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groovy kase

Avoiding RP - S1

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Server and location: Between VMC and Pushthoska barn (In some field) North of the crashed plane

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-09-04, 17:45-18:00

Your in game name: Kase Mcilwrath

Names of allies involved: Yuri Maklovich, Karl Sanders

Name of suspect/s: Logs will show

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): report.png.991fdf1d5440a32f158698fc5376d73f.png

Detailed description of the events: The boys and I were trying to meet up in VMC and ran into some random guy laying in the middle of a field, I realized I was not on the right character and quickly logged out to swap to the correct one. Finally, I began to text rp with the guy but we assumed he was afk since he didn't respond but after about 2-5 minutes. He suddenly flipped us off when one of us asked if he was okay.

An assumption is he attempted to Alt-f4 as F4 is the middle finger emote. Though this is purely speculation. Though right after flipping us off, he logged out hence we took the screenshot and logs will prove he logged off.

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Connection Logs:

17:45:08 | Player "Kase Mcilwrath" is connected
-Still Connected-

13:10:14 | Player "Michael Othmar Brantley" is connected
17:51:04 | Player "Michael Othmar Brantley" has been disconnected

17:32:09 | Player "Yuri Maklovich" is connected
-Still Connected-

17:53:33 | Player "Karl Sanders" is connected
-Still Connected-

Position Logs:

17:49:26 | Player "Kase Mcilwrath" (pos=<4014.6, 7680.4, 293.7>) 
17:54:26 | Player "Kase Mcilwrath" (pos=<4018.4, 7686.2, 293.8>) 
17:59:27 | Player "Kase Mcilwrath" (pos=<4099.8, 7606.3, 292.5>) 
18:04:26 | Player "Kase Mcilwrath" (pos=<4099.5, 7606.7, 292.5>) 
18:09:27 | Player "Kase Mcilwrath" (pos=<4098.0, 7604.7, 292.4>) 
18:14:27 | Player "Kase Mcilwrath" (pos=<3914.9, 7370.7, 300.5>) 

17:29:26 | Player "Michael Othmar Brantley" (pos=<3807.1, 6611.9, 321.4>) 
17:34:26 | Player "Michael Othmar Brantley" (pos=<4155.2, 7289.3, 290.1>) 
17:39:26 | Player "Michael Othmar Brantley" (pos=<4012.4, 7680.3, 293.7>) 
17:44:26 | Player "Michael Othmar Brantley" (pos=<4012.4, 7680.3, 293.7>) 
17:49:26 | Player "Michael Othmar Brantley" (pos=<4012.4, 7680.3, 293.7>) 

17:44:26 | Player "Yuri Maklovich" (pos=<4013.2, 7678.9, 293.6>) 
17:49:26 | Player "Yuri Maklovich" (pos=<4010.5, 7680.5, 293.6>) 
17:54:26 | Player "Yuri Maklovich" (pos=<4024.9, 7681.8, 293.8>) 
17:59:27 | Player "Yuri Maklovich" (pos=<4012.0, 7556.4, 291.6>) 
18:04:26 | Player "Yuri Maklovich" (pos=<4098.4, 7605.4, 292.4>) 
18:09:27 | Player "Yuri Maklovich" (pos=<4104.7, 7604.8, 292.4>) 
18:14:27 | Player "Yuri Maklovich" (pos=<3602.5, 6276.1, 355.8>) 

17:54:26 | Player "Karl Sanders" (pos=<3968.3, 7647.9, 293.2>) 
17:59:27 | Player "Karl Sanders" (pos=<4008.7, 7558.0, 291.8>) 
18:04:26 | Player "Karl Sanders" (pos=<4103.6, 7599.7, 292.1>) 
18:09:27 | Player "Karl Sanders" (pos=<4107, 7593.5, 291.9>) 
18:14:27 | Player "Karl Sanders" (pos=<3926.5, 7165.1, 304.6>) 

Chat Logs:

17:47:07 | Chat("Kase Mcilwrath"): taps him again with his right foot, to see if the man is unconscious.
17:51:24 | Chat("Kase Mcilwrath"): //timestamp

17:41:16 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): hey buddy
17:44:15 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): hey buddy
17:47:27 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): hey buddy you dead
17:49:03 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): whats up bud
17:50:09 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): i think its dead
17:51:23 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): //timestamp
17:55:55 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): not sure
17:56:04 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): hes alone
17:56:26 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): yea
17:56:44 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): privet
17:56:51 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): whats your name
17:57:08 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): //wtf
17:57:15 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): i type
17:57:20 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): //i type
17:57:33 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): good how are you
17:58:01 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): where you headed?
17:58:08 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): just around for us
17:58:17 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): eh kinda
17:58:28 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): just freinds
17:58:52 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): you apart of anyone
17:59:16 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): da da
17:59:45 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): alright se ya
17:59:52 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): nyet
17:59:59 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): dada

17:57:18 | Chat("Karl Sanders"): //dont break character

Calling in:

@groovy kase | Kase Mcilwrath | POSTED

@JHontz1917 | Michael Othmar Brantley | POSTED

@TIMELAPSE | Yuri Maklovich | POSTED

@Forest Gump | Karl Sanders | POSTED

For their FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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I was running in a field and happened to see a guy laying down south of VMC. I run up and say “hey buddy” I wait for about 10 min and saying other small chit chat trying to get his attention. All of a sudden he moves and looks at us flips us off and logs. That’s all I got really we were trying to RP possible take him hostage if he was one of our enemies.

End of POV.

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I was running in a field and my mother came to me saying we need to talk and that it's important. So after a few minutes of talking I tell my sister to go disconnect from my game for me by pressing Alt F4 and if that doesn't work, press Esc and then quit, trying to make it simple because she has no idea how to use computers.

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We were going through the field between vmc hill and the plane crash when my buddy called out over radio there was a guy at his position, I run over there and I am told he is "unconscious". My friend text rp's with him multiple times to no avail. He then flips us off and logs out of the server. 

41 minutes ago, Saunders said:

17:56:51 | Chat("Yuri Maklovich"): whats your name

We meet another man less than 2 minutes later and we talk to him instead for some rp. This quote is when my friend ask's what his name is.

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In this situation you decided to go AFK in the middle of a field to have an important IRL conversation. At the same time after you had left your PC people come up to you and try to interact with you and as you are not there they get no response witch hinders their RP a lot. In this case the staff team has decided to give you a verbal warning, seeing the situation you explain in your POV. For the future we do expect you to follow the suggestions given in this verdict.

This would be looked at as Bad RP seeing as you are still ingame and at that point you should be attentive to what is going on around you and available to respond to RP attempts.


3.1 You are required to role play your character at all times while in game. No OOC events or communication may take priority over your role play. You are not allowed to ignore other players attempts to role play with you.

When you get called away, even if there was a chance of it just being a minute or two, you should have chosen to log off instead of just AFKing in the middle of a field or atleast hidden yourself. In the future we do expect you to take better care of this and that it doesn't happen again.

@JHontz1917 - Bad RP - verbal warning 

Signed: @Derek Steel @Hofer

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