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Omni's Diary - A firefighter in search of his Daughter

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I was a professional firefighter who was on holidays when the outbreak started.
While sailing through a storm my sailboat sank and I was stranded in a remote island..
Over 2 years have passed and no rescue showed up. With the island's resources running low my last chance of survival would be a risky attempt to sail a raft to the continent.


I found some paper and a pencil, I might start

DAY 1 - Real food



After 10 days sailing my improvised raft to the continent I have finally arrived. The city was dead. Something has happened, some sort of zombie infestation. So far I haven't seen anyone still alive.
I rushed to my house in Mogilevka to check up on Sarah and Emily (Millie). I still had hope...I was a fool. Sarah was turned into one of those zombie things and was locked in our bathroom. I found no signs of Millie. I sat at our dining table and cried...

Next thing I remember is coming back to my senses in the middle of the west forest of "Mogi". Gunshots. Someone was still alive! The sun was setting fast, the night was crawling upon us and darkness fell upon the town. I couldn't see any lights on. I started to get thirsty and tried to crawl to the nearby well but the gunshots intensified. There was a full war going on. I couldn't risk myself, Millie is still out there, somewhere...I know it.

I decided to try to reach the hunter's camp to SW of Mogi. A place my father used to take me when I was a teenager. I knew there was a well there I could have a drink. Big mistake. The night was too dark, I got lost in the woods for hours. So thirsty, and getting hungry. I ate my last apple and continued to try to find my bearings. Eventually I felt a road under my feet, I decided to follow it north. I walked for hours and couldn't find anything, I wasn't going to last long...Millie...

Almost at the end of my strength I got lucky. I heard water, a stream! I was walking over a bridge. I finally knew where I was, the only road that long going north is the road from Mogi to New Sobor. I was pretty close to the town but I couldn't afford to get there, I was dying of thirst and would surely pass out if i didn't get anything to drink, so I ran down the bridge and drank from the stream. I got immediately sick, I could feel it. I decide to go to Sobor, but half the way there another gunfight. They were even using automatic weapons, military grade stuff. I had nothing to defend myself, nothing. So I decided to backtrack my way to the stream. I knew if I followed it south I would reach a summer camp. I remember being there with my father. There, maybe, I could find a rifle.

I followed the stream by ear, stepping on the water to know where I was going. The night was dark. I finally reached the camp and could see dawn breaking. I quickly searched the medical building but couldn't find anything to help with my illness. I took a whole packet of paracetamol but was still sick, it must be bacteria but I didn't find any antibiotics. I found a cantine, which was a relief. Now I would be able to carry some water with me, but I was running low on food. I had only a can of tuna that I found with one of the zombies I took out at the camp, I needed to find something else. So I decided to follow the blue trail west. The trails usually go trough isolated areas, maybe this way I could avoid conflict with whoever was shooting.

After sometime I reached the farms south of Guglovo and found a rifle with some bullets in it. Finally some means to defend myself. I could see my luck was changing. I looked all over the town and found some interesting things. Lots of fruits from which I feasted, so hungry. And also found some matches and an axe. Now the only thing I was missing was a knife and then I could hunt some deer and cook it, have some real food for a change. I decided to walk east, through the forest, to Shakhovka. My luck continued to improve as I quickly found a knife and I could hear some deer calls real close to my position.

And there they were. One shot. Deer is down. I have food. I went back to the forest, deep into it so no one could find me. I found some trees to hide and set a fireplace. It was the first time since I left the island I felt good. Now I have a real chance to find Millie. It's time to wrap this up and sleep till tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day, and might be the day I find her. Good night, Millie, wherever you are. Goodbye, Sarah, I love you forever.

DAY 2 - Saving someone



Today I saved someone. For the first time in months I feel like a firefighter again. It is a good feeling. I was on top of this building, scanning the apartments for Millie, when I hear a zombie getting agitated on the ground level. I looked down and saw someone running away from it. He didn't seem to have any weapon so I took my rifle and shot the zombie down. It took 2 hits and 6 bullets to get it done but I did It! I'm good enough with a rifle to kill a deer at 60-80 meters away, but a moving target at 200m, that was a first. Whoever I saved never got to see me and by the way he was running I think he thought I was shooting at him. If only he had looked back, he would have seen the zombie dead on the ground. Today was a good day...

DAY 3 - Finally healthy



After scavenging 4 medical facilities and 2 hospitals I finally found the medication I need. No more disease. It was a long day. After being back to Chernarus for 3 days, now, I noticed I'm carrying too much and it is making me slow. I'm going to need to set a camp somewhere. I'm going to need a tent.

I've been listening to the radio every now and then but I still haven't heard a single voice. Aside from that person I saw yesterday, I haven't seen nobody around. I'll keep trying the radio.

