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Hello Travellers.... bloody thing....

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A voice comes over the radio.......

Hello travellers….. <double presses the button to make sure its working and wipes the microphone part with his sleeve>

This is Father David talking….. can you hear me……blasted thing……… hello…… travellers….. With so much hostility recently ive realised we haven’t got many places to go when we need some help. Maybe a bowl of tomato soup and can of mountain dew and a quick word of encouragement is all we need to see our spirits lifted to continue on our way. So Ive decided to do something for the community and people of south Zagoria < the transmission stops but you can hear a bang like something being dropped> …. Bloody thing……sorry, just dropped the damn thing….. as I was saying, im going to set up a soup kitchen for travellers to come, get warmed from the biting autumn wind and grab a bowl of soup. You can stay for as long as you like or need and we will get a warm fire going at night and some songs going to recharge the soul.

<The voice pauses again and you can hear slurping, before it continues>……. Sorry, cant let the tea get cold…… I have an idea where the kitchen can be opened but until I can gather enough food and supplies, find some fertile ground for growing the vegetables, oh and some casual helpers, I don’t want to give too much away. There wont be any charge for the food and certainly not for the conversation. Im in as much need of a good chat then most.

If you want to help out, please speak back into this walkie talkie and we can get our heads together. If you are a bandit listening to this, let me say this..... its an open door, you are welcome too. I don’t care what you’ve done or who you’ve hurt, just bring peace with you at the door and you are as welcome as the next man.

< you can hear faint swearing on the radio cursing modern technology before it finally goes silent>

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*Suddenly the static clears up and a friendly voice starts talking*

Hi Father, here is Marco who speaks, you can call me Merk. 

I'd like to help you with a couple of other people. Today we lost a friend due to two bandits in Novy Sobor. He was a doctor, a serious loss ... But in order not to fall into anger, we would like to help you create a small center, something we would have liked to have done some time ago.

You can also contact us almost always if we were close on the 87.8 frequency.

Can we meet somewhere?

Over and Out

*Static resumes like before*

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<Father David puts down his shovel when hears the reply on the radio and excitedly picks it up>

Hello traveler, thank you so much for sending a message back. It would be great if you and your friends could lend a hand to get things going. There is lots of work to do and many people to feed. Whether they feel safe enough to come along is another story though but god willing.

I will try and tune in to the frequency you say but im not very good with these modern walkie talkies. I can reward your efforts with whatever food we can grow and gather

<you can hear a few random button presses as he tries to work out how to switch the damn thing off>

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*Bela raises the radio to her lips and presses the PTT*

”Hello, Father David.  I love your idea of soup kitchen and would love to lend hand.  Please let me know what I can do to help.”

*The radio goes silent until Bela again presses the PTT*

”Silly me, in my excitement I forgot to tell you my name.  I’m Bela Kovar.   I look forward to hearing from you.”

*Bela releases the PTT*

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*Suddenly the static clears up and the silence breaks the monotony*

-Father David, can you hear me? It's Merk.

-I'm sorry to tell you that I didn't feel safe reaching you at Lopatino to start what we talked about in our last private conversation. 

-Lopatino is not safe. I repeat for everyone who is listening. Lopatino is NOT safe.

*Says Merk with a convinced tone*

-We knew it wouldn't be as easy as planned. But for my safety and the one of my companions, I refused to reach Lopatino.

-Things worse than some robbery and some ransom requests await those who arrive unprepared in that city. I don't know if I can trust those who gave me these rumors, but they left me very upset.

*Says Merk with a frightened voice*

-I have heard too many negative rumors. some on someone from whom we never would have expected certain things. And I don't know how much you're involved. This is why I need to come to grips with this enigma alone and prevent others from suffering for the reasons I have been told by those who survived to Lopatino.

*Merk quickly releases the button and the static resumes on*


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A disheartened voice comes over the radio

Hello Merk…. is that you?..... Father David here....is this thing on? ……..ive got your message. That's such a shame. Im not sure if it is safe here or not, ive not been attacked or mugged yet, but I don't have anything of value anyway but I do think I may need to find somewhere more peaceful to open the Soup kitchen if travellers are to feel safe. I'll keep traveling around the area near here and see if I can find somewhere more suitable.  Let me know on the private frequency if you find anywhere yourself


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*Complete Silence is present then the following is heard*





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