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Havel To Driving Instructor 'Andy' [Open Freq]

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*Havel sits on top of the haybale while he watches over the small town of the trading post. He takes his radio out and presses the PTT. A young Chernarussian man's voice would fill the airwaves* 

"Ahoj, this is Havel.
Does anybody hear me? I am looking for a nice lady called Andela. I am looking to contact or find her as it seems the frequency we used before, is not working for some reason. 

*He takes a second to look around him, before carrying on*

"If anybody knows where she is, please respond. Or if you're listening Andela, it's a me! Havel!"

*He releases the PTT as he places Buzzo's M4 into his bag and gets off the haybale to go raid some places*

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*Radek picks up his radio, holding down his PTT*
"And you are...? Who is Andela to you?"
*Radek releases his PTT*

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Posted (edited)

*Havel picks back up the radio and responds to the familiar voice* 

"Erm, I am Havel. I use to travel with Andela, Sebastian and a few others for a while. I am looking to find them again. Do you know them?"

*He releases the PTT*

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*Vlad picks up his radio to respond*

"Havel! Nice to hear from you again kid. You should have my frequency, come raid again soon."

*Vlad puts away his radio*

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