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S1 Severograd - Potential KoS

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Posted (edited)

Server and location: S1, Severograd

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 00:30 UK time

Your in game name: Larry O'Leary

Names of allies involved: DISTRICT

Name of suspect/s: Unknown.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Red Car (Enemy's)

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

04:41:00 mark

Detailed description of the events: We are heading towards Severograd as one of our boys @Lucas says that he can see a group with a Red car. As we were in need of a vehicle - We quickly head over and prepare an ambush. After stalling them for a certain amount of time, @OxeN initiates on the group and I initiate on a straggler hiding around the corner. He fails to comply and is killed by @Lucas, taking @Ryan Shepherd with him. I then run back to the group and ask them if there are any other people around that might shoot us and to answer honestly; they say 'No' and I warn them that if we start taking shots that they will be killed as an attempt to make the group fess anything else up.

Either or - We disarm them, take them into a building and begin the hostage RP. Things cool down for a little while where all of a sudden @Lucas gets 1-tapped out of nowhere. I spot the shooter a couple of minutes later and he shoots me 3 times, I survive the hits and make the boys aware that he is held down in the Hospital. I climb the roof and see him crawl behind some piping and vanishes into thin air. We have reason to believe that at this moment in time the attacker might have logged due to this and repositioned. There was a ladder behind said cover but none of us heard him climb down or anything.

After a while; no shots are made, we clear the town and can not find him anywhere. We then return to the hostages and plan to move them to a safer location, as @LifeLight is escorting them - It appears that the same person JFK's him out of the blue. I go to chase after him but as I approach the block of buildings he is in - My game crashes and log back in to find absolutely nothing around. We then collected the car, the majority of our belongings and take off.

What our concern is is that the attacker has not been seen ANYWHERE in Lujan's stream for the past hour. His player model was white with a Tactical Helmet, possibly a green raincoat and a canvas bag with an M4 as his weapon from as far as I can remember. whilst looking back through her stream - We do not see a man matching this description in any way, shape or form. Yet Lujan states later when I ask her on stream if he had rights to which she said 'Yes'.

As far as I am aware; the group we held up are a dynamic group. This man was not seen anywhere for the past hour if at all with them yet proceeded to gun down a couple of our boys in what seems to be a botched hostage rescue. 



Unless 'recently roleplayed' with someone lasts over 2 hours or something; I'd like the attacker to explain why they they believe they had rights to kill DISTRICT, and if not - Why they thought it was okay to start shooting. The only explanation I could possibly think of is that the man who was originally killed was radioing you about our positions as I could hear him talking into a radio when rocking up on him, regardless; should you be his friend - You still were not around for a long period of time, hence returning to the whole dynamic terminology again.

Edited by Ronnie

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Lucas Jones PoV: Find people in Severo after travelling from Novaya, we decide to initiate on the people and the comply. I run towards the non complying and attempt to kill him finding an angle and killing him whilt his body falls through the wall. As we're dealing with the hostage, I'm finishing up putting stuff in the car when I get headshotted.

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Connection Logs:

22:22:58 | Player "Larry O'Leary" is connected
23:29:04 | Player "Larry O'Leary" has been disconnected
23:30:21 | Player "Larry O'Leary" is connected
23:35:46 | Player "Larry O'Leary" has been disconnected
23:36:37 | Player "Larry O'Leary" is connected
00:15:03 | Player "Larry O'Leary" has been disconnected

22:22:47 | Player "Lucas Jones" is connected
23:16:15 | Player "Lucas Jones" has been disconnected
23:21:20 | Player "Lucas Jones" is connected
23:30:18 | Player "Lucas Jones" has been disconnected

22:22:17 | Player "Jaakob Mets" is connected
01:06:44 | Player "Jaakob Mets" has been disconnected

22:49:19 | Player "Ling Wong" is connected
23:20:49 | Player "Ling Wong" has been disconnected
23:21:31 | Player "Ling Wong" is connected
23:29:26 | Player "Ling Wong" has been disconnected

22:23:00 | Player "Gabriel Leijonhufvud" is connected
00:01:42 | Player "Gabriel Leijonhufvud" has been disconnected

22:22:17 | Player "Connor Cain" is connected
23:06:29 | Player "Connor Cain" has been disconnected

22:23:21 | Player "Ryan Shepherd" is connected
22:58:28 | Player "Ryan Shepherd" has been disconnected

22:25:34 | Player "Johnny Erikson" is connected
23:32:31 | Player "Johnny Erikson" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:

