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Obtaining a new citizenship

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*Nikolai stands in the middle of the forest. He feels extremely angry: all these foreigners, destroying Chernarus... his homeland... his heart...

But also, yesterday he met for the first time two Chernarussian groups who rejected him. They told him to go away. One group even told him that a foreigner could do a messenger job better than him. A different group (the police!) told him that they were overwhelmed with paperwork and had no time to investigate the crimes that he was trying to denounce... He feels embarrassed for what Chernarus has become and, having lost his previous life, he is also losing the connection with his country.

Too much pain inside his chest... As he has done other times, he takes a few stones from the ground and puts them inside his mouth, so he speaks with a distorted voice. This trick seems to be working...*

"Hello? Anybody out there? I was looking for people who can help me obtain a new nationality... I don't know how to do that paperwork" *He pauses abruptly, and adds sadly* "I also don't know if any nation would like to accept me, or if there are any nations, or if the whole world is broken..."

*He drops the radio, partly ashamed of himself... but perhaps this will relieve him from this pain...*

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*A strike of pity overcomes Mark's face upon hearing this depressed young man speaking through the frequency like he was speaking at his mothers funeral. Mark shakes through his pockets and pulls out the last cigarette in his packet of Marlboro Red. He lights it up and starts to smoke. He presses and locks his PTT button on his radio*

*A brief pause between the static and voice is observed, you hear a staunch British accent when Mark speaks*


"I think I may be able to help you, for a price anyway. First of all, for me to be able to help you, I need your name. Otherwise, I cannot even begin to sort out the paperwork on our side."

"If you are scared, I'll tell you mine, it is Mr. Durhill. And you are?"

*Mark releases his PTT and continues to smoke in his study*

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*Nikolai would take the radio and, again, he speaks with his voice distorted*

"My name is..."

*he pauses, fearful and embarrassed. Then, he speaks very fast* "en-aɪ-keɪ-oʊ-el..."

*he stops abruptly* "Wait! How much would it cost? What is your organisation? And what are the countries that you offer?"

*Nikolai asks worried because, as much as he is suddenly embarrassed of Chernarus, and feels pain for it, he will NOT join any of the countries that he considers evil, like Russia or Takistan*

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*Mark would peer at his radio with slight amusement, like moths to the flame. He would then press down the PTT*

"I''m sorry? I'm afraid I didn't quite catch your name, would you like to repeat it clearly so that way you have the chance to even get some ID?"

*A loud sigh is heard*

"Either way, I'm independent, and I know more than enough to make a passport with all the perks you could need. BioGate E-Passport access for example. I offer all nationalities as long as a passport is brought to me with that nationality. I offer French, Ukranian, British, American or Canadian if you cannot provide me with a passport. Cost? I'll be nice and ask for an AUG, that should be a low enough cost in total."

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*Falk picks up his radio and presses the PTT*


You know who I am.

Don't believe the man who spoke before me kid, You don't need paperwork. He's trying to scam you. 


*Falk lets go of the PTT*

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*Mark picks up his radio with a slight chuckle, he holds down the PTT*

"I'm sorry but I don't know who you are, I'm Mr. Durhill, and you?"

"Either way, I have no clue what you are talking about or how you know anything of the sort, he wishes for a service, I intend to provide. Regardless if it is needed in today's age or not."

*Mark releases the PTT and rests his radio on the table*

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*Nikolai sits down in the middle of the forest, too terrified to hear Falk's voice. It seems that the trick of using stones to distort his voice is not working good enough...

But, at the same time, he is encouraged by Mr Durhill's words. He sounds very professional. He has never heard of Biogate, but it sounds like this must me a really serious company.

However, he has never seen an AUG. He does not even know how an AUG looks like, or where to even start looking for it...

He starts thinking of the different countries... He also does NOT want a Canadian citizenship: it's too cold there! And full of wild bears! Also, for the same reason NOT Swedish, Finnish or Norwergian. Those countries don't even have normal days and nights... Also NOT French: those people speak weird and eat snails... Nikolai does not know much about the rest of the world after the infection... but he thinks and thinks... and puts stones into his mouth to distort his voice, and takes the radio...*

"What about Ireland? Is... is it possible for you to get me an Irish citizenship, Mr Durhill? Also, this should be cheaper than any of the other countries that you told me before, right? Really sir, thanks a lot for your time and information!"

*Ireland must be a really GREAT place, Nikolai thinks. An isolated island, far away from Chernarus, right on the other corner of Europe, without snakes nor any bad animals... there are even chances that the infection did not reach there! And he can travel to Ireland by foot, hopefully, crossing just a few countries... He really hopes that an Irish citizenship is cheaper to get than an AUG... whatever that is*

"Also, sir, where is your office? Perhaps we can speak in a more private frequency?"

*This time, he does not want Falk to find him*

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*Mark thinking about what he can do for an Irish passport, suddenly he has an infamous light bulb moment. He presses the PTT*

"Ireland might prove tricky, but I may be able to provide a discounted rate for a different solution."

"Due to prior arrangements between the UK and the Republic of Ireland you are actually able to travel between the two countries  visa free with no border checks, this may prove the most useful way for you to get into Ireland."

"Sure you may contact me on 144.8 KHz, this is an encrypted frequency, the key has something do with a particular desert"

*Mark releases his PTT*

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