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A Prank

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*Michael sits at the campfire, pressing the PTT as he speaks in a calm jokingly tone*

"Howdy, so the poor lad called "Tray" who we pranked yesterday, I wanna make it up to ya'. Come to where we pranked you and I'll meet you there." 

*Michael releases the PTT, sticking it back on as he makes his way there.*

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Posted (edited)

*Tre hears a familiar voice over the radio. Blood rushes to his head as the message continues and as fast as the message ends he reaches for his radio and presses the PTT.*


*PTT is released.*

*A few moments later, the PTT is pressed again and Tre’s voice can be heard over the radio.*

“Some prank. As exciting as that was, I’m not sure we share the same sense of humor. With that said, IF we were to meet, what reassurances do I have that you’re not planning another [prank]?”

*PTT is released.*

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*Tre pushes the PTT*

"Without assurances, I'm not going back to Vish. How about we meet somewhere neutral? Oh, don't bother coming if you bring that fuck with the purple mask or that bitch that nut sacked me. I'm not interested in seeing either of them right now."

*The  PTT is released.*

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