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A Child's Plea [Radio Transmission]

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Posted (edited)

*A young child's choice comes through on the radio, sounding scared and afraid* 

" He... Hello? Is anyone there? I've been on my own for days now... My mother is...

*You may hear sobbing*

Is there a safe place I could go to? I don't want to die...

Please, help. "

*The radio suddenly cuts off. As Julian gets up from his chair and takes his radio back*

" Good job kid. " 


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*Alexej tunes the radio to get a better signal before replying*

Are you from this beautiful country called Chernarus?

*Static would be heard along with banging sounds on metal before Alexej is heard again facing away from the microphone this time*

"Stupid piece of junk... we need to get to a high place to get a better signal!"

*The transmission would be lost*

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*The voice comes through the radio once again*

" I live here, yes. "

*The radio fall silent*

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Anežka picks up her radio, stepping away from the group for a moment. Her signal would be somewhat static filled.

"Ne, many people claim to 'live' here these days...
What my friend is asking is if you are Chernarussian child?"

She releases the button, clipping the radio back to her backpack and returning to her brothers.

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Posted (edited)

*Bela raises the radio to her lips and presses the PTT*

”For God’s sake!  A child is in distress and all you seem to care about is whether or not child is Chernarussian?   What has happened to my people’s heart?”

”Little one, please let me know how I may help you.”

*Bela releases the PTT and sets the radio on the table next to her backpack.  She pulls out a chair, sits down, reaches into her pack and pulls out a well worn photo.  She stairs at the photo for a moment before pressing it tightly against her chest.  She closes her eyes in an attempt to stem the tears*

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Anežka pushes the PTT, broadcasting her chuckle.

I only help Chernarussian children.

I do not protect vermin."

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Posted (edited)

*The child presses the PTT button*

" I... I was born here...

I need somewhere to stay safe, away from the monsters.

I'm not Vermin, my name is Aleks "

*The radio would fall silent, as the child passes the radio back to Julian, who slides it back into his pocket*

" Once again, great work kid. "

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Alexei presses his PTT, sighing before he speaks.

"Do not listen to the Cyka that calls non-chernarussians vermin. She will only bring you down a path of darkness and hatred. trust in those who are open to everyone."

Alexei pauses for a moment before speaking again.

"If you are in need of help, there are plenty of people who, unlike the nationalist pig that previously spoke, who will help you better than she ever could."

"Slava Chedaki."

Alexei releases the PTT, before returning to staring at his small fire.

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Posted (edited)

*A young Slavic female voice broadcasts in thick static over the band*

Ano. Sounds like us young ones always get shit end of stick when it come to help. there people who can help... Iz good people! not have to settle for this!
In this world iz not vermin, Just human and zombie... In some case Human Iz worse. what's left of country anyhow? not government, not law, not freedom...
want help? not broadcast over public frequency, It only make you target. 
Lot of bad people listen on radio!

*She sounds like any other angry teenager, full of angst and fire* 



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*Nikolai would be surprised by the rude replies that he has heard, and, worried about the Chernarussian child, he pushes a few stones into his mouth. Then, he speaks with his voice distorted*

You, little one, where are you? Are you ok?

*pauses, thinking what he can do to help him*

If you can describe the place where you are right now, I can go there and help you. There are plenty of places with friendly people in the middle and the north of Chernarus. Just stay away from the big cities close to the sea! There are some friendly traders in Vyshnoye, and some good Chernarussian policemen in Zelenogorsk.

I can take you to either of these places. Just let us know where to find you.

*He releases the PTT, hoping to help that child*

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*The child's voice appears once again*

" I've found some men and woman that are keeping me safe now!

They're a little... Violent but I feel safe with them... "

*The voice fades, as Julian takes his radio back. Julian would then hand the child his reward and send him on his way, before heading back
to camp.*


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