DAY 4 - Still beauty in the world



It's been four days, now. So much death and destruction. Killing zombies became the norm. Am I really killing them? Are they dead? Can they feel? I sure did leave Sarah "alive", locked in our bathroom. I still hope there is a cure for this, that there is hope for everything to go back to normal...so much death...Sometimes I wish I had never left the island, it was a beautiful place... NO! What am saying? Millie is still out there! She must be! I can't give up on her! I WON'T give up on her. Wherever you are Millie, I promise, daddy is coming.

A zombie hit me hard a few hours ago. So hard I started bleeding. Does that mean I'll become one of them? I don't know. But to be honest, I know nothing about anything that is happening. So, yes, I am afraid of not surviving the night, afraid of turning into one of them over my sleep, afraid that I'll never see Millie again. So here I am, at the top of Pik Koslova, watching the sunset, reminding myself that no matter how much death and destruction surround me, there is still beauty in the world.

And for what is worth, I hope there is a tomorrow. for me and for everyone...

DAY 5 - She's alive!



Emily is alive! My Millie is alive! She must be! Today I went back to the apartment buildings. There are so many of them to search. I was looking at them one by one when suddenly I found it! Brian the Bear! That's Millie's teddy, I'm sure of it. I remember the day it got that heart sewed. Millie and Sasha, the neighbor's kid, were playing in Millie's room when out of nowhere Millie comes out crying. Apparently they were fighting over who was going to play with Brian pulling the bear in 2 directions. They almost tore the whole bear apart. Emily was so sad, she told me and Sarah that Brian was dead because she looked inside it and she couldn't find his heart. She was only 6 at the time. So Sarah carefully took the bear and all its stuffing foam on the ground and patched it with a heart she made from an old cushion we had. She even wrote Brian's name in it. Now Brian had a heart again. The smile on Millie's little face was so big that Sarah even shared a tear. 

So yes, I found Brian. And as far as I can see, it hasn't been long since it was left in that apartment, maybe a few months. It wasn't too dusty. The apartment had another 2 beds so I think Millie is not alone, she must have someone taking care of her. There was a piece of paper inside it but nothing written in it, though. I wonder if that was a note that wore off. And why would she leave the bear behind? But even though I've got many new questions, my hope has been renewed. Emily was here not long ago. I will find you, Millie. I will find you.

DAY 6 - The horrors of war



The horrors of war. I though I was never going to see it. Now it is ever so close. My old grandfather used to tell me his war stories. Sometimes he would stop in the middle of a sentence, his eyes would change to this empty stare. I never understood back then what was happening, I always thought he was getting old. Now I'm beginning to understand. As I walk through piles of dead bodies in the streets I find it hard to shake off those images from my mind. They haunt me day and night, while awake and on my sleep.

How long has this been going on? How many survivors there are? I keep trying the radio but I got nothing so far. I thought I saw another man running between a few houses. I was too far away to try to talk to him and when I moved to his position, he was gone. I'm sure he was alive, there were many open doors around that area and as far as I know, zombies don't open doors. Please let that be true! I kept searching the town for him,  but I couldn't find whoever it was. Nightfall came out of nowhere, I found this 2 stories house to spend the night. I can barely see my writing right now which means I better go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day...

DAY 7 - A settlement, maybe



After hours of walking I ran into this place. What it might be I don't know. A settlement, maybe. Or perhaps a camp, base of some sort. It was empty when I arrived and it remained like that for the entire 2 hours I waited. I turned on the radio but there was no chattering in any channel. I circled the structure a few times but couldn't hear anyone. No one came in or went out for the entire time I was there. If it is abandoned it was just recently. The lock looks fairly new, no rust no dust. I found many footprints coming in and out of the place. I'm not a tracker but I'm pretty sure those were recent. I'll make sure to check on it from time to time now. This might be my opportunity to make first contact with someone else. They might even know about Millie's whereabouts. 


End of week 1
Scroll down for week 2


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Looks decent mate.

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DAY 8 - Where is everyone?



It's been a whole week now and I still haven't seen anyone but that one guy I helped. I've been running across several military camps and road blocks but they are all empty. Where is the military? Did they lose that bad that everyone of them are dead? What is going on with the broken tanks and trucks, I don't think zombies can do that. Was there a civil war before it all happened? A civil revolt? I don't understand. And why can't I find a single soldier alive? Or any friendly person? I'm used to the solitude, though. After all I spent over 2 years by myself on a desert island. Being on my own doesn't bother me but I need information. I need to know what happened here. Maybe if I understand better what happened I might be able to find Millie. Maybe she got evacuated to another region of Chernarus. I don't know. Was there even an evacuation attempt at all? One thing I do know, I'll keep looking, I'll keep digging and I'll find the truth and my daughter. It's time to sleep, my legs are tired.