22:57:56 | Player "Ryan Shepherd" hit by Player "Connor Cain" with AKM from 9.43548 meters 
22:58:07 | Player "Ryan Shepherd" hit by Player "Connor Cain" with AKM from 11.337 meters 

22:58:07 | Player "Connor Cain" hit by Player "Lucas Jones" with FN-FAL from 52.3576 meters 
22:58:10 | Player "Connor Cain" hit by Player "Lucas Jones" with FN-FAL from 52.7387 meters 
22:58:10 | Player "Connor Cain" hit by Player "Lucas Jones" with FN-FAL from 52.7387 meters 

23:12:07 | Player "Lucas Jones" hit by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M4A1 from 61.7342 meters 
23:12:10 | Player "Lucas Jones" hit by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M4A1 from 63.3989 meters 

23:14:14 | Player "Larry O'Leary" hit by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M4A1 from 99.5357 meters 
23:14:14 | Player "Larry O'Leary" hit by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M4A1 from 99.5357 meters 

23:28:04 | Player "Ling Wong" hit by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M4A1 from 70.9271 meters 

23:32:08 | Player "Johnny Erikson" hit by Player "Gabriel Leijonhufvud" with LandMineExplosion into (-1) for 99 damage (LandMineExplosion)

Kill Logs:

22:57:56 | Player "Ryan Shepherd" (DEAD) killed by Player "Connor Cain" with AKM from 9.43548 meters 

22:58:10 | Player "Connor Cain" (DEAD) killed by Player "Lucas Jones" with FN-FAL from 52.7387 meters 

23:12:07 | Player "Lucas Jones" (DEAD) killed by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M4A1 from 61.7342 meters 
23:28:04 | Player "Ling Wong" (DEAD) killed by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M4A1 from 70.9271 meters 

23:32:08 | Player "Johnny Erikson" (DEAD) killed by Player "Gabriel Leijonhufvud" with Land Mine

Chat Logs:

22:09:10 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): *pats him down for guns radios and explosives*
22:09:14 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): // what do i find
22:09:40 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): *he takes the radio*
22:12:27 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): *starts looking through his backpack*
22:13:17 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): *pulls out a stapler*
22:15:20 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): //premission to take a finger and staple a letter to his forehead?
22:17:17 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): *Cuts his pinky finger on his right hand off with his knife*
22:18:00 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): *Puts a bandage over his stump*
22:28:37 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): *places the stapler on his forehead*
22:28:51 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): *staples the letter firmly to his forehead, three times*
22:30:20 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): // ill send you the letter oocly
23:17:45 | Chat("Gabriel Leijonhufvud"): .

22:58:48 | Chat("Johnny Erikson"): //ooc f5
23:26:12 | Chat("Johnny Erikson"): *shakes the mans hand*
23:28:34 | Chat("Johnny Erikson"): //ooc im lagging bad

Calling in for POV's:

@Ronnie | Larry O'Leary | POSTED

@Lucas | Lucas Jones | POSTED

@Tringo | Jaakob Mets | POSTED

@LifeLight | Ling Wong | POSTED

@OxeN | Gabriel Leijonhufvud | POSTED

@StarScream911 | Connor Cain | POSTED

@Ryan Shepherd | Ryan Shepherd | POSTED

@Tonni | Johnny Erikson | POSTED

For their FULL and DETAILED POV's and any VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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@Jean @Tonni some kid called John and I were getting ready to leave in a car as we heard a couple of shots right next to us and soon after two men came up to talk. These two both had heavy weapons and looked like they were in town to cause trouble so I stepped away from the conversation when I got the chance and contacted @Tringo on the radio so he would start heading to town just in case anything happens. Couple of minutes later as I took a defensive position in one of the buildings I saw that John, @Jean and @Tonni all had their hands up and the two men were pointing their weapons around, I immediately let @Tringo know over the radio and right after that I heard "put your hands up" coming from behind me which is when I ran inside of the building and took a defensive position upstairs killing @Ryan Shepherd as he attempted to throw a grenade inside and then dying to @Lucas from a window behind me.

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So first, you can see me on the stream around 04:02:30 at the police station which is just under an hour before i shot my first shot and killed @Lucas. And yes as you expected I was in radio contact with @StarScream911 up until the point he got shot.

