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A Message of Good Will [OPEN FREQUENCY]

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The airwaves would fill with the voice of a soft spoken irishman, as Peter pressed the PTT on his radio.

"Good tidings to all who can hear this! My name is Father O'Leary, and I hope all of you are having as good a time as you can in these troubling times. I come on this frequency to tell all of you that if you are ever to come across me, whether it be on the road or in any of the local places of worship, I will welcome you with open arms. I carry food for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, and medical care for the sick and injured. All are welcome in the Lord's great house, for He is ever loving."

Peter would pause a moment, before speaking again

"I know that to some people, I may not be welcome in this land of Chernarus, but I say that despite that, I mean no ill will towards anyone. All are equal, and all are welcome in my church."


"Peace be to all of you, I will pray that you all keep living and thriving in these times where our faith is tested the hardest."

The radio waves would fall silent as Peter released his PTT.

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