DAY 9 - A safe place to start over



I've been thinking for some time now, as I wander in Chernarus, what will I do when I find Millie. I can't just go from house to house with her. Sleeping whenever I can, wherever I can. I need a safe place for her, a safe house where we can live with some security, where we can have our things and sleep at night unafraid of the infected reaching us. So today I started this new project. I found a decent house in the woods, isolated enough to be out of the way of trouble but close enough to resources like water and game to hunt. I think she will like it. 

One thing that I have learned while stranded in that island was how to build a shelter. It does take a lot of wood and here I'm going to need to reinforce the structures because of all the threats around. It's going to take sometime to get this ready, but she deserves only the best, and I will make sure she gets it.

Day 10 - Of cows and memories



While scavenging for construction supplies near Orlovets factory I spotted some cows roaming the fields. It was unexpected and it brought back a lot of memories. Even though I'm not a farmer or rancher, my family owned both for 4 generations in the town of Mogilevka. All started with my great grandfather. He was a poor fellow when young and joined the military. Back in 1917, fought in the Soviet Revolution and when Chernarus became part of the republic in 1922 he was granted a very sizable piece of land in Mogilevka. There he started the Morshchnost Cattle and Farming Co. The family business. The MCF Co, then passed on to his son, my grandfather and then to me. It skipped my father because he went to live in Portugal, where I was raised. After my grandfather passed away I moved back to Mogi from Portugal and my wife Sarah started running the business, so I could keep working as a pozharnyy (firefighter). So yeah, all of this just because I spotted some cows. I wonder if any of my cattle survived...

DAY 11 - Safehouse



The house is finally secured. Enough to defend from infected and random looters. The walls and gates still need more reinforcements but building materials are scarce. I find it interesting that I can find more ammo laying around than nails. So far nails have been the most difficult item to find. It usually takes me the whole day to find just a couple of boxes. I don't mind it too much since I take the time to search for Millie as well, but still, I wish the process was quicker. I should start stocking some medical supplies, now. A variety of drugs, some bandages, maybe a couple of saline.  

DAY 12 - First Contact



Today I finally met another survivor. While scavenging I found this big building all fenced up with multiples gates locking it's entrance. It sure looked like it was inhabited. I waited outside for a while but no one showed up. I was a little exposed so I found a house from where I had an overview of the entrance. Since I was fairly safe I waited a few hours, even had the time to cook a meal. I had just been hunting and was carrying a whole backpack full of meat. After some time I noticed movement inside the building and went back to the main gates see if I could talk to someone. And how good it felt when I finally got an answer. It's been years since I talked to someone.

Mani, or the swamp thing as he kept calling himself, was very friendly. We sat by a fire and cooked some steaks. I was able to ask him a few questions about the zombies and what happened over Chernarus in the years I was gone. He told me there are other survivors, other groups around, some friendlier than others. I guess I have just been unlucky or lucky not to meet them yet. I asked him if he saw Millie, explained to him my situation, but sadly he hasn't seen her. But I know there are others out there, maybe they know something. 

After spending the whole night awake I was very tired and decided to go back to my safehouse. I told Mani I would come back eventually. It's nice to know I'm not alone anymore.

DAY 13 - The death of Aneka Pavikova



Today was a sad day. I killed someone I used to know. Her name was Aneka. She was studying to become a veterinarian, that is how we met. She was doing her practicals at my family's ranch. She became good friends with my wife Sarah, we used to spend many nights drinking vodka and playing cards together. We went to her wedding, a beautiful but simple one. She married her high school boyfriend, Ivan. They were both happy with plans to expand their family as soon as she finished her studies.

I didn't recognize her at first. I was walking by Orlovets when I heard a zombie chasing me, I just reacted, pulled my knife and slashed her until she stopped moving. It was then when I saw her ring, her wedding ring. I never payed much attention to it back then but as soon as I saw it I knew who she was. I looked closely and behind the ugliness of this hellish sickness I could see her face. Her clothes were all ragged, she must have been turned very early. I couldn't just leave her there, as I usually do with the others. Fortunately I had a shovel with me and I was able to bury her. An unmarked grave. Rest in peace, dear friend.

DAY 14 - Answering the call



It's been a few days that I've been living of canned food so today I decided to go on a hunt again. It was a rainy day this one. I spent the whole morning soaked wet and shivering. I managed to find a heat pack in one of those hunting outposts. That was handy. Took me a couple hours to start hearing the deer calls but surely there they were. The rain by then had turned into a fine drizzling. So I followed the calls through forest and fields till I found a group of deer. The stag was beautiful, majestic. I waited a few minutes with it on my sights, just admiring its beauty. One shot, straight in the head and it was down, quick and painless. And now, as I write this, my pot is in the fire and I can smell this delicious meal this wonderful animal has provided me.


End of week 2
Scroll down for week 3

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Love the immersion and focus on the character story. Keep it up!

