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Sarah mitchell

White listed

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Hi if anyone can help that would be amazing,

I am trying to get white listed and have succeed so far but i login into my steam account like it says to get white listed but after it says steam account it says error and i am really confused i ahve been trying to fix this for 2 days now but nothing i do is working i set it all to public just like its says but that still does not work i have no clue what i am doing wrong.

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Put your whole steam on public. 

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3 minutes ago, Sarah mitchell said:


is your steam profile for game details set to public? i think that's an issue i had when i applied whitelist.


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Hello @Sarah mitchell,

Please go to your Steam Profile and Edit your profile. Then go to Privacy Settings and make sure that your settings look like this:


You settings need to look like this and the box needs to be unchecked underneath Game details.



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