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Denton Fitz

Operational Field Log

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Log: 1 - Day 3 

        Log One On Jelení Ostrov as I think its known Deer Isle, been on the Island for roughly Three days now, since our deployment things have went somewhat chaotic, locals are not as friendly as projected what are left are overly aggressive and currently not offering much in the way of aid to one another yes yesterday the Bird we saw flying around came thundering down, Couldn't say what took it down, hey maybe its God who knows if it is then at least he hasn't abandoned us yet. Victims at crash site, A&Ox0, Bilateral Mid-shaft Femur Fractures, distended stomach, Superior humerus Fractures, sucking chest wound, Obvious signs of Death noted. With those injury's who wouldn't expire. Its apparent that with the current situation here were gonna be deployed a lot longer then I thought, in any case this is Cerberus Operative Zeb signing off.

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Log: 2 - Day 5


Upon arriving to a supposed friendly rendezvous we found, what was left of a previous Cerberus Team, Shit there was nothing left, all we found was some notes pointing north to a POI. After a long hike into the north we found this weird almost secluded little patch of tree's and then a spire with a guarded entrance, well probably was guarded at one point. Upon examination by units we found it went down at least half a mile down under the surface, it felt like some sort of old military complex, after we dug around for some time we found some old notes and holding cells, They were filled old rags and bloody stains, the research notes going on about the virus  most wasn't  use able.  Whatever got loose I mean something must have got loose.  We found two of these steel blast door ripped asunder. Whatever ripped those down we don't wanna tangle with. Surprisingly though these research notes don't contain any indicators who they were reporting to, my unit thinks we stumbled upon a black site of sorts for some group. We investigated the caves attached to the facility  there was a lot of bloody trails leading off in to the caves we barely went in there before a stench overpowered us and Operative John was pointing to some mass of Bodies writhing about, we bugged out before we could grab any samples of it. I'll be damned if any of my team goes back down there to die for something I think is useless. End log Two day Five, Cerberus Initiative continuing work in the Isle of Deer or hell I haven't figured it out yet.

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