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Really nice story enjoying it a lot 😄

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Week 3


DAY 15 - Windows are secured



After a lot of hard work and leg work the windows are finally secured. I'm actually feeling really proud of this. So many days I wandered the towns and cities of Chernarus in search of the materials to build this. I'm confident Millie is going to feel very safe in here. The house isn't as big as ours used to be but it is spacious, it has some shelves, a complete kitchen area with a stove, sink (no running water obviously) and a bench to chop food. It also has a couple sofas one of which is my bed for the moment. It also has a nice backyard where I can plant some vegetables, that will be nice. I might try that tomorrow. It was a long day finishing this up, I'm going to eat some of the deer from yesterday and hit the bed.

DAY 16 - A long journey



Today I decided to venture to the northwest region of Chernarus. Check the military airfield, the military camp in the forest and the communications relay further west. For that I'll need to be prepared, with plenty of supplies for the long journey. I don't want to have to stop all over the place to resupply. So I woke up very early in the morning and grew some vegetables. It's good that here the soil is very fertile and crops and veggies grow quickly. I still have some venison from the hunt I did a couple days ago and with 2 full containers of water I should be ok. With the sun still low in the horizon I left my safe place into the unknown.

DAY 17 - A random encounter



After a whole day and night traveling, searching and scavenging I reached the very end of my journey, the military communications relay. And what a journey it was. The first half of the day was uneventful, I was able to get to the airfield without much problems. But as soon as I got there I decide to take a lunch break and ate one of the venison steaks I had from 3 days ago. And yes, it was spoiled. I had a severe food poisoning, vomiting non stop, I felt my life being spewed out of my body, I took every single medicine I had on me, vitamins, antibiotics, painkillers, everything. The vomiting stopped and I was able to drink some water and eat some canned bacon just for the sickness to come back for its second round, knocking me out again. I was sure I was going to die, I could only think of how I was failing Millie. I took more pills and waited, drank the last of my water and opened a can of tuna, the last of my food. Luckily I started feeling better but I had no more water nor food. I had to double back to the town I passed before getting to the airfield, I had failed, I thought. 

My luck started changing when I reached a barn by a stream. There I found 2 chickens. So now I had water and food to continue my journey NW. Everywhere I went I could only find death and destruction, no one was alive. I was hoping to find some answers to what is going on but I couldn't. By the time I left the military base in the forest, towards the communications relay, dawn was breaking. And as soon as I got there I noticed this man, on the roof. I quickly realized he wasn't one of the infected, we greeted with a hand gesture, still unsure if we could trust each other. 

That's how I came to know Mat Harding. We were both surprised to find anyone in such a remote area. We chatted for a long time, I told him about Emily, about my boat accident, about how I was stranded for the last 2 years in a remote island. It was almost midday when we decided to travel southeast, together. He told me about this working car hidden in a gas station a few kilometers to the south. Under heavy rain we started our walk down south. I couldn't run a single bit, I was carrying too much weight and by then I hadn't slept for a 36h. On the way we met 3 other men, well armed, guns in their hands. I thought they were going to try to rob us or worse. By their accent I think they were Chernarussians. They kept an aggressive tone throughout the whole conversation but nothing happened. Filled with relief we continued our walk to the car. Fortunately we had a very pleasant drive until...

DAY 18 - A stuck car and a moving friendship



We were at Staroye when the night started creeping on us. We knew we had only a few more minutes of daylight but still a couple of kilometers to get to my place. We decided, nonetheless, to keep going, in complete darkness and no headlights. It was around 2 in the morning when we reached a very inclined dirt road. The car wasn't made for that kind of terrain. We tried for over an hour until the car slid off the road into a tree. We tried everything, even chopping the tree down. Nothing worked. We had a laugh over this unusual situation we were in, and since we were close to my house we decided to walk the rest of the way. 

Reaching my place, we set up a fireplace and cooked some meat. Mat had hunted a deer earlier that day and I had chicken and some beef. we shared a bottle of vodka he was carrying and chatted till dawn. Now I'm exhausted, it's been 48 hours since I slept. So I told Mat I needed to rest, we said goodbye and wished each other safe travels and good luck, both hoping to meet each other again in the future. And now...to bed, and I'll likely sleep the whole day, so tired...

DAY 19 - A place to call home



I have finally finished to secure my house. It almost feel like home, if only Millie was here already. After having a very long sleep since my 48h vigil I started the day early. I visited some towns around to gather a few supplies but before midday I was already back, my goal for today was finishing the safehouse. Now everything is boarded up. I found a gas lamp and a gas canister, which is very nice when I'm writing here or trying to read one of the books I've found. Plus, now I've got a complete cooking set, with tripod and pot. Cooking will be very easy and fast, now. If only Millie was here. Lately I've been meeting quite a few people, but no one seems to know what happened to the children in Chernarus. I haven't found a single one so far. My hope is that they are in a safe place, that the government arranged some sort of evacuation caravan for them. Bur I'll keep looking and asking around. Someone somewhere will know. For now, I rest, for the first time feeling safe. 

