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Tampa Police Department

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*Detective Phillips presses down on the PTT*
"Howdy, Detective Phillips with the Tampa Police department. I am here to inform the organization that goes by the runners,that you guys need to come to Tampa Police station for questioning for the murder of Ronnie Johnson. Failure to abide by this lawful order will result in warrants being placed on every individual in the runners. 

Also, to any civilians in the area. they're two groups in the area of Orlando who are wanted for the murder of officer Marqunez Johnson Lopez. Witnesses have stated that these  people tend to wear Neon blue armbands and green armbands with something called a...... *Squints as he reads his notes*  furry on it.  

We have yet to get the official names of these organizations conspiring with one another. Witnesses have stated that they are called multiple things, those being
The Furries, Orlando Hustlers, Wolfies, Legion Square.

Due to the severity of this case TPD and the OPD have set up a joint task force.

If you see or hear anything about these individuals please make sure to keep distance and get in contact with The Tampa Police department or the Orlando police department immediately. "
 *Detective Phillips Releases the PTT.*


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*Jim reaches over to his radio next to his cot and responds to the transmission*

"What?!. You mean the people that claim to be friendly and beneficial to this wasteland are in fact, NOT friendly and beneficial? I'm shocked."

*a few moments pass*

"That's a lot of people you'll be issuing warrants for if those are the groups you're investigating. I'm glad someone's decided to take a closer look at who they claim to be and standing up for what I can only hope to be the innocent."


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*Demir picks up his radio as the broadcast comes through*

"Tampa Police? Huh... Well at any rate I remember that voice. You're the fella that kidnapped one of my friends and said you were going to sell her to Falk as a slave. Interesting tactic for a police officer. Well at any rate, everyone came out just fine from that kerfuffle so I won't hold it against you, though it does make me question the validity of your earlier claim of selling slaves to Falk when you don't recognize his own armband."

*He paused briefly as before he continued*

"I do wonder though if the OPD are aware you were roadside robbing people and using their Zeleno police station to hold hostages. Ah well, good luck with your joint operation"

*He refastened his radio to his backpack then before slinging it over his shoulder, continuing up the mountain*

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Posted (edited)

*Michael looks at his radio, being baffled at the mention of "Tampa". He then replies*

"Uh, what? Leader of The Runners here my friend. No clue who this Ronnie Johnson is though, nor do I know where Tampa Police Station is if I've gotta be honest."

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*detective Jonathan presses the ptt*

"10-4 Joey, its detective Jonathan of OPD, i guess were partners now, the chief assigned me on the case and told me to contact you, this is a OPD investigation as it happened in our juristiction, please hand over any evidence and leads to OPD by sunday."

"Detective Jonathan releases the ptt"

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*Jannik listens to the broadcast and spits on the ground*

This is Jannik Bruzek captain of the OREL. From the highest authority I have come to inform that If anyone is caught working for the TPD or aiding them, they will be escorted from out of my country. 

*Jannik turns off the radio*

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