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Dear Traders

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*Emilio Santiago would press down his PTT*

Hey vatos, this is the cartel

We have recently taken control of green mountain and are looking for some survivors and traders to come through.

Everyone is welcome, There will be stands for traders to sell your goods to the people that come through

*He smokes his joint then speaks again*

There's also a fight arena for you hardcore fighters, There will be rewards for the winners

Oh and we also have a charity box outside in honor of hunter

*Pull up, He releases the PTT*

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*Tyrone would press the PTT*

Dis shiet still open for buidness yaereme? 

all ya gotta do's come through to uhhh 

ay Emilio... The hell deez Russians call dis ere hill 

*faint voice in background* Esé they call it Green Mountaan

Ye ait i got u

*He goes back on the radio* 

U heard im fools, Green mountain is where it's at mother fuckers. Stop by and do buidness. 

*He releases the PTT*

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