DAY 20 - Darkness is just around the corner



Today was another day of walking aimlessly. One of those days when everything feels stagnated. Scavenged a little, nothing interesting, killed a goat for meat, feels like yesterday, and still no more news from Millie's whereabouts. No more clues, no more signs, nothing. I decided to go north, haven't been there yet. Chernarus is a big country. As I walk north I question everything. What is the point of all this? Finding Millie sounds like the right answer, but what then? She'll never have a normal childhood, or as a teenager go to a ball, or a nightclub. She'll have to learn to fight, to use a weapon, to survive probably before she ever gets her first kiss. Well, I guess that is the point, now. I need to survive to teach her all of that. I need to hone my skills so I can pass them to her because everywhere I look, darkness is just around the corner.

DAY 21 - When shit hit the fan



Today I got robbed. I suppose it was bound to happen. By the stories I heard, I think I was very lucky that it didn't happened before. The day was calm and uneventful, I managed to trade a large tent I found for a medium tent that suits my needs better. It was a long day and I was about to go to bed when I hear this commotion outside. Voices, a group of people were discussing how would be the best way to break into my house. At that point, they didn't know I was inside, I could have hidden and they would have never found me. But I decided to face them, not because I'm brave or anything, but because maybe they have seen Millie. They didn't...

So I announced myself, asked what they wanted, they joked around saying my windows needed cleaning. I knew what was going to happen and I thought if I was open and honest, go out to my watchtower and talked to them face to face, the damage would be less than it would be if I tried to fight them off or aggro them. The damages to my belongings and to myself. 

They were 6 or 7, I was greatly outnumbered. As I was speaking to who I think was the leader, Radek, I could hear his friends trying to jump on top of my roof. It was just a matter of time. When I stopped hearing them jumping around, I knew shit was about to hit the fan. 3 or 4 of them came from the roof, weapons in hand rendering me hostage. I gave them my lock entry code and they started going through my things. I really don't have anything of value. My book collection, some construction materials and ammo. I dropped all my weapons and talked to 3 of them while the rest were taking whatever they wanted. Radek, Ivan and I think her name was Alyona? I'm not sure, it wasn't a name I'm familiar with. They asked a few questions about me, if I had any friends that might show up and about this man I can't even remember the name but who I never heard of. 

In the end I lost a few handy items like my lockpick and my compass. Lost my SVD, my plate vest and a few batteries. The rest was all there. Millie's teddy was inside the vest and they were kind enough to give it back to me. That bear is the only thing that matters to me, everything else I can replace, but not the only thing that belonged to my daughter. Now they say they want me to do something for them, something I can't put down on paper. They'll be back in for days to get it. I hope I'm strong enough to make it happen. 


End of week 3
Scroll down for week 4


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Week 4

DAY 22 - Surveillance night 1



Sitting on a rock for 20h, now. Surveillance is not a fun thing to do. I brought a book, a few heat packs to keep me warm during the night and plenty of food and water. I had all this time to think about what is going on at the moment. There must be a way to turn this whole thing around to my favor.  But how, I don't know yet. I guess I'll have to play ball for the time being, see where this leads. I was able to find another radio and a couple batteries earlier today so I can contact Radek when the time comes. Alyona, for some reason I can't shake her voice out of my head...time to get back  to my duties.

DAY 23 - Surveillance day 2



It's been over 36h now. Barely any sleep. My thoughts are starting to get fuzzy. The rain started gently, it felt good, gave me a boost of energy. Now, after 2h, it's heavy and cold. On the top of this hill the wind is strong and harsh. Even with my heavy clothes, now soaked wet, I can feel the sharpness of the wind. And although all my body aches for my cosy safehouse I've got a job to do and I won't failed it. I still have a couple of heat packs, they should last till the rain stops. Tonight, covered by the darkness of the night, I'll sneak into the camp to get the layout of the land. It's a risk I'll have to take, I can't stay here for a third night. I need to rest and resupply. 

DAY 24 - Back to Mogilevka



Since day 1 I haven't been back to Mogilevka. Today I was able to reach Radek over the radio and was told he's not coming to collect for the next couple days. So I took the time to walk till Mogi. As I got closer, images of my wife, infected, came to my mind, but I was trying to be strong. I cried a little, while walking, the tears fell with the rain that washed my face. By the time I reached the city the day was sunny again, close to dusk but still sunny. I quickly went to my old house, I needed to get an old digital camera, powered by batteries. I made no noise at all, I didn't want to disturb Sarah, still sealed in our bathroom. But I could hear her. Her growling and moaning. It broke my heart, again.

I am not a religious man, but the thought of Sarah, transformed, locked and unreachable, made me want to visit the town's church. Sarah and I got married there. It was a grand ceremony, my father wouldn't have it any other way. Sarah was beautiful all in white as tradition states. We were so happy...The church itself is still mostly intact. Locked and barred from the inside. Who knows what happened there. I don't want to know. I just want to remember it as it was, with Sarah in white, walking towards me, with a big smile and tears of joy. 

