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Server and location: S1 radio tower outside of Krasnostav

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-09-07, 06:50

Your in game name: Brandon Orions 

Names of allies involved: @Pepper

Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): He did grief the vehicle that belonged to my friend by stripping it clean after an encounter with him earlier.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


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 To provide point of view, The individual shown in this video killing himself came up to my base earlier and said directly to me that he took it out on the vehicle then when I pressed him further he changed his story. he was acting up in my camp and bringing up OOC on several occasions when asked to stop. from there he was around camp for several minutes after it was expressed ICly that we needed sleep and once OOCly where I expressed that I need to sleep... 
from there he proceeded to try his luck with my Ally CaosAndEffects and was subsequently held up. he then proceeded to go gather up weapons and come back to try and finish off my Ally
he was stopped by Us as we were proceeding to try and get to a safe place to log out, when he could not gain the upper hand he put a gun to his head and proceeded to end his own life. 
from my perspective his behavior was very cut and dry. 

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Suicide log:

06:39:45 | Chat("Tucker Daniels"committed suicide

Chat logs:

05:04:45 | Chat("Tucker Daniels": //hutch invalid killed me
05:05:21 | Chat("Tucker Daniels": //it was hutch
05:07:58 | Chat("Tucker Daniels": // hutch killed me
05:16:24 | Chat("Tucker Daniels" // oh
05:17:06 | Chat("Tucker Daniels": //hutch fucking killed me lmao

06:39:45 | Chat("Tucker Daniels": //ultimate power move

Calling in the following person for their full detailed POV of the situation and possible video evidence

@Scout thomas - Tucker Daniels:

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@Scout thomas has been temporarily banned from our servers due to his involvement in two ongoing reports.

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As @Scout thomas has failed to respond within the given time he will stay banned from our servers, and will have to create an appeal to overturn this giving his full POV and any video evidence. The report will be verdicted if an appeal is posted.

Signed @Hofer & @Saunders

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