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Appeal Invalid KOS / Attemted Invalid KOS 7 days

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Why the verdict is not fair: There is no limits or even mention of anything saying how far you can be to get defender rights on someone that has initiated on your friends. It also says "recent roleplay" and there should be a specific time limit mentioned in the rules since the initiation happened 37 minutes after I had last seen my friends and since time flies by on DayZ that is VERY recent for me and unless you follow all the recent reports you really can't know what the staff team considers recent and therefore cant really know if you're breaking the rules?


Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I would also like to mention since I forgot in the report that the only reason I was so far from my friends in the first place was because I was running to our next destination to meet them. As they said they were going to take a car and since there was 5 of us, I decided to get a head start and get moving a little earlier. And by the time they got initiated on I was already so far since the server was crashing and they were being delayed by people getting back in the server and they couldnt get the car ready by the time we originally thought. And that can also be considered active roleplay if you ask me, its not about the words you speak and physical interaction, its about the journey you all have to go through together.


What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Honestly I would be fine if the rules were updated and there wasn't as much confusion in the future but ofc it would be great if I atleast got a shorter ban since there was really no way I could have known that would be considered a rule break.


What could you have done better?: I could have explained the situation better and been more careful when entering Severograd and tried to roleplay it a bit more.

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Hello @Tringo,

A separate team of staff have reviewed your punishment and appeal and have come to the conclusion of acceptance.

Due to the lack of timer or distance requirements in the current rulings on dynamic groups, as well as the circumstances explained in your appeal, we have deemed it appropriate to reduce your punishment.  However, as we must interpret the rules as currently written, we still believe a rule was broken, hence the reduction of punishment as opposed to total removal.

With that said,
Appeal accepted-ish.  Ban reduced to 3 days, points remain.

Signed by myself, @Derek Steel , and @Voodoo


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