DAY 25 - The charity Hub



So I recently found out (over the radio) that the base I discovered on the first week here belongs to a charity organization. Apparently a man called Hunter runs it. I decided to give it a second look and not much to my surprise, it was empty again. Hunter's radio message mentioned a conflict and that the base was taken over by a hostile group, but it also stated that they left and he was back running the charity. I wonder if he got kicked out again. I'm assuming he didn't because this time I was able to find what I assume are charity boxes. A lot of random items were inside. I did my part and left a few things, some repairing tools, some clothing, a pistol, a lock, all in mint condition. I hope they'll have use for all of that, I'm betting the will.

But the main reason I went there was to talk to this Hunter person, talk about Millie. Maybe she's there, part of his crew, or maybe they know where she is. I can only hope. I didn't want to ask him over the radio, too many hostiles around, they might do harm to her just to get something out of me. I'm in already enough trouble as it is. I'll decide what to do in the next couple days.

DAY 26 - The lost of humanity



What happened to us? When did we become so mad? Could it be one of the effects of this infection? Or is it essentially who we are? I went to Guglovo  carnival fair again today and found a despicable scene. A man, visibly not infected, hanged from the Ferris Wheel. Hands and legs constrained. Who would do something like that? It's like we forgot how to be civilized. I include myself in it. I don't think I'm that far lost yet, but stealing has become easier. And it hasn't been a month, yet. What will I do after 6 months, 1 year, 10! Who will I become. Hopefully not the man who hangs another. 

DAY 27 - Tracking under the moonlight



Since I got robbed by Radek's gang, I have been on edge. So I decided to up the security of my house. It is hard work, lots of materials needed. I've been working on it day and night, for the last few days and as I was working tonight I heard this very unusual animal call, so I went investigate it. To my surprise it was a wild boar! A very aggressive one. It charged me with such a fury I had only had time to jump out of his way as it kept running forward, away from me. I was still close to my house so I decided not to leave such an aggressive beast lurking around at night while I work. The moon was up in the sky but the forest covered most of its light so I was tracking it by ear. I did that till I reached a water stream nearby, and there I lost its track. With all the water noise I couldn't hear the beast any longer. I searched for a little while with no luck, heading back home with nothing accomplished. Couldn't work on my security, couldn't kill the aggressive boar. What a day...

DAY 28 - Another lonely night



Someday it feels like I'm still on the island. I spend my days doing my own thing, sometimes working on my shelter, sometimes looking for food, sometimes just reading. Actually having a few books to read is nice improvement. I've found a lot of religious books around, but not many fictions, novels and so forth. But any book is better than none. But no company whatsoever. No one to talk to, but I should be used to it by now. I guess I was till I met some people earlier. They made me remember how good it is to talk to another person, to laugh and share stories. Not even my latest companion, the wild boar, has showed up today. I couldn't hear it at least, maybe he left or got killed by the infected, but I'm not really that confident on that. I guess I'll finish this and go to bed.



End of week 4
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Week 5

DAY 29 - The haunted forest



So, tonight I was back at that boar hunting. That damn creature just don't leave me alone! I was deep into the midnight hour, in the forest between Msta and Staroye when I suddenly see this light coming from the woods. It was nothing like I've ever seen before. Not a flare, not a flashlight nor a glowing stick. It was bright and strong. I was astounded, for a minute I couldn't move. I finally regained control of the situation, and slowly walked towards it. Trying to make the least amount of noise possible. But as I walked closer, the light seemed to move farther, keeping the same distance from me. I mustered some courage, drew my weapon and charged towards it. And that is when it just disappeared. Puff, like it was never there. The night went black as normal. I looked around for almost one hour just to find nothing. I don't believe in ghosts or aliens, but could it be? Nah. Maybe one of those swamp gas fire orbs, but in a forest? Whatever that was, is keeping me awake, inside my house, until now...And it's almost noon

DAY 30 - Sweet victory



I finally caught that bastard! Sweet victory at last! Sweet and delicious! That is all I'm saying today...with a full belly.

DAY 31 - An eventful day



Where, to start...First, I guess, It's been 1 month since I arrived back in Chernarus. The time flew. Aside from Brian, I still have no leads on Millie's whereabouts. A feel my hope slipping through my fingers...But today wasn't all about sad and sorry. Today I met a whole lot of survivors. I heard some shots coming from the direction of Tulga so I decided to take a look if its residents finally arrived. And indeed I found people there. At first there was this group of 5 people, they were nice. Something was wrong with one of the women. She was very sick. For what I could gather, she was having withdrawals from a drug I've never heard before, Comfort. By the symptoms it looked like an opioid type of drug. Pretty much text book symptoms. Probably synthetic.

