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Attention! Outpost in Chernogorsk! [Open Broadcast]

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*There is a slightly frantic sounding male who is obviously trying to mask his voice who cuts the static on the open frequency.* 
"Hey, Chernogorsk outpost. I have received information that the outpost may be getting attacked soon. Break. 
I would prepare for something heavy, and soon. Break.
Stay Safe. Over."
*Then the male's voice goes quiet and the static returns.*

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*A Chicago accent would respond over the frequency.*

"Information like that is like saying 'you're gonna blink today'..."

*He'd chuckle*

"Being attacked is a regular fucking Tuesday for that place."

*The frequency would go quiet again.*

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Mikael presses the PTT and clears his voice

"First of all, I wanna thank you for this information. I'm Mikael member of the Wolf pack and if you have any further information about this attack, maybe we can meet. we would be interested in the size of the group and directions and would even trade for information like this.
Of course, your name would be top secret information only I or person you request to talk to will know your identity if you choose to reveal it to your contact"

Mikael releases the PTT and awaits an answer

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*Artyom presses down the PTT*

We constantly hear talks about people planning on attacking, only a select group actually acts on it. Either way thanks for the information I'll add it to the "People talking shit" list I have.

Spasibo tovarishch

*Releases the PTT*


Thank you comrade


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