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Warren Lowe

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You would hear a voice on the radio, speaking in sarcastic, consorted tones. He would appear to be grunting as he speaks. 

Hello... My name is Warren Lowe.

I am resigning as leader of the 503..

And I admit to the allegations of myself raping multiple women

And I am a terrible terrible human being.

You may then hear over the radio, "Is that good enough?" As the PTT cuts.


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"Knew you were sketchy from the start pal"

"God Bless"

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Vali laughs as he hears the radio message. He presses the PTT smiling.

"It is about time that you have openly stated that to the world Warren. I have been telling people of your sick ways. Come to Green Mountain sometime to talk."

He releases the PTT and takes a sip of water.


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*Erica raises an eyebrow as she listens in to the radio and glances over at CJ before she presses down the PTT*

“So.. Who captured you and made you say this..?”

*She shakes her head and sighs*

“Get your ass to our location.. You know where we are..”

*She releases the PTT*

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*Lucas would press his PTT*


"Man this shit crazy *He'd sneeze into his radio*  Y'all on some whack shit since i been back."


*He'd release the PTT*

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*CJ would sigh as he lifted up his rusted damaged radio to his face, bringing it up towards his mouth, with somewhat force he would squeeze down on the PTT*

"I don't know what this is warren, or to who ever has you captive"

"You should know what to do warren, Shouldn't need to say anymore"

*CJ would release the PTT, the radio would fall silent*

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A few hours later, you would then hear another voice again, slightly disgruntled.

If you are stupid enough to believe this shit, then you don't deserve the truth.

Already handled the situation with a few friends of mine, CJ. Bitchboy is coming to apologize tomorrow. 

The PTT cuts

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*CJ would raise the radio once more to his face, Presses down the PTT*

"Like shit did I believe it. Cut him and make him bleed, then drag bitch boy to me on his knees."

"Like I said warren, I trust in my boys to know what to do"

*CJ releases the PTT*

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*David would press his transmit button*

Yikes... BIG YIKES....

What the fuck is this CJ, you have to get permission from yer girl to roll with me and then you say you gotta go back to hang with these goons? The fuuuuck...

Look at you man hanging out with a rapist and shit damn... how the quarter of the mighty have fallen

*He would shake is head and then sneeze into the radio before letting the transmit button go*


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*CJ presses down his PTT once more following it with a chuckle down the radio*

"Shut it Mack, All i seem to do is kill men for you yet you claim I have fallen"

"Also I do not need permission to roll with you guys, Just would appreciate it if you didn't take me by force every time you need me"

*CJ releases the PTT*

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*Mark holds his PTT down and continues to speak in a different accent than usual, one that sounds more like he is more Cockney*

"Wow, can we all please calm down a little bit? All this tiring voices and bitchin' to something that seems so fucking forced."

"And yet, you all here just talking shit down a fucking pointless set of comms? Come on, lets be civilized about this."

*Mark takes a deep breath, pulls a cigarette from the packet and lights it up*

"The matter of fact is, my dear friend Warren seemed to be in a bit of a bind beforehand. Luckily for him, he managed to get out of it. I think I might crack open a nice bottle for this occasion."

*Mark continues to pour himself something from his personal collection of old world scotch whiskey and takes a line from the desk*

"I think you all need to hear at least some of this."

"Warren can be a fucking piece of shit, but he wouldn't do anything of the sort. You all just wanna believe it so much that you'll be willing to hear a false confession to make it true."

"Almost sounds like Germany in between 1932 1945 if you ask me"

"I'd also like to point out, that most of ya did, probably, just as much fucked up shit in the past few years around the same point of what he's being accused of"

"Fucking hypocrites the lot of ya."

*Mark releases his PTT and decides to take a sip of his Whiskey*

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