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Anežka Kolinsky.

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They're everywhere...

I remember when I was young, and I found the remains of a baby deer not far from the house.
Judging by the marks on it, I suspected a wolf had taken it down.
Flies had almost entirely covered it's body, revelling in spoils that they themselves could have never gained on their own.
I watched them buzz over the corpse, enjoying the free meal.

Our beautiful country is a shell of its former self, a carcass, I will not deny that.
These foreigners are not unlike the flies I watched.
They are parasites, swarming to our cities and taking everything the hardworking Chernarussian people had as their own.
They even declare the towns as theirs, as if they had any claim in the beautiful architecture or landscapes they obscure with their ugly walls.

When I try innocently to enter, to make conversation and to trade, they turn me away for simply being a native.
Is it any wonder we retaliate so harshly? 
I was polite, yet told I was the one ruining my country.

I want to save it from the infestation.

A corpse cannot come back to life, but it also is not the end of it's journey.
So many beautiful things can be made from the bones of the dead,
one just has to be patient enough to see the potential.

Once the flies are gone, I can make something new from this corpse...




This journal would be written in Chernarussian and you will be able to take/rob this from Anežka should you have the opportunity.


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Nice little read!

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