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Seriously don't read this I just need to vent.

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That is literally all I can say right now. I can't explain to you how annoyed I am right now! 

Start of the day: Wake up...late...feel like shit. I stayed up too late last night playing Dayz and now I'm running too late to eat breakfast. I hurry out the door...step on a DEAD BABY RABBIT that the local stray cat had killed and decided to lay at my back door.

On the way to work: What normally is a 30 minute drive turns into a 55 minute drive due to the absolute slowest drivers I have ever been behind. Not to mention the fact that we were all stuck behind a "Wide load" truck that was going 35 on a 55 mph road for over 8 miles.

Finally get to work: (I'm 10 minutes late) My boss who is ALWAYS at least 20-45 minutes late to work decided to be there perfectly on time today and proceeded to question me as to why I was late. (Keep in mind that I am a morning person and was not in a terribly bad mood despite the circumstances) Meanwhile, the only friend I've made at this place is "working from home" and I now have to share the room with my boss who looks down on me because I'm of a younger generation (again, I don't get offended by things like this, it's just a detail I felt like sharing).

Start of the work day: I get asked to fix the new shop manager's busted hard drive. (I work in the IT department for a trucking company). I told him I'll take a look and see if I can recover the 1TB data from his external hard drive (NOT an SSD. This thing was at least 10 years old) the manager is sending me emails all day talking about how important the stuff was on this HDD. I joke about what I'm going to find on the drive and he does NOT find it funny at all. (Apparently he's a preacher and he has all of his sermons and things on here). I work my ass off trying to fix this thing while also juggling the entire companies IT issues since I'm the only one at the office and my boss is apparently above doing peasant work like resetting people's passwords and trying to figure out why a certain program on a terminal server keeps crashing for some users.

Lunch time: This was actually the only good part of the day so far because I went to the local sandwich shop by myself and sat quietly while eating an $8 sandwich. (So basically it was the only "good" part of the day because nothing BAD really happened.

(Keep in mind that still, I am not really in a bad mood or treating anyone negatively here, just kinda rolling with the punches and going about my day)

After lunch: Come back to the office and after being blamed for every issue with technology that the company is having (Normal stuff. It's always IT's fault) Aannd the software I'm using to restore the HDD has bugged out. I spend a good amount of time taking the HDD (that means Hard Drive in case you were wondering) apart and making sure the arms were operating correctly. I'm doing this while also answering enough calls to compete with the people answering 911 calls.

* It is at this point in writing this that I have now started to laugh about my day and feel a lot better, but I will try to wrap up the story in case you didn't listen to the title and are reading this. *

Long story short, the HDD doesn't work and I get fused at by my boss for spending too much time on it when in all reality I just plugged it up, run some software that didn't work and tried to take it apart for a bout 10 minutes (also my boss sits right behind me all day and I can guarantee you that I accomplished 1337 times more than he did today considering he spent 85% of his day dicking off on his phone.) So the HDD doesn't work and I get fussed at for working on it too long.

Time to go home: Despite the day being...interesting...so far (really not HORRIBLE, just not great) I decide to stay a little later to work on a few upcoming projects. It's about 5:30pm when I head out the door. I get in my car and head home. As soon as I turn onto the 2 lane road that I have to take to go home (that's one lane for each direction of traffic) and what do I see A F*CKING "WIDE LOAD" TRUCK 4 CARS IN FRONT OF ME. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT  A N O T H E R  ONE IS COMING FROM THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION AND HAVE TO SLOWLY SHIMMY PAST ONE ANOTHER FOR 10 MINUTES BEFORE TRAFFIC IS ABLE TO MOVE AGAIN. So we get pass the other "Wide Load" truck but I am still stuck behind one and we have a niicceee looonngg uphill climb to get through. We are going 15 MPH in a 55 MPH zone (that whole road is basically 55 MPH). We finally get past the horrible uphill battle (literally) and are able to go the speed limit!...but don't get too excited...what is that I see in the distance...? A fire truck, police cars, and an ambulance...it was a wreck. (for the record no one was hurt, to my knowledge, in any major way. So now we wait...and wait......annd wait. I say "F*ck this" after waiting for 25 minutes in the same spot and decide to turn around to find another way around the wreck. (I this point I am irritated, however, I am keeping calm and cool. It was a nice cloudy day out so it felt cool). I finally get back to the road I was at but further down it and what it that in front of me...? THE SAME FUCKING WIDE LOAD TRUCK FROM BEFORE. The damn thing managed to get around the wreck in the time it took me to go around and find another path OF COURSE. But not ONLY that! I'm stuck behind a lady that insisted on going no faster than 45 MPH at ANY POINT! AAANNDDDD in front of her between her and the "Wide Load" truck were 2 more cars and A DAMN 18 WHEELER (tractor-trailer. Whatever you want to call it) So at this point I am pretty damn annoyed and decide that "hell I could afford a ticket" and proceed to FLYYYYYY past these fools when the next passing zone comes by.

Almost home: After dealing with all the other annoying drivers, I finally make it to the pharmacy near my house to pick up some medicine (surprise surprise, I'm a 22 year old with anxiety issues! Yayy!) So I walk in the pharmacy (fairly pissed off at this point, but still smiling to people as I walk by because that's just what I do) and I wait in line to get my happy pills foir about 10 minutes (even though there is no one else in front of me) and the lady finally comes up. I give her my name and all that jazz and she says "Oh we have nothing for you" I say absolutly nothing and walk out of the store. I'm livid at this point.

Finally home!?: I'm home, I grab the trashcan from the road and smack the back of my heel with it as I'm pulling it down the driveway (of course) I get to the back porch and what is there? That dead baby rabbit from this morning. I feel bad for the thing so I go grab a shovel and try to dig it a hole. I thrust the shovel into the ground in 4 different locations and smack a root every. single. time. I finally find some random ass spot to bury this thing. I toss it in the hole and put away the shovel. (my wrist throbbing after hitting all of the roots in my back yard). I FINALLY walk inside. Turn on the PC. Load up DayZ log into the server aaannddd...

" You are in a queue number 12 in line " FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU 

I now begin to write this. I get a good distance into it (about to the part where I said I was laughing about this now) and I finally join the server! I stop typing, walk towards the woods in game as my character was about to go out for a very relaxing hunt aannddd... "The connection with the host has timed out" the server restarted...

I have never slammed my fist onto my desk with so much force in all my life. I breath a moment, join back into the queue, and continue writing my lovely story.

I have now rejoined the server and am finally going to go try and hunt something.

TL;DR: Thank you for not reading this but I'm not gonna sum it up for you...seriously it's stupid and you should just find something better to do with your time. Also I feel better now and this is actually pretty funny to me.

DISCLAIMER: I have no harsh feelings towards anyone about the events that happened today (other than that one lady that wouldn't go the speed limit) and I just thought it would be funny for someone to read about my shitty day. I know it could have been a lot worse and I am actually pretty lucky in a lot of ways.I'm in a much better mood now. I've never done anything like this before but it's really funny to look back on it and realize "Wow Wire, that really wasn't that bad of a day and you should stop whining about it." But I hope it made someone smile and maybe even made your day better.

Here's for a better day tomorrow!

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