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Random Kill/Bad RP

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Server and location: Pogorevka

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): About: 2019-09-01, 01:30

Your in game name: Garry Green

Names of allies involved: Jim Smokes, Lucas Hult, Neo Galvani, Craig Harrison

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 1 enemy vehicle

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: Met a group of survivors earlier today they took me in and let me join their dynamic group. Before getting killed we had just visited a church and did not want anything to do with the confrontation there so we left and went into a house for a group meeting when someone called hello so we all came out and from there the video shows everything. everything else that need to be said is that I feel there was not a proper initiation and orders were not properly conveyed before we all got gunned down. Throughout the interaction I was trying to let my allies deal with it due to my inexperience with the server (about 6 hours). ( I picked up his AUG on accident thinking I could try to check pulse to help this guy up)

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First of, I wish you would've firstly at least tried to talk to staff and tried to talk to us about the situation first. Anyhow, here's my POV:

I met up with Ravenous, RP'd, we ended up running into the group (I was in the passenger seat), as soon as we ran into them I just hopped out and after the driver had killed the person (who he killed due to server desync, not on purpose) I hopped out and we began RPing with the group, shortly after someone dropped an initiation at the group we just ran into and everybody raised their guns and so did I, initiating. I was getting shot at (player missed) by someone and shot back, then I got shot by another person who I sprayed down - killing him. The rest of my dynamic killed the rest of the group which also as you can see in the video failed to comply. Bear in mind that I shot only people who were shooting at me (as you can see in the video). If the group had complied and we would have taken them hostage I am sure you would've seen the quality and amount of roleplay which we would've provided to you.

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1 minute ago, Fullchord said:

Nahh man it's all good I had a fun experience with this only reported because I felt that someone broke a rule dude to me getting killed without me being properly robbed or me getting killed unfairly. Due to there being a co-owner involved nobody is gonna get banned and they will get away with it I had fun either way and was mostly curious as to if this could even result in anything being done and wanted to see what other peoples thoughts are over the event.  

Me being the co-owner has nothing to do with the situation, if the GM team feels like I did something wrong I will be punished, like I have been in the past. I let you know my thoughts in my POV, from my perspective I do not believe that (I) at least personally did something wrong, we initiated and you guys did not comply, hence why you were shot down. Not to mention that some of you also decided to aim guns and shoot (as you can see in the last 10 seconds in the video) at the people initiating and the rest decided to run and try to shoot at us. Anyhow, me personally in the situation I hadn't even shot at anyone after the initiation dropped until I got shot at and I had to shoot back to defend myself. I'm sure if more people post video evidence you can see the full 360 perspective of the entire event.

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Connection Logs:

00:12:39 | Player "Garry Green" is connected
01:32:25 | Player "Garry Green" has been disconnected

00:08:36 | Player "Emilio Santiago" is connected
01:35:47 | Player "Emilio Santiago" is connected

01:35:23 | Player "Bobby Buckets" is connected
01:59:03 | Player "Bobby Buckets" has been disconnected

00:34:24 | Player "Neo Galvani" is connected
01:29:06 | Player "Neo Galvani" has been disconnected

00:39:02 | Player "Craig Harrison" is connected
01:29:49 | Player "Craig Harrison" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:

01:28:23 | Player "Garry Green" hit by Player "Emilio Santiago" with AKM from 8.07415 meters 
01:28:25 | Player "Garry Green" hit by Player "Bobby Buckets" with AKM from 27.395 meters 
01:28:25 | Player "Garry Green" hit by Player "Neo Galvani" with M249 SAW from 0.977599 meters 

01:28:23 | Player "Craig Harrison" hit by Player "Emilio Santiago" with AKM from 7.0539 meters 
01:28:24 | Player "Craig Harrison" hit by Player "Bobby Buckets" with AKM from 25.7119 meters 

01:28:26 | Player "Neo Galvani" hit by Player "Emilio Santiago" with AKM from 10.3959 meters 
01:28:26 | Player "Neo Galvani" hit by Player "Bobby Buckets" with AKM from 28.2292 meters 

Kill Logs:

01:28:24 | Player "Craig Harrison" (DEAD) killed by Player "Emilio Santiago" with AKM from 7.07609 meters 

01:28:25 | Player "Garry Green" (DEAD) killed by Player "Bobby Buckets" with AKM from 27.395 meters 
01:28:26 | Player "Neo Galvani" (DEAD) killed by Player "Bobby Buckets" with AKM from 27.9922 meters 

Calling in for POV's:

@Fullchord | Garry Green | POSTED

@RavenousRP | Emilio Santiago |

@Bobby | Bobby Buckets |

@Poopslayer | Neo Galvani |

@gamingfeva7 | Craig Harrison |

For their FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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After leaving the house to greet the person, We noticed a car flying down the road, I even called it out. Shortly after, the speeding car was going too fast and hit a man wearing a red rain jacket. To my knowledge, the green tracksuit guy was friends with red rain coat, so I asked if he was upset or was going to speak up to them about hitting his friend. Nothing happened, and after I saw more people coming down the road, I was getting worried those people in the church were going to start something and I wanted to leave. No one left with me, so I stayed. One of the orange armband guys said he was feeling uncomfortable with all the guns out, and so he proceeded to take his out and yelled "Drop your weapons." Or something along those lines. as soon as I saw he raised his weapons at one of my men, I raised mine. I died shortly after.

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The staff team has reviewed this report and has decided to honor the request close it. 

Further investigation into this matter can be found continuing in this report.

/Report Closed

Signed by myself and @Saunders

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