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Daryl T Moss

The "Hub Man" in Deer Isle on the bridge

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* Static clears and a sickly voice begins to speak...*

Hello, my name is Marty, the man you met on the bridge. *Cough* The one that has cholera... *Coughs and spits*  You said you might have some meds that could help me, I have to rest my head for a bit... so maybe you could meet me on that bridge sometime tomorr- *Coughs Violently and sighs*  Tomorrow, if i make it through the night...

*The man stops talking and the radio returns to static*

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*Robert would shift around at the sudden sound of the radio attached to his backpack, laying against the wall near him. His head still foggy, he would push the PTT and try to put some sentences together to the best of his abilities.*

"Hey Mart it's Robert, I remember you having a stomach bug or something, I went South searching a town for medication at a local hospital, couldn't find shit. I'm still in that town, spent the night here in an abandoned apartment. I'll try to look around once more but in any case, I'm going back North so keep in touch. Hopefully we can fix you."

*Robert would then bring his hand to his mouth and let out a loud cough to clear his dry throat that would cut off as he released the PTT.*

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*Hearing talk of someone needing help*

Hello, This is Operative Zeb in the area, if you need help with anything medical related what little we have can be shared just contact us over our Radio frequency at 94.6, The initiative is more then willing to help!*

*Static is heard following the message*

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*Marty picks up the radio and holds the PTT*

Robert! Good to hear from you, I'll make my way up there as soon as I can. And Zeb, was it? I'm in a warehouse in the industrial part of Stonington. If you could spare some Tetracycline Antibiotics, i'd be very greatful- *Cough* Radio me when you're close...

*A lot of coughing and spiting can be heard as the radio cuts to Static*

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