I tried to offer some assistance but this other group arrived and took charge. Their doctor was very arrogant and had this crazy idea to treat her with an experimental drug, using Comfort, yet to be created. What kind of doctor is that? I bet we can still find methadone in most hospitals, and I bet it hasn't been tried yet. For fuck's sake we had methadone at the fire station to ease the pain from burning injuries, it can't be that hard to find. And some other nonsensical ideas like keeping her sugar levels high to increase blood cell regeneration?! What?! I tried to tell one of the members of the 1st group that this doctor didn't know what he was doing, didn't go very well, he just told me it wasn't my business. I fear for the kind of assistance this woman is getting, but I wasn't allowed to help. It breaks my heart, I've seen this kind of recklessness before. Patients dying because of arrogant doctors. Anyway, if there is a thing my late sister and my grandfather taught me, was about heavy drug addiction, and mum being a doctor helped as well even though that wasn't her specialty. But I guess when you live with a doctor and a drug addict you pick a few things.

On the positive side, this man called Alex and this woman called Mary (I think) suggested me to go to a radio tower where I can talk to some cowboy to make a radio broadcast about Millie! That is great news! If she's out there the chances of her listening to it are great. I also met this one nice person from the second group. A kind and mysterious woman named Ridley. I think this second group was called runners. Why? I don't know, but they were the original owners of that camp in Tulga. Not a very friendly bunch aside from Ridley. I gave her my personal radio frequency in case she learns something. Alex and Mary also have it. 

The night fell and I went back home. I would like to meet them again, in the future, under better circumstances. And I'm learning who is who in this new country I'm living in. What a day. Tomorrow I head to this radio tower.


DAY 32 - Toxic death



Today I write about what happened to me 2 days ago. Something terrible and strange has happened to me. It all started when I went looking for the radio station Alex and Mary told me about. So far I had no luck. I thought they said the station was next to Zelenogorsk but the antenna over there looks abandoned. I explored the town of Bor, didn't find anything there either. So I decided to go to the one at Wolf Peak and as I walked, at night, through the forest, a strange green glow appeared at its edge. At first I thought it was the mysterious light from a couple nights before but it was much, much worse. I believe I found one of those toxic clouds there are roaming the land, according to the radio. I didn't dare to come to close to it. I have no protective gear. I stayed quiet for a while, marveled by its beauty and horror at the same time. And before the night's end, things got a lot worse...

DAY 33 - Wolf pack



As I continued to walk through the forest I hear this terrible howling in the distance, and I know immediately I had just become the prey. There was all but darkness around me, I had only a small flashlight attached to my helmet. And as I ran, the howling became closer and closer. Soon I would be meeting my wild pursuers. When they attacked, they came from everywhere. Wolves. I thinks there were 8 or 9 of them. I drew my weapons, emptying clip after clip into the darkness. Their bites were vicious and painful. I killed one, two, three, four of them, and I think the last one was the pack leader, he looked tougher, bigger and meaner than the others. That was when they gave up and ran away. I was bleeding severely bad. I reached for my bandages and attempted to stop the bleeding when my vision went dark and passed out. 

DAY 34 - I am not dead



I woke up in a jump. My body all sore. I was still alive, how come? I looked around and I was in this small horse carriage. There was a fire next to me and by the looks of it, it had been burning for over 24h. It was early morning so I can only assume I slept an entire day. Which makes sense. I had no clothes on an my wounds were all patched up. Someone had saved me. And as I became more aware of my surroundings I noticed some clothes next to me. Not my own, not the ones I was wearing, something else. I looked around for my equipment, all gone. I guess it was a small price to pay for my life. I found a couple things inside a bag next to me, some food and a drink. I was hungry and thirsty and ate everything right away. It reminded me of my first day back in Chernarus. Fortunately, whoever saved me, left behind my journal and Millie's teddy. I think whoever it was, read my notes and knew the importance of the bear to me. I put the new clothes on, my body aching like something I never felt before. My first stop needs to be a hospital, I'm going to need a whole lot of painkillers to keep going. I'm slow, weak, far from my safehouse and I have no weapons. This is going to be a long day. Along and painful day...

DAY 35 - Old war stories



As I search for the Redwood Radio Station Headquarters, I find very interesting things. Sometimes they are good and joyful, like friendly people along the way, sometimes they are scary and painful like wolves, but the ones there are the dearest to me, are the ones that remind me of who I am. After spending 3 days away from my safehouse, sleeping wherever I can, eating what I find left in the houses I go through, I got sick. So I decided to go to "Cherno" hospital to get some medication. And as I do it, I see in the horizon this monument dedicated to the fallen soldiers of past wars. My grandfather used to take me there when I was a child. I remember the solemn silence, my dedushka, usually so talkative, would stay in silence for minutes. I, on the other hand, couldn't stop talking, about the birds, the view, the wind, asking a million questions.

