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The Voices of DayZRP

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Rate the top 10 voices of DayZRP

I'll start:

1. @StagsviewRB - Clear winner, has a clear variety of good voices but default voice would still win if that was the only one. 

2. @RebelRP - Pretty Chad af Russian Mafia Boss voice, voice commands respect and discipline

3. @Ryan Shepherd - Greatest Irish accent when combined with his half potato microphone. 

4. @JimRP - Would have been higher if he still had his echo microphone, it still makes 4th because it's a very calm one (by default anyway) 

5. @NorwayRP - One of the most friendliest voices on the entire website. If he gave out audio books it's the only thing i'd listen to (same with Eagle) 

6. @Kordruga - Just like Norway he has a very friendly and soothing voice. pretty much a tie between the two 

7. @Major - Greatest southern accent on the website, combined with a very high class default tone.

8. @FalkRP - A very infamous voice, the kind you'd here when walking down a dark alley. Every man who claims to have been on DayZRP should know Falk's soft and a tiny bit raggedy voice. 

9. @WombatLover69 - Iconic accent that not many have. Sounds Russian but he's Swedish. It's so deep in my brain every time i read something Boris posts i read it in his accent. 

10. @Alkis - Just like the two others, a very calm and friendly voice. It's also the voice of the true Twink King. 

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I like people with a B


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I like people with RP 


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1. @AidanVC as Dalton
2. @Ryan Shepherd as Ryan Shepherd
3. @Joe as Hands Hands Hands
4. @Kordruga as Vlad
5. @G19RP as That One Irish Guy
6. @Cuchulainn as That Other Irish Guy
7. Gruber
8. @AndreyQ as Kevin Nivek
9. @TheChadActual as Dustin Hammer
10. @OpticVC cause I feel bad

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Best list right here:

1. Best accent @Ryan Shepherd

2. A true pirate @StagsviewRB

3. Kevin Mo Fuckin Nivek @AndreyQ

4. Chad voice @NorwayRP

5. Hands hands hands @Joe

6. John the Enforcer @NightlyVC

7. Daddy Vladdy @Kordruga

8. “Fuck we’re about to get initiated on.” @G19RP

9. Peaches @AidanVC

10. Second only to Joe @dawsonpark

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