So my POV. I was a bit away from Severograd when Connor radiod me about 2 men armed with FALs turning up around Severograd at which point I realized there was gonna be trouble and started heading back. Right around 12 minutes before I took my first shot is when Connor goes silent on the radio which only made me hurry back faster. When I arrived in Severograd I went straight towards the hospidal since I heard this is all happening at the garages and know there is a good view of the whole area from there. After being there for a moment looking around I see a man @Lucas  going through a bunch of items on the road next to the garages which at that point it was obvious was things from all of the hostages. Without even thinking twice I take him down and at that point I still thought there was only 2 opponents so I held my position on the hospidal until a few moment later I see a man behind the hospidal who was hunting for me, having trouble with some infected and ofc i used the chance to try and take him out but sadly his armor took the bullets for him and he lived, then a second later I saw another person with him at which point I knew I was in trouble and possibly heavily outnumbered. As soon as I heard the person below me in the hospidal I took the chance and slid down the ladder (hence you didnt hear me climb since its a lot more silent). At that point I figured it was an awful idea to stay around that area so I went all around to the other side of town with a very good view on the main streets and saw one of them run into a house and out of it multiple times so I thought thats probably where the hostages were so I just sat there waiting for a clear shot and just info about how many of them there were. After a bit of waiting I saw them exit the building with the hostages and as one of them was being quite stupid and walking slowly right towards me I took 2 shots at his head as I hoped the hostages would try to make a move in the confusion and get away. That was the moment where I guess i killed @LifeLight. A moment after that is when I heard a person behind me and then all of a sudden there was no trace of him so I thought he logged, as I expected of their kind. After that I continued to scout the town and run around it for about half an hour until I heard the red car start up and saw someone take off in it, I didnt take shots at it since I had no idea who the man driving was and I wouldnt want to kill a bystander. After that I thought they were gone so I carefully moved around the town trying to find @Jean, since there was only 1 person in the car I knew there might still be someone around but ended up not seeing him. And pretty much from there on nothing really happened and I left the town to make sure they were not simply sitting outside our base waiting for us there.

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Shepardo PoV:

We decided to take a trip to Severograd because we heard the weather was nice up there. Upon arrival we see a car with 3 people. Of which we needed a car because of the current running simulator experience we’re having these days. Anywho, we initiate on the people at the car, at this point only one man is missing which the dupe of hazard himself @StarScream911. @LucasHad been tracking him before our initiation, due to his welsh nostrils. 

I go towards @Lucas to help him send @StarScream911 to the shadow realm that was held up in a green double story. I relieve @Lucas of his duties at the door while he goes up the hill to get a position from a far. At this point its a who peaks first competition, so I decide what a great idea it would be to throw a grenade. I unpin the grenade and peak the corner to launch it from my irish blood filled hands up the stairs, however I take a split second too long to physically propel the grenade from my hands and I am instantly counter productively and impressively sent to the shadow realm by @StarScream911, fuck you lad.

Were you or were you not in severograd during the initiation @Tringo ringo? To be recently roleplayed with does not (from other reports) mean over the radio, you must be in close proximity to gain defender rights as a dynamic group... to my understanding.


End of PoV.


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pov: Took a trip to severograd, initiated on the three people who had a car and roleplayed with them as seen in the video. after making a deal with Johnny that he will sacrifice himself for the rest to live he walks onto the mine willingly. i leave shortly after and go to novaya.


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May I ask the staff for @Tringo's position logs a couple of minutes before Shepherd's death, please?

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POV: @Jean @StarScream911 and I met up with @Tringo and a kid called John at severograd police station. After showing John the town we decided to go for a car ride. I was sitting in the car and hear gunshots close by. I got out of the car and started checking the area. A guy showed up and started having a conversation with @Jean, while they were talking, a few more guys showed up. They initiated on us and we were captured, The shooting started and we were being escorted to a building. I was being questioned, while more shooting was going on, our capturer said he would be open for negotiations. So I made a deal with the man. @Jean and John, the kid, would set free. I had last words and stepped on the landmine willingly, as my part of the deal. end of POV

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Position Logs For Jaakob Mets:

21:57:25 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<7794.3, 12583.7, 119.7>)
22:02:25 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<7740.2, 12618.5, 118.5>)
22:07:26 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<7825.9, 12400.4, 141.0>)
22:12:26 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<7957.6, 12649.1, 115.5>)
22:17:27 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<7778.1, 12744.3, 117.5>)
22:27:21 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<8557.0, 12683.9, 104.0>)
22:32:21 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<8081.3, 12542.2, 117.8>)
22:37:21 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<8150.8, 11644.7, 186.2>)
22:42:22 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<7298.1, 10592.1, 306.7>)
22:47:22 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<6162.7, 9586.0, 309.5>)
22:52:23 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<6080, 9523.2, 313.9>)

22:57:23 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (pos=<6562.6, 9967.7, 327.3>)
22:57:23 | Player "Ryan Shepherd" (pos=<8182.7, 12842.6, 113.0>)



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@LifeLight will be temp banned until he provides his full and detailed POV, alongside any video evidence he has.

