cherno?

3:59scouttsilver: or am i allowed to comeback?

3:59scouttsilver: ok

3:59scouttsilver: roland wiped tents earlier and lost a fucking m4 fully decked out with like 4 60rnd mags

4:00scouttsilver: oh i play 2 characters

4:00scouttsilver: one is brand new

4:00scouttsilver: and then went back about 30 to 50 minutes

4:00scouttsilver: i didn`t permadeath it

4:00scouttsilver: i still use it

4:01scouttsilver: its a common name if you want my real name which is my characters name

4:03scouttsilver: i lost a m4 with rvn sights suppressor and 60rnd mags

4:03scouttsilver: gone never to be found again it makes me mad

4:03scouttsilver: @JsesseWhite are you irish?

4:04scouttsilver: you said lad

4:04scouttsilver: oh

4:04scouttsilver: i`m irish

4:04scouttsilver: ah i didn`t know that

4:04scouttsilver: thats very cool

4:05scouttsilver: can you drop klemida?

4:05scouttsilver: i see a SPEE

4:06scouttsilver: wait has grace spoken since i helped her?

4:07scouttsilver: james mayson?

4:08scouttsilver: hunter is from italy

4:08scouttsilver: doesn`t sound like it

4:11scouttsilver: he`s gonna shove it up your ass lmao

4:13scouttsilver: well i`m off Riz see you tomorrow

4:13scouttsilver: that is if i`m home

4:15scouttsilver: i stock shelves at The English Market in Cork

4:15scouttsilver: i usually work on the weekends

4:15scouttsilver: good night Riz

8:48scouttsilver: hey riz think we put everything behind?

8:50scouttsilver: wait what happened?

8:53scouttsilver: what happened riz

8:53scouttsilver: ?

8:53scouttsilver: oh

8:53scouttsilver: that sucks your own guy?

8:59scouttsilver: well that sucks is hutch 100% dead now

9:00scouttsilver: or are you not gonna perma

9:00scouttsilver: oh

9:59scouttsilver: berininzino?

10:44scouttsilver: kat back?

10:47scouttsilver: wait you guys took over green?

10:48scouttsilver: the guys at green mountain stole one of the cars

11:44scouttsilver: i wish i never left there

11:44scouttsilver: i`m all the way in stary ffs

11:45scouttsilver: Riz what is grace to you?

11:46scouttsilver: wait grace is dead?

11:49scouttsilver: holy shit

11:50scouttsilver: who all just died?

11:50scouttsilver: so whos dead

11:52scouttsilver: that was badass hutch

11:52scouttsilver: you john wicked there asses

11:58scouttsilver: hutch is a badass

11:59scouttsilver: you forgot a i @dirtydan8008


10:21scouttsilver: ............


10:09scouttsilver: toeheadass

10:10scouttsilver: to

10:10scouttsilver: toe

10:10scouttsilver: head

10:10scouttsilver: ass

10:10scouttsilver: toeheadass

10:11scouttsilver: toeheadasstoeheadass

10:11scouttsilver: toeheadass

22:11rizrp banned scouttsilver.


Here are other screenshots I was given from other Discords that @Scout thomas has been a part of:



And here is the account created on Twitch to troll me that was banned:


@Scout thomas also proceeded to flame me in voice chat of one of our allies Discords. I don't know the ally's forum name, though. He was unable to get the recording to work. I'll post any more additional evidence if anyone sends me other screenshots of this OOC hate.

Edit: @MrSpetzer will be able to give more details on the OOC hate in the allied Discord via voice if he'd provide anything he had heard.

Edited by RiZStream

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Mr. Spetzer Here.

So last night when there was a big fire fight. Scout died and we saved some of his items in our base in Lapotino. I don't much of this since I logged off last night.

But anyways, when I got on this morning Scout was in our discord and one of our friends told us that we had some of his items in the base. When he went into the base with him, he just tried grabbing stuff out the tents that wasn't his in the first place, something from our other friends stuff. Then he just stuck around, no idea why he was doing this, probably to snag more items. But after a while, he kept on being disruptive and stupid in our compound, trying to start stuff with people, which got people to jump into our base and beat him up. They also took some of our stuff because 3 people ran wild when only he was home. After that he kept being disruptive, talking bad about Micheal, the Runners member, and then talking some general trash about Hutch earlier in the day.

Then the last straw was when he threw a flashbang over into the "Hutch and Friends" compound, sending them into a frenzy. We handed him over and they executed him.

