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Invalid initiation.

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Link to the source punishment:Here.

Why the verdict is not fair: from the situation it made full sense to punch him, from there he can choose what to do.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: the verdict seems rushed to the point that key element's are missed or overlooked, Realize even counters himself by linking this situation Here where the flow of RP leads to him punching him for talking "shit" in that verdict there is no mention of invalid initiation as it fit the scenario gaining the accused right's similar to mine same thing can be said about this situation here g19 punched him to stop the animation of him cutting a lock pretty much the same thing I did but no mention of invalid initiation.. I don't even initiate on him or shoot him since the game bugged out leaving our guns containing blanks.. Even the whole baiting claim is left out which would have changed the verdict and the opinion of the situation as he pretty much got what he wanted from it a hostile act that gave rights even though just on myself.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: unbanned.

What could you have done better? 

Edited by Eagle

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Greetings Eagle, a separate team of staff have reviewed the report and come to a conclusion. In this situation you lock a group out of their base, and in an attempt to break in they boost a member of the wall who then attempts to attach a wire to a fence to break in. You then run up to him and melee him with your gun to stop the animation without initiating. In the report you helpfully linked, Roland had this to say:


No. @William89 punching @Kain is a hostile action without an initiation. @Kain is in this case allowed to defend himself and gains defender rights. Since there is no valid initiation, neither @William89 nor any of his allies gain any kill rights, neither attacker rights (invalid initiation) or defender rights (he is the attacker). As such, any kills made are considered invalid as per rule 4.3.

As Roland has stated, you cannot simply punch someone without an initiation, as it is considered an invalid initiation. As such your appeal has been denied.


Signed by @Zanaan with notes

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