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Posted (edited)

Ling Wong POV: Was in Severograd, was told to take the hostages to the location where they dropped their things so they could get them back and leave town, as soon as I exited the front doors and went on to the street with the hostages I was killed. I assume the random 'hero' that started shooting me didn't know they were going to be let go anyway hence why I died.

Edited by LifeLight

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@LifeLight your temp ban has been removed. Keep an eye on this thread for any further questions.

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@Tringo Invalid Kill (on sight) x2 - GUILTY

@Tringo Attempted Invalid Kill (on sight) - GUILTY

@OxeN Combat Logging - GUILTY


The staff team have reviewed this report and have come to the conclusion shown above. In this situation @Jean and @Tonni are initiated on by members of the district group. Just minutes before, @StarScream911 radio's @Tringo to let him know that there could be some trouble starting soon and that he should head towards them. A couple of minutes later, StarScream911 see's his allies with their hands up and takes up a defensive position in one of the buildings near by before suddenly hearing a voice coming from behind him, telling him to put his hands up. StarScream911 decides to not comply and shoots @Ryan Shepherd, resulting in his death. 14 seconds after Ryan's death, StarScream911 is killed by @Lucas. @Tringo begins to make his way to Severograd and after 14 minutes of travelling, @Tringo kills @Lucas without any initiation or roleplay. Approximately 2 minutes after this, Tringo shoots @Ronnie, hitting him several times but not managing to kill him. Approximately 14 minutes after you attempt to kill Ronnie, the hostages begin to get escorted out of the building to be set free, but as they are exiting the building, @LifeLight is shot and killed by Tringo.

@Tringo at the time of your ally killing Ryan Shepherd you were currently 3.22km away and had last roleplayed with your allies over 37 minutes prior to the events that unfolded. Although defender rights are shared with players that you have recently roleplayed with, the staff team have deemed that in this situation this is not the case as a considerable amount of time had elapsed since you last roleplayed with the group of players, alongside you being so far away from said players at the time of the initiation. Because of this, and because the invalid kill (firefight) rule is issued as a punishment when you mis-id your target during a firefight you have valid rights, you will be found guilty of invalid kill (on sight) x2 and attempted invalid kill (on sight). In future, when not having physical contact with players you have recently roleplayed with for an extended period of time, as well as being several miles away from them, you should initiate on your targets, by doing this you eliminate potentially being in a situation like this again.


4.2 When your life is at risk or you are subjected to a hostile action by other players you are allowed to defend yourself. This is granted by two different "kill rights" that you can gain based on circumstances of the situation like which side caused the hostile situation and which side you are on.

If you are a defender - the one being initiated on or subjected to other hostile actions that threaten your life which you did not start or provoke - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining  DEFENDER RIGHTS on the attackers. Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group.

If you are an attacker - the one who first did the initiation or started, caused or provoked the hostile situation - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining  ATTACKER RIGHTS on the defenders. Attacker rights allow you to kill defenders for 1 hour or until your character dies. Attacker rights can be only be shared with your approved group members. If you are not a part of an approved group, attacker rights can not be shared and apply only for your character.

@OxeN although only logging out 28 seconds before your combat timer was up, you still decided to do so. This is not your first time doing this and you have already been warned for logging out before the 30 minutes has elapsed. Due to it only being 28 seconds we are willing to give you a warning this time. However, should you log out before the timer is up again, you will receive the punishment for it. If you are unsure as to whether your timer is up or not, wait an extra minute or two to be on the safe side and if you have to go, ask the players you were in hostilities with for permission to log out. 


4.5 Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. After a hostile action has occurred where you were involved, you may only log out from the game after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with others involved in that situation. This rule can be ignored if the other players give you OK to log out earlier.


@Tringo - Invalid Kill (on sight) x2 / Attempted invalid Kill (on sight) - 7 day ban + 10 warning points

@OxeN - Combat Logging - Verbal Warning

Signed by @Saunders + @Samti

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