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Comfort in hard times

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*Viktor looks over his questions, then reads them out.*
"Times are hard. If anyone hears this and can give a man some comfort, I would love to speak to you. Is anyone out there?"
*He awaits a reply.*

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*Vidmo presses PTT, and responds to a man* "Depends on the type of comfort.. But if you simply seek other people, a piece of society come around Vyshnoye, there's a plenty of nice, good people around here." *Releases the PTT*

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*Kyle hears a friends voice on the radio and shouts over to Panzer*  
"Ey yo B, wait up. Somethings up wid Viktor, I need to see what a gwarn styll"  
*He proceeds to unclip his radio from his belt and pushes down the PTT*

"Yo, come on now fam.. You styll got shit you gotta do. Make da most of tings before it all comes to an end my G. I got some painkillers for you. If you wanna meet me and Panzer again and chat bout the tings you got on your mind den just hit man up and we'll be straight dere."

*He let's out a sigh as he looks at Panzer with a saddened look on his face. Releasing the PTT and clipping it back onto his belt before continuing the journey home*

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