But eventually the silence would break and dedushka would tell me about his father. Apparently this monument was built back in the early 20's, after the Soviet revolution. My great grandfather fought on WW1 and my grandfather fought in the WW2. And even though I'm not a soldier like they were, I guess today, I'm fighting the last war.


End of week 5
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Week 6

DAY 36 - Heli crash



Today, as I searched for Millie and the Redwood Radio Station location, I came across a helicopter crash. As far as I could see there were no survivors and I found a couple of infected military personnel nearby. The helicopter didn't look Chernarussian or Russian. I wonder if there is a international relief force in operation nearby, at the border. What is very intriguing is how the helicopter crashed. Was it shot down? If so, by whom? Maybe it was just a mechanical failure. But the scariest possibility is if somehow the crew became infected midair...Did they fly through one of those toxic clouds I heard on the radio and witnessed a few days ago? This finding raises a lot of questions but also brings me hope since it proves there are military forces still operating outside Chernarus. I tried the radio for a while, tried to make contact with whoever was coordinating this flight but didn't get any answer. Tomorrow is another day, and I'll keep looking, for Millie, for the radio station, for answers.

DAY 37 - Finally caught a break



I finally caught a break! I went to the summer camp west of Khelm looking for water when I ran into this man called Mr Lemon. We chatted for a few minutes and when he was about to leave I asked him if he new where the Redwood Radio Station was. And I couldn't expect a better answer. He didn't tell me where to find it, he explained the radio crew is on the move because they are being targeted by this anarchist group. That is why I haven't been able to find them.

But anyway, he didn't tell me where to find them but instead gave me the frequency of one of them. The frequency of that Cowboy person Alex mentioned last week. I'm finally getting close. Mr Lemons talked to him over the radio and apparently he was hiding from someone nearby. I waited a few minutes and radioed Cowboy, aiming for a meeting. I'm pretty sure he got he message but couldn't reply. I'll be sleeping with the radio on tonight.

DAY 38 - Hunted again



Ever since I've been attacked by wolves, twice, and hunted by them more times than I can count on my hands, I've been extra careful. Today as I explored the NE mountains of Chernarus I heard that dreadful howl. I was being hunted again. My wounds are still healing and I think they can smell the blood on my bandages. I know wolves are great hunters but they are not very good climbers. My only chance to avoid an attack would be climbing up the rocky cliffs. The trail I was following led me to this passage underneath this huge boulder. The howling was getting closer but I didn't know what was expecting me on the other side of this narrow passage. With my weapon drawn, my blood boiling and my heart beating fast, I charged forward. To my relief I found no danger on the other side, quite the opposite. On the other side I was able to climb the rocks to a safe place where I waited until I couldn't hear the damn howling anymore. There I stayed the night with only some cold beans to eat and a bottle of vodka to keep me warm.

DAY 39 - Gruesome fate



I heard on the radio that this organization called New Hope Federation would be at Krasnotav. Since I was nearby I decided to pay them a visit. Maybe they had seen Millie, or maybe they could have some useful information. It was worth the shot. In any case they would represent more people aware of my search and the more people knowing about Millie, the better chances I have to find her. To my surprise and horror I didn't find them, at least not alive. I found 2 bodies, gutted like fish and chopped into pieces. Two other man were in the area, they told me that was the work of that anarchist group I've been hearing about on the radio. Why would they do such a thing? I understand they are trying to regulate a few aspects of life in Chernarus, but to enforce it with such brutality. It is hard to distinguish the difference between them and the murderers who roam the land. I need to keep my eyes and ears open and avoid contact for as long as I can.

DAY 40 - Waiting



Today I've found what I think is the Redwood Radio Station camp. According to this man named Lemons, at least. I looked around and the camp seemed to be active, so I decided to wait nearby for the owners to come back. After all, I've been looking for them for weeks, now. Six hours had past when I finally see someone, but as I approached him we hear gunshots coming from a summercamp just south of the camp. I had only time to ask him if this was his camp to what he replied that it was but he was running away. I didn't even have time ask his name but since the gunfight was getting closer, I decided to bolt as well. When I returned to the camp, a few hours later, it had been raided. And I have just received a radio message form Mr. Cowboy explaining what happened. That gunfight I heard was anarchy, they were the ones who raided the camp later on. I was right to move out of there when I did. It was a very close call.

DAY 41 - Fishing



After these last couple of stressful days I decided to take a break from everything and go fishing. I found this little pond, very concealed so I could relax for a few hours without worrying about getting robbed or attacked by wolves, my mortal enemies. I had a very pleasant day. It was good to just sit, have some vodka and relax. It gave me time to think about everything that is going on in my life at the moment. I made peace with some aspects of this new reality. The world is so different, now. People are so different, now. I wonder if I should change as well. So far I was able to be myself, but how long will I be able to keep my sanity? Sometimes I feel it is slipping away. Maybe I need more days like this one...


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