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Song "link" for profile

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Upload it to Kiwi6 and use the "direct link" and paste it into your profile music on the DayzRP profile

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This depends on what rank you are If you are Emerald Rank then you will be able to upload a YouTube link to your profile, as you can see on my profile I have done exactly this, to do this go to the Edit Profile section on your profile and a box will open up where you can see the current perks you gain from your current rank, if you scroll down to the Emerald Rank section then you will see this:296b1ffcac3a4fe656a9d6ecace870c6.png.51e55ecc79146f6d3d422e17a3695ea3.png

This is where you will enter your video ID for the song you want to upload to your profile, to find this simply got to the song you want on YouTube and in the URL there will be a line of text that looks something like this:fbb21c20290419f2824b75d93a82d37c.png.b29eb0729aadc341987e5fcd3f567073.png

All to do now is you copy the text line after the = symbol and post it in the Profile background video section click Save and you will now have the music + the video linked to your profile.

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