Anyways, here's the more substantial things.
After he was executed, he rambled about running back immediately and RDMing Hutch, and saying that he was glad Hutch died when he got RDMed around the same time. He then went on to talk about things like wanting to kill Hutch, IRL not in game. He even was trying to stream snipe Hutch on an alt twitch account. But anyways, all of his threats and general obscenities sort of blended together, but the majority of what he said was quite hateful and annoying most of the time. Like he'd just ramble on and on regardless of topic about RDMing Hutch and then saying we should band together and kill Hutch and his group. Regardless, he also was sending a lot of hateful messages on discord, one of these was from one of our friends, in-game name is Cameron. When we banned him from the discord he only had Cameron friended so he just started berating him. I'll link it below.



But other than that, he's caused us more trouble than needed just due to the fact that he constantly disobeyed what he asked him to do, continued to mess with Hutch and constantly bad mouthed him. I can say for sure, in the several hours talking to the kid, that he definitely hated Hutch OOCly for very petty things. He constantly updated us on his whereabouts on the stream, trying to get us to kill him.

Anyways, that's my side of the story, it's late, I'm going to sleep and see how this report goes in the morning.

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I was at lopatino roleplaying when a flashbang was thrown over the walls in to the compound. We went outside to look for the suspect and heard the neighbors saying "it was this guy right here". He was taken into custody and he was questioned. I walked away and came back right as he got killed.  

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Connection Logs:


03:03:50 | Player "Tucker Daniels" is connected
- Dead -
06:56:26 | Player "Tucker Daniels" has been disconnected

00:24:34 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" is connected
 - Dead - (Different situation)
04:45:04 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" has been disconnected

03:57:11 | Player "Lorcan Smith" is connected
03:57:23 | Player "Lorcan Smith" has been disconnected
03:58:33 | Player "Lorcan Smith" is connected
05:50:29 | Player "Lorcan Smith" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:


04:00:31 | Player "Jager Casanova" hit by Player "Tucker Daniels" with FlashGrenade_Ammo into (-1) for 0.232396 damage (FlashGrenade_Ammo)
04:06:31 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith"  into LeftArm(21) for 7 damage (MeleeFist)
04:14:10 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 3.14824 meters 
04:14:16 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:16 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:16 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:16 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 
04:14:17 | Player "Tucker Daniels" hit by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 1.23861 meters 

Kill Logs:


04:14:10 | Player "Tucker Daniels" (DEAD) killed by Player "Lorcan Smith" with Glock-19 from 3.14824 meters 

Chat Logs:


04:08:02 | Chat("Tucker Daniels"): //i`m lagging
04:09:01 | Chat("Lorcan Smith"): *Takes helmet off his head
04:11:04 | Chat("Tucker Daniels"): // hold on my game is lagging

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@RiZStream | Roy Hutchinson | OP
@Scout thomas | Tucker Daniels |
@Lorcan | Lorcan Smith | POSTED

@RiZStream Any report regarding OOC hate must be directed towards the admins via a support ticket.

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Would like to add this additional evidence of OOC hate.


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@Scout thomas has been temporarily banned from our servers due to his involvement in two ongoing reports.

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@Lorcan + @RocJag will be temp banned until they provide their full and detailed POV's alongside any UN-EDITED VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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POV: Running around Lopatino when inside the compound near church someone throws a flash bang over the wall so we ran over to their neighbors camp to ask if they knew who did it they gave up their friend who we asked to come out of the camp he did initiated took him hostage gave some demands asked him why he did it and so on when he started not to care about his life talking smack and such so i informed him if he doesn't stop with the smack talk and not caring for his life ill take it from him. After a few seconds of talking he never changed his attitude and continued to talk smack and didn't care if he died so i shot and killed him.  

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@Lorcan your temp ban has been lifted. Please keep an eye on this report for any further questions.

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I don’t know why is was banned

POV: Someone threw a Flash over the wall and I just heard the explosion. Hutch went to see who threw it. He and a bunch of people went to find him and held him hostage, then they walked down the road. I just sat there and watched. I’m not a part of whoever killed the person who threw the flash. I just sat there and watched it all unfold

Edited by RocJag
Made it more detailed

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I’m part of the runners and we left that area because of hutch

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@RocJag we need you to post your FULL and DETAILED POV and any UN-EDITED VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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I wrote as much as I could remember

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@RocJag your temp ban has been lifted. In future we would like you to try and remember more information from events that happen in game as it can be detrimental to reports.

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As @Scout thomas has not replied with his POV within 24 hours he will remain temp banned and will have to create an appeal with his FULL and DETAILED POV and any un-edited video evidence he may have and once the appeal is created the verdict will be written there.

Signed by @Saunders, @Hofer + @Samti

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