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Could we pistol calibers slightly stronger?

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In a discussion Thread I started, I brought up the idea of strengthening pistols and submachine guns. It's has a majority vote favoring giving a very slight buff to pistols and submachine guns against non armored targets. 

May we have pistols and submachine guns buffed by 5-15% or similar in strength to the MP7? This will make all weapons viable and add more diversity to people's everyday carry. People will not need to prioritise combat rifles but can carry pistols or submachine guns and stand a xhance agaibst players and the infected. 

Personally, if all pistols and submachine guns had the same damage to the MP7 then we will see a greater use in these weapons instead everyone running for M4s and AKMs. Some staff have taken the time put of thier busy schedule to weigh thier opinions on the topic (thanks guys!) 

So may we please have a buff in damage to pistols and submachine guns? 

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Hello Crimson_Tiger,

Polls created by community members are more so for receiving data about the opinion of how the community members, that take interested in the topic, may vote. The staff team then may look this over, and come up with a further discussion regarding the matter. However, ultimately it's up to Roland's decision on the changes that occur on the server.

On another note, at this time, the majority vote is not even leading by 1/3 of the total count. That being said, it's not exactly a "majority" in our eyes. Strictly stating, we don't directly look at the numbers, but also review the feedback stated by the community members.

Over all, the answer to your question is that it's "unlikely", that the requested changes will be made.


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