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*A women with a strange French accent can be heard over the radio*

"Greetings to all wanderers, we are excited to meet all of you in due time. Until then do indulge in our welcoming gifts."

*She clears her throat*

"In the valley below the eagle's nest known as orlovets here, you will find a treasure trove worth your time, seek the white birch and don't forget to drink. Carrying it all back may make you thirsty.

"We hope they serve you well and remind you of your friends on the boat.""

*Her voice fades into the static*



*Once you find the tents filled with guns, ammo, drugs and building supplies you will also find stacks of small colorful cards, a skull pictured on them with white writing saying "Undaunted". You flip the card over and find a frequency*





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Guest Beni

*A voice appears from the radio*

" Oh sweet Jesus...

By the sounds of it, the Cultists are back in the country. 
Watch yourself boys, the place is probably rigged. "

*The voice fades*

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*You can hear the french voice giving an honest giggle*
"In retrospect, I can see how a riddle can make it seem like that"
*A smile can be heard*
"Well as far as a voice across the radio goes for honesty, I can guarantee you I have